Unknown Prey Chapter 360: 360 Pool Side Photos


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"Although with the fact that the rune is purple it still doesn't match this outfit seems... what's the wording I am looking for?" Janet started thinking.

"I know what you are getting at. I know that the colors would not normally mesh well but it seems to be alright. Just looking at the rune and it blends in as a subtle tattoo. With the yellow, it would not normally match but it looks like it could be okay." Kitty touched the rune smiling. "Let's finish the hair and makeup, we still have a photoshoot to complete.

Janet grabs a purple ribbon and ties Kitty's hair into a ponytail and makes a fancy bow on top of her head. She takes Kitty's hand and slowly blends some cover-up on top to dilute the color a little bit.

Michelle removed the red and black motif and did her makeup a soft lavender purple. She blended in some yellow and sighed. "Why is your makeup so easy to do? I swear there are models that I do their makeup and no matter how hard I try it doesn't look all that great." 

Kitty opened her eyes. "It is because I care about my body and take great care of it. It is not every day that I get to model but when a job comes up I like to look my best. Michelle, I miss your designs." 

"Girl~ you already know that I am working on a dress for you besides Riccardo isn't bad but he does tend to go overboard. I was lucky that for so long that I owned my own shop before everything went sour but you know all about that already." Michelle looked at Kitty. 

"Michelle has a point, Kitty. It is not like he is bad at what he does; it is just that he does not go along with the guidelines. Besides Michelle's clothing line is legendary and you were given quite a bit of it. I am sure that if you ask for more Michelle would create more just for you." Janet looked at Kitty while smirking.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Michelle, if I want some of your older designs I know that I just need to ask. I just feel that keeping your talent hidden is a waste but with the hunters, at that time you could've died so I understand why you needed to go into hiding." Kitty looked at the two and got up.

Janet helped Kitty and took her outside. "The model is ready!~" 

Liz turned to look at Kitty, "oh my goodness! Why purple? Not that it does not look good… Hmmm, it is just unexpected." She walked around Kitty and saw the rune-like mark on her hand. "That is really well done as well."

"The girl's worked hard on it. I think that we can make it work. What do you think Liz?" Kitty struck a pose.            

"It is not going to be an issue. To be honest, the more that I look at it the more that I am in love with it. I think that a model that had these would look amazing. I never actually thought that it could be done. Wait, what am I even saying? Katherine is willing to do anything. If I had really been thinking then I could've just asked her." Liz lets out a sigh before smiling. "Okay people for this shoot we are going to have Katherine sitting on a lounge chair by the pool. I already know that there is a pool on location so we will head over there and see what we have to work with." 

 Kitty started to walk and lead the way. She sat down on a lounge chair. "Welcome to our pool area." 

The gasps from the group could be heard. Liz looked at everyone and shook her head. "You guys are acting like you have never seen a luxurious pool before. You think that in this heat that people living here could go without it?"

Kitty started giggling and looked at everyone. "Seriously you guys have been to so many locations and my spouse's house seems to be throwing you all off. If I was not a famous model and just a newbie I could see you guys acting surprised but I am not." She laid down and touched the fake belly. 

Liz grabbed the camera and started to snap pictures. 

Kitty blocked the sun with her hand and sat up. As she sat up she had one hand on her belly and the other was pushing her body up. Once she was sitting up she patted her belly. Then she stood up and walked to the poolside. She blocked the light and then looked at the water. She walked to the stairs she sat down, took off her flats, and put her feet in the water. She kicked up a little water. She turned and smiled at the camera. 

"Good, I love that you do not need all that much direction. I think that will be enough for this outfit. Let's get the next one on." Liz clapped her hands. 

Kitty got her flats back on and Janet came over and helped Kitty get up. The two walked back to the trailer. The next dress was something on the warm side. I was a knitted dress that came down to the knees and looked extremely soft. It was grey in color. Kitty undid the dress and let Janet help her out of it. She slid this dress over her head and thought about something. "This would look nice if it was taken in the living room. We can add fire in the fireplace and also I can hold a mug and she could get them to add in steam coming from the cup."

"Yes that is true but unfortunately the rune does not go with this outfit. I am not sure that I can make it work." Janet adjusted the dress before going to the door. "I am ready for your help."

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