Untold Goodbye Chapter 7: Chapter 7


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The street was fully packed of people, customers and peddlers, office employees and civilians, busily minding their own businesses. This street was known to be the 'Sweets Center' of the city. Food bloggers, and enthusiasts came here often.

In a certain white car, parked in a inconspicuous corner. Directly opposite of the most famous pastry shop, 'Nurielle's Pastries'.

"What's she doing? Let me see. It's already my turn."
Selena snatched the binoculars from Kate, blaming her for using it longer than she's supposed to.

Kate relented and gave the binoculars to her fuming friend.

After some time. Selena suddenly screamed. "Kyah! Oh! My! Gosh! Who's that? he's so handsome! Ah- no! He looks so beautiful! How can a man look like that? This is seriously against the will of heavens!"

Kate almost face palmed. This is the reason she's been looking far longer than intended. She also couldn't believe that there was a living man who looked more like a girl. He's seriously even more beautiful than both of them, Selena and Kate.

At the drivers seat, Taki seemed as if his soul just flew somewhere else. He's been doubting his life choices, and thinking about how he was dragged here by the two abnormalities. He was supposed to be at the his office by this hour, but instead, he's driving Kate's car to stalk Jack.

"Can't we just get back to school?"

He's been like that ever since they got there. He's trying to persuade the two mental patient to go back. He suddenly felt like being in school premises were not that bad compared to this situation.

"Doc Taki, weren't you curious? Don't you want to see what your rival looks like?" Selena chided.

Taki was speechless because of what she said. Although he's not looking at Jack the way they thought, he's still a little curious about the kind of man Jack would date.

"Fine. Let me see. And after that we'll go back. End of story." He said with finality.
Selena handed him the binoculars reluctantly with a pout. She wanted to stare at the beautiful man a while longer.

Taki looked over and saw that the man waa really a beauty. His skin was pale that you can already see his veins, pointy nose, shapely and gentle gray eyes, crescent brows that seemed to smile whenever he smiles and a naturally reddish pouty lips. The girl-like-man also let his hair grow unto his waist. If not for that slightly broader shoulder, tall height and flat chest, there's a big chance that he'll be taken as a girl by others.
Taki's brows formed a knot, the man actually looks familiar. He didn't know where but he was sure he already met this androgynous beauty.

After some time, Taki gave up on remembering where he met the man "Let's go. We're going back."

And the stalking adventure of the trio ended.


"They already left. Hahaha." an impossibly beautiful man said to the girl in front of him.

"Hmm. I know." the girl calmly replied while murdering the chocolate cake on the table.

The man smiled helplessly. "Weren't you going to tell them? They deserve to know."

The girl just shrugged and shook her head in disapproval. She wouldn't tell them anything. She would keep this secret unto her grave.

"But at least inform your parents." he still continued to persuade the girl.

"No." She stood up and grabbed her things, not forgetting the package she specifically went here for. "This talk was long done, stop trying to convince me, I won't change my mind." And she walked out the door.

She went in to her car parked outside the shop and drove past the busy streets.

What Taki and the two didn't know is that Jack knows that they're following her. She just acted like she didn't know of them and show them things that she wanted them to see.
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