Vastitus, Failure Planet Chapter 23: another no title


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[Kitt] Now that the meeting was over, we split up. Each with our separate roles in the investigation. I jumped into the computer console, with a small electric buzz. Security cameras were inconclusive, as we couldn't see the persons face, but there was much more to do. I jumped between different records, searching for any clue. I went through everything I could find, while watching our suspects behavior closely. Each one of them had their own strange behaviors, and it was honestly pretty hard to tell who was guilty.

Now came the fun part… Analyzing people's behavior and finding out any secrets they might have, this information would be strictly confidential of course. I started with the lady we were letting temporarily stay on board, Veleda. Of course we knew the least about her, since she wasn't a regular resident. I scanned quickly through past surveillance. Veleda mainly stayed in her room, or the plaza, which I don't blame her for because the plaza is quite nice. I stopped the footage when she was unpacking her things. Something had caught my eye... The badge on Veleda's uniform was a pentagon with a gold star in it. Meaning that she wasn't just from Blue Surge, she was the leader of Blue Surge. 'Hehehe this will be useful information.' Other than that though, there was no suspicious behavior, although she did seem curious in all the other technology around the ship. Next I went to investigate the first person who had first come up to ask what would happen to Delano, Quo Wang. Quo Wang led a simple life, with even some romance in it. She hid it when around others, which was strange, but it seemed that she was in a relationship with another woman Zhang Wei. They lived together and were in a prosperous relationship.

Like this, one by one I continued, locating each and every person in relation to the twenty women that had said they were harassed by Delano. It took a few hours, but I got my narrowed down list of suspects. The list was as follows, Veleda, Zhang Wei, Damian, and Xiaochao Yan. Veleda was the least suspicious, but being the leader of Blue Surge meant that she could harbor lots of hatred for the things that Red Surge which Delano was previously a part of. Next was Zhang Wei who was in a relationship with Quo Wang, but has lots of aggression towards people, getting mad at tiny things. Damian was in a relationship with one of the women who had been harrassed, and was also violent, and a great fighter, but not the brightest. Xiaochao Yan, always avoided security systems, somehow getting by them without being seen most of the time. I relayed this information to Jaku to let him do his part.

[Jaku] Receiving a list of suspects from Kitt, I decided to wrap things up at the crime scene. The killer seemed to be quite cruel. It was impossible to determine the cause of death, due to the amount and types of wounds on the killer. Along with the multiple stab wounds on his chest, his face was battered and his skull crushed in. Delanos bloody and beaten corpse also had holes in it and burn marks. It was as if they had wanted to destroy him in as many ways as possible, making absolutely sure he was dead. I had also sent his blood for poison testing since he had a pool of vomit around him.

I taped of the scene again and secured the door shut after locking the room. Investigating each person would be a nice break from spending time in that room where Delano had been killed in, even if the body had already been removed.

The first person I ran into was Zhang Wei. "Come with me, I need to ask you some question." She looked annoyed but came anyway. "Well I'm going to ask you straight up, did you kill Delano?" Her expression changed from annoyed to worried.

"No… ah… umm… Yeah I guess I did." She looked down at her feet. "Well what happens now?" I didn't even know what to say.

"Well we hadn't expected the killer to just admit it. For now I'm going to have to detain you. After that I don't know yet, well figure something out. Hopefully even you will get a fair trial."

What was to come next we would never have known...

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