vampire princess Chapter 15: Murder


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I teleported back rapidly I didn't want to see him again he most likely wouldn't recognize me I can't tell him what happened not that I'm afraid he wouldn't believe me because I knew he wasn't human so I can tell that believing in extra natural event wouldn't be a problem for him, but the point is that he wasn't human he was lying to me I couldn't forgive that, also I wanted a new start without my past or more unnatural event, I saw some design in my notebook, and then headed to sleep, I didn't need it but it's more by habit, anyway next day I took shower called for prince who I didn't even know when or if he did come back from his visit with his 'new friend' , he wasn't in his room and I wasn't in mood to look for him I summoned him with my power and he was kind of upset because of it and decided to not speak with me the hole morning, so I choose to take the imperative mode.
Sophie: get ready for school.
Prince: I don't want to go.
Sophie: seriously?
He behaved in stubborn way back I didn't hate it for me it was a sign that he became a normal kid, he kept staring at me but started to do what I asked him to so I let it slip once in the car he kept harassing how he knew the way to his school and I didn't need to drive him every morning because he is old enough to do this, but seriously who he think he is? I don't take pleasure in being his personal driver at all. He was getting on my nerve and once we reached his school, I told him to get lost I was more than happy to get ride of this cute annoying puppy he kept complaining about everything.
I headed to my new job and met again my colleagues, I was in co office with 2 collogues a man called Brian and a lady whose name is Anne we were like the novice team and they gave us an essay project to show our capacity we were supervised by a handsome director guy in his 30, I can say he is totally my type he can boss me around as much as he likes. We were focusing on our job and and everything went well. Until I received a call from an unknown number it was 15:30 I answered back it
Sophie: hello
Steve sister: hi, am I with the princess
Sophie: and who are you
Steve sister: I'm Steve sister, Silla.
Sophie: how can I help you
Silla (Steve sister): I wouldn't dare, I have been deluged to inform you that we found a dead body not far from your house
Sophie: and?
Silla (Steve sister): the body was sucked dry it was a vampire act
Sophie: who did this
Silla (Steve sister): we thought that you may have an idea
Sophie: I'm kind of busy I'll call you later.
Silla (Steve sister): sure, you're majesty.
The director was staring at me and directly called for me in his office he then started nagging that I need to take this job more seriously and I shouldn't be spending time work making phone call. i could tell he was enjoying bullying me, but I deserve it as well I was made a vampire princess and with my own feet I come here to get scolded by such a cute guy, I apologized and headed back to my office I was absorbed by my work until I saw everyone left I took my hand bag and then left to head back home when I reached it I saw a couples of vampire inside my own living room
Sophie: seriously who let you in? do you all think that my house is a public park or something?
I was upset and mad by that
Steve sister then show up and started explaining that she was the once who made everyone come here
Sophie: I told you I'll call you back but I didn't say wait for me in my house
I didn't want to make thing more difficult for here so I once again let it slip
Sophie: what is this about
They kept staring at and the look of accusation on their face and she pointed to the two vamps beside her
Steve sister: these are the two detectives on this case they are a vampire when they found that the body was sucked by a vampire, they took the body and informed me
They were about to kneel and great me but I interrupt them by waving my hand and talking directly wit with Steve sister
Sophie: why are you telling me this I'm not interested by you playing detectives
Steve sister: your imprints are on the body
Sophie: so that's how it is
Steve sister: we came here to tell that the vampire existence should be kept a secret, we can't afford to leave trace everywhere
Sophie: do what you have to do
Steve sister: your majesty!
Sophie: if that all you may leave, don't come uninvited next time.
Yes, they all left from the doors and headed back to their work
I could tell they were spying me, they would never dare to do such a thing in the past but who care I went to change my clothes to find that my wolf didn't return home yet.
Look like I still need to do many things I teleported to my old villa to find Sebastian in my office I asked him what's going on and he gave me more details about the murder case and also about prince encounters with other wolves. I read all the reports with the most attention and decided to let Steve sister handle it, and focus my human life.
Sophie: enquire more about it, I want to know how did my imprint end up there? what's the point in doing all this play?
Sebastian: yes miss.
Sophie: who is with prince now
Sebastian: I assigned one of your elite guards
Sophie: ok, send me a message if there is any news
Sebastian: ok miss
I returned to home to find that prince is back, I decided to have a talk with him
Sophie: prince come here
Prince: yes Sophie
Sophie: what happened last night and this morning shouldn't repeat itself, I have enough problem to settle don't add yours
He looked at me with defiant eyes and went to his room
Sophie: come back
Prince: yes?
Sophie: anything unusual happened last night
Prince: no nothing, why?
Sophie: forget it
He left and I headed to my room took a shower and applied a mask to my face I know vampire don't get old but I don't know why I still do this but what else am I supposed to do I fall asleep
Next day prince went alone to school and I calmly went to work my handsome boss was still there in life. good morning, I said
Boss: morning Sophie
I went to my office sat there and started to open some file that was undone and I left last day. When Anne, my collogue, who came with a pall face as if saw a ghost outside
Sophie: are you ok?
Anne: yes, I just saw a nightmare last night
Sophie: ok, do you want a coffee
Anne: yes, please thank you
I handed her the coffee and saw her neck has a printed sign on it, I smiled to her and went back to my work job, being curious kills cats, I was planning to overlook her maybe she found her soul mate or something like that, I was drown on work (yes the little time I spend on working should me memorized ) until she asked if I could drive her home, sure I replied, I wasn't cruel enough to ignore someone who need help. when we finished the work time we left together, I asked her address and I drive her home and waited for her to entre her house before I went back to mine, I finish job time at 18:30 so I normally expect prince to be in the house by that time, I took a shower and change my clothes before checking if prince is here, I saw him in his room doing his homework, I like that more, I took my phone and checked my email to find that I have received two message once from Sebastian and the other from Steve sister, I replied to Sebastian who immediately teleported in the living room I invited him to sit and he started updating me about the murder case when I decided to call back Steve sister, I asked Sebastian to remind me of her name he said it was Silla, I recalled her and she said that they solved the case by finding a scapegoat who was ready to admit the crime it was seriously revolting.
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