Unknown Prey Chapter 282: 282 Traps in the Recipe Room


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"Leo, I have no problems helping you out. I know that Kitty had explained what she is and that you would become one of her people after the baby was born so that means it has come into fruition. Ketan thank you for trusting us hunters. I know that it can not be easy for you. Have you dealt with hunters, before in your past?" Will walks into the room and starts to pull out all the heavy items. 

Brielle looked at Ketan and smiled before getting to work. She started dragging out important papers. "Leo, I am grateful to Kitty. She helped me out indirectly, I do hope that I can become a good friend of hers. I trust both of you. Although, I am curious what is with the smashed cryo tank?"

"You're welcome, Leo. I do not want you to be suffering as you are a friend," Ketan whispered back in response to Leo. "Will I have met hunters in the past but they were not able to pick up on me. I moved around a lot but after some time we stopped hunting humans, I think it was around the time we hit twenty-five. Before Sylvie found her life partner, we found a spot that humans did not have access to so we made it our home base and we both stated our want to not want to attack humans anymore." 

"I thank you guys for your trust. The cryo tank was intact when we got here with Ketan's help we broke it and saved the supernatural that was trapped inside. Speaking of supernatural how was the girl?" Leo looked at Ketan.

"You mean the water dragon Queen? She will be fine, Kitty healed her and she will be able to return to her homeland and Kitty overexerted herself. My powers became stronger shifting the balance in a chaotic direction. I forced her to sleep and now that she is resting the balance will be restored. Will, Brielle, a little information about myself. I am like Kitty in a way that I have insane powers that are locked away. So as long as she gains hers before I gain mine, all will be right in the world. You may not know this but there are supernaturals that are based on the elements and the ones at the top of the elements are the hybrid breeds or at least the ones that survive. I am the fire one and Kitty is the water one. She clenches my bad qualities but that does not mean we are in any way shape or form a couple. We are more like siblings with a close bond." Ketan looked at Leo.

"I understand this already. There are times I have witnessed this bond and two opposite sides of the coin balance each other out well. I am learning that you have a different link to Kitty and hearing this explanation really helps out a lot. I think I will have to tolerate all that goes on." Leo patted Ketan on the shoulder. 

Brielle looked sharply at Ketan and kept her expression neutral and thought about what he had said to her the other day. 'I see this explains what he meant. If I choose him I will be plagued with a tinge of jealousy but is this what I want?'  

Will placed a box down and looked at Ketan completely in shock, "I-I never knew that was so much to that girl. She has always been a quiet individual. I always thought that she would be human and never thought that she was battling all this inside." 

"Fox demons are the most elusive of the supernaturals. Kitty is by far the most cunning of them all. If she wasn't she would've been killed when she was fourteen but she lived on. She is now twenty-six so it is not much of a surprise that she has survived. Now that her powers are coming back to her, she is coping with all sorts of changes. I have had years to cope with my powers return but the timing was not right." Ketan leaned against the wall. 

"Is your powers coming back to you now that Kitty is gaining hers? What will become of the vessel holding your powers?" Leo looked back at Ketan and watched his facial expression falls to despair before shifting back to neutral. 'I see then that means maybe I should not touch on this until the timing is right.'

Brielle moved a set of papers and something flew out at her and she instinctively caught the knife. "Shit, there are traps set up in here." She applied pressure to the wound as the knife had grazed her hand, "Ketan do not set foot in this room! We do not know what will happen to you if you do." She had seen him start to rush over. She stepped out of the room and walked towards him.

Will watched as it happened and regretted that he couldn't be more helpful. He saw Ketan rush towards them but before he could say anything Brielle managed to get him to stop. He saw that her hand wasn't bleeding too badly. He let out a sigh. "Sorry, I think we should be more careful in this room. I didn't think that would be traps waiting for us." 

"It's okay, I do not think anyone was aware that there were traps in the room. Try to not release anymore." Leo walked to the papers on the floor and nodded his head while reading. 

Once Brielle reached Ketan, he grabbed her hand and kissed the wound and licked up the blood that leaked from the wound and as he licked the wound started healing. "Please, be more careful. I would not take the loss well." He mumbled the last part after letting her hand go.

"Thank you, Ketan. I knew that you would be able to heal me. I will try to be more careful." Brielle walked back to the room and before moving any more papers she checked for traps and within a few hours, everything was moved out. 
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