Untold Goodbye Chapter 6: Chapter 6


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Taki started his day with his usual routines.
Taking a bath, eating breakfast then off to work.

Usual clothes. Usual expressions. Usual head aches because of those stupid girls who only knows how to flaunt their parents' wealth. Smelly idiots who keep on coming back and bothering him nonstop.

Starting to regret giving in to his old man's pitiful state. Taki still forced himself to face this irritating cycle.

He's walking in the same hallway that he walked through yesterday. Yes, he's starting to lose his sanity there. Thankfully he found some humans in this 'zoo' who he could talk to.

"Hey." ???

Taki got irritated when he heard someone behind him. He's older than most of the students here, when did it became their turn to call onto him with 'hey'? Not that he's too old. He just can't believe that students nowadays didn't know about the thing called age gap.

"Yah. Doc Taki!! Since when did you learn how to snub people?"
Doc Taki? There are only three human beings who calls him that.
He immediately turned around to face the one who called him, and there, he saw Selena and Kate.

"Oh? Ah. Good morning. Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you guys like that. I'm just quite sleepy." He said as he wear a wry smile. He's been thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Eclear's request. He realized that he's been too hasty on agreeing with them.

The two girls walked closer unto him and saw that he really looked like someone who was severely depraved of sleep.

"Uh, forget about that. Anyway, why do you look so ugly today?" Selena

"Huh? What?" How did this conversation turned like that? Are we actually talking about the same thing?

Kate quickly berated her friend "Aish. Shut up, Selena. You're not helping."

"Don't mind her Doc Taki. She grew up with some pieces of her brain missing. But then, why do look haggard so early in the morning? Mind you, you even look some mentally challenged patient walking on broad daylight." Kate said.
Taki really looked out of sorts.

He just shrugged and. scratched his head, thinking of ways on how to answer. He couldn't just tell them about the things bothering him. What would he tell them? That he met Jack's parents and they somehow asked him to do this and that? He really didn't know how to say this.

Speaking of Jack, where is she? He started to look around the moment he realized Jack is not in the vicinity.

"Doc Taki. If you're looking for Mady, she's already in the clinic."

Taki froze at the sudden statement. Why was he searching for her like that? Almost instinctively, he looked for her.

"Bullseye! Doc Taki was really looking for Mady." Selena laughed aloud. Not caring for anything. Even when she lost all poise and grace of a proper lady of a big clan.

"Tch. The two of you, you're starting to tease me again. Don't you have classes? Why are you still here? Go. Go now and don't pester me." Taki shooed the two away, covering his embarrassment.

"Oh wait! What was she doing at the clinic?" He couldn't help but ask.
He got curious, since today is Tuesday. Madeline only sleeps there every Monday and Friday.

"To sleep. What else would she do there? She only knows how to sleep, eat and play with poisons." Selena answered when she suddenly thought out loud "Oh! Are you thinking that she would go there just to see you?"

"Tss. What I mean is, why does she sleep there?"

"That's the only place where you could find a bed." Kate

He felt thankful right now because Kate was somewhat easy to talk to. She will answer your questions seriously, not like Selena, who only knows how to irritate people.

"Uhm. Kate, Selena. Can I talk to you guys later? After your classes."

They both looked shocked, then bewildered to being overly ecstatic. These display of emotions greatly confused our poor Doctor. He couldn't understand the meaning of those looks they've got in their eyes.

"Oh my gosh!! Doc Taki!!! Don't tell me! Are you finally doing it? Are you asking us to help you with Mady?" Selena hysterically asked with her eyes twinkling brightly.

"How did you know?"
Taki, seriously shocked and scared at the same time, asked. How did she know it's about Jack?

"Kyaaa! So what do we do? She hated flowers and favored sweets. uhmm.. She... she."
Selena was too excited that she started enumerating Madeline's likes and dislikes.

"What are you talking about?"
Confusion could be seen on Taki's face. He really couldn't follow her flow of thoughts.

"I'm telling you tips on how to get Mady. What else?" Selena answered as a matter of factly.

"What the!! Not like that! I just wanted to ask you guys something about her, but not that kind of things." Taki felt his head throbbing. It's always this painful whenever he talked to Selena.

If ever he went insane, he was sure that Selena was the biggest reason. Just talking to her constantly consumes life force. He could feel his strength draining at a rapid pace.

"What? Hmf. And here I thought that you and Mady got a chance. You're too slow Doc Taki." Kate whispered to herself but unintentionally or intentionally, Taki still heard it. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry at the moment.

"Ah! You're here! Good morning guys. I'll be going home right now. See you tomorrow." ??

The three of them turned towards the new comer but it's only her back that they saw.

"Eh? Mady!! You're not going to class?"

Madeline just waved her hand at them walking straight to the parking lot. "I have a date today. So, no. See ya!"
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