vampire princess Chapter 16: Murder


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I couldn't accept her answer and yelled on her on the phone
Sophie: I'm asking you what happened and that is you're reply
Silla: how I'm I suppose to know what happened, we just removed everything that may lead to you in the investigation.
Sophie: well thanks, but I would have preferred a real answer.
Silla: any command?
Sophie: no thank you, take care
Silla: bye.
I cut the phone call and looked to Sebastian I could tell he has something to tell but was hesitating, is there something else? I asked him.
Sebastian: yes, it would be better for you to investigate this thoroughly, this accident never happened before, no vampire will dare to implicate you, most likely this is coming from werewolves or demon who don't know your identity and are trying to hide something or making vampire fight among them selves
Sophie: so, someone is coving his crime by doing this….
I was discussing things with Sebastian when I received a phone call from Anne, who said she needed me to come there urgently, I was at loss by that I mean girl I only saw twice in my life you should be asking your family or the police, her voice were trembling I didn't know if she called me by mistake or if this was done or purpose, well to know this I need to go there and see what is going on I teleported in the middle of her hose and saw two half transformed werewolves who were trying to kidnaps her they were looking for in every corner of the house this scene is really intimidating for a human girl if this happened to me before I would have suicided before being eaten by such a beast anyway they didn't find her yet, that meant she is still in life I started by knocking them my attacked surprised them but didn't kill them.
Me: interesting, what are we doing here?
Werewolves: Who are you?
Me: you don't need to know.
I attacked them again and they collapsed on the ground, I took the opportunity to look for her, she didn't reply at first but when she confirmed that it was me and the loud voice longing in her house calmed down, she then gets out from a closet hidden on the wall
Me: that cool thing you have
Anne: I glad I kept when I arrived here
Me: yes, are you okay?
Anne: I sorry I brought all this to you, everything was dark in the closet I was panicking and didn't know who to call
Me: no problem
I asked Sebastian who teleport the two wolves in my catacomb to inquire more details about this accident, after he left, we called the police to declare a kidnap attempt in Anne house and guess who came in, the detective was my ex-boyfriend in the human world I didn't expect to see him again, I felt something but I couldn't tell what it is, his eyebrow raised when he saw my face, he started asking her question about what happened and how when bla blabla… then he said he want to ask me few question in private about this accident her
I complied and then violently pulled my arms, and lead me to a corner in a room, then tried to suffocate me with his hand then started menacing.
Detective: you dammed vampire, don't think I don't know what you are doing, stope this immediately!!
I pulled his arm of my neck, and freed myself from his emprise, I could tell he was using all his force.
Sophie: we do you think you are doing?
Detective: you are not human? Why are you freighting her like this?
Sophie: is this how do you do your job, by scaring witness.
Detective: You don't look scared and you are not a witness, don't think I don't how sadistic vampire are I have enough of your unruly behavior.
I started to question myself why did I ever dated such a guy? before he wasn't like this before, he was nice and cute but now, he behaves more like street dog, I knew this isn't the time to think about this but the change of behavior is too much to ignore.
Sophie: who you think you are to threaten me.
I left him alone in that room, another officer came and said that it will batter to leave the house for now, they needed to seal the crime scene blood were everywhere and they didn't know what exactly happened yet so they just let us leave and started their job.
Two minute later, the detective came out to ask us our phone number and address I gave him mine, and he looked even more mad, I knew he was suspecting me of the crime that happened not far from my house, I smiled to him, and he was more provoked but what can he do? say that this girl is a vampire and she killed everyone, who will believe him?
We took a taxi, and left to my house, Anne will stay in my house for the time being, I'm a very good person I said to myself.
Anne: nice house, you look rich
Sophie: you like it?
Anne: it's beautiful
Sophie: thanks
Prince was in the living room and saw us enter I presented them
Sophie: prince, this is Anne, my coworker, she will stay here for few days.
I then looked at Anne and presented prince as my brother.
Prince: hi, welcome.
Anne: thank you, nice to meet you.
After giving her an extra pajama, I went to sleep, too much thing happened today I need to stop running into problem
Meanwhile Silla in this moment was complaining about how Sophie was making things difficult for her and she could just have taken that human body and throw it in her catacomb or different cage cells. why did she need to throw it in front of the human authorities ? and expose details of the vampire existence to the human world, she didn't like the idea that she a vampire princess is handling a murder of human case, such crime, she would never bother blinking about it, but Silla had no choice to be on this case because of that Sophie, she hate this situation very much, after she camouflaged the crime case, with the two detective who wasn't used to seeing powerful vampire, they did their best to avoid her anger and finish this case as fast as possible. When they finished everything, she just hmm at them and send Sophie an email for approval before closing this affair. Then she could resume to her life as a princess…
Sophie point of view:
When I wake up this, I smell food scent coming from the kitchen, I took shower and changed my clothes, then went to the kitchen, to see prince and Anne enjoying their breakfast, I then remembered that I have never cooked since we moved here, I was a vampire who doesn't enjoy human food at all, I find it repulsive, hopefully prince needed to eat, I did brought some human food, most of the time he order his own dinner, as for breakfast I don't know he just drink juice and cereal. otherwise it will be weird to find an empty kitchen with only blood bottle in the fridge, I wonder what did she thought when she saw it, I understood that today I will go to work without drinking blood, I couldn't just pour myself a glass of blood as usual in front of a human girl, I sit with them on the table and greeted them with good morning, morning they both replied when prince looked at me and asked ?
Prince: Sophie, can I bring my friend here after school today?
Sophie: sure, no problem.
After that we left with Anne to work, we weren't late…
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