Untold Goodbye Chapter 5: Chapter 5


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These past few days, Taki started hanging out with Madeline and the others.They always eat lunch together as a daily routine.

Taki also had a very amazing discovery. They are so fun to be with that he always forgot about the time.

The girls also told Taki some interesting stories that literally made Taki laugh aloud. They told him about the time when Madeline was supposed to represent their school in a Science quiz bee. Madeline was running late because of sleeping, as usual. As Kate was kinda introverted, Selena volunteered to act as Madeline. Selena, a techno geek, can't even answer a single correct answer. Well, as she said, she liked all subjects except for science. Thankfully, Madeline came before the Hard and Advanced portion of the quiz bee. In the end, Madeline still won, by getting perfect scores on both hardest portion of the quiz. Especially the Advanced part, where none of the other contestants got the right answers.

There is also this one time that Madeline debated against the whole faculty to defend Selena. Madeline won but the truth is, it was really Selena's fault why their cafeteria got destroyed.

There are so many interesting parts, but the most funny was when they got blacklisted in a fast-food chain. They said that they got really disappointed with the crew's performance and that they just wanted to fight for their rights. They listed Articles about customer right on a paper the pasted it on the fast-food chain's table.
Taki really wanted to know the name of the establishment but they won't tell him.
He's laughing all day that time, until he got home. Their maids even thought that their young master was being possessed.

It's already Friday, and Taki got home earlier than usual. There he saw his father in the living room with a man and a woman.

"Taki. You're just in time. This is Mr. Jackson Eclear and his wife Mrs. Madison Blanc-Eclear. They're the new investors I've been meeting this past few days. Mr. and Mrs. Eclear, this is my one and only son, Taki."

Is that really a common surname?

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Eclear. Uhm. May I ask, how are you related to Ms. Jack Madeline Eclear?" I asked them.

It's no use thinking about it by myself. There are people in front of me that can answer my questions so why bother thinking?

"Ho. You actually know our Madeline." Mr. Eclear happily said while looking proud. Who wouldn't be proud if their daughter was like Madeline?

"Yes, sir. She's always sleeping in a corner inside the clinic."

Hahaha. I just hope she wouldn't know that I told her that to her parents. Reporting her actions was my job in the first place anyway.

"She's doing it again. *sigh*. I can't count it anymore. She's planning to transfer again." Said the beautiful Mrs. Eclear.

"Uhm. If you don't mind me asking. What do you mean by that, Mrs. Eclear?" Taki asked, confused by the weird reaction he got. He didn't expect that reaction from them. It's like hearing his report gave them a huge problem.

"You're too formal Taki. Just call us Uncle Jackson and Aunt Madison." Mrs. Eclear smiled at him.

"Taki, right? Well, Madeline, being a genius as she is, gets bored rather easily. You must have heard issues about that right? We've already took this, her sleeping hobby, as a sign that she wanted to transfer schools again. Whenever she do that, sooner or later, she would ask us if we could transfer her to another school." Mrs. Eclear sadly narrated. She doesn't really approve Madeline changing school all the time. It's not a problem of money, but more like they're worried about her. They thought she had problems she couldn't tell them.

Taki was enlightened. He went daze then snapped back to reality quickly.
It's true that they said something among those lines. Madeline getting bored, she stopped her medicine studies. But he never thought it's that serious, transferring schools just because of boredom.

"Taki, can I ask you a favor?" Mr. Eclear asked Taki rather seriously.

"Sure, Uncle. If I can, the I would."

"Good. Please persuade Madeline to stay in North Andromeda. And if possible, know her problems and reasons for transferring." Mr. Eclear pleaded. He's really worried about their daughter.

Persuade her?
It's not like we're really close enough for me to do that.

"That--- I'll try my best." In the end, he couldn't say no.

Madeline's parents kinda look pitiful like that.

So this is the pitfalls of having a genius child.

The couple looked so happy when they heard him agree to them. They are so happy that Taki thought it's weird. It's not like he could really persuade Madeline, so why look that happy right now?

Something's wrong, although he can't pinpoint the loophole, he could feel that he's been trapped somehow.
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