Unknown Prey Chapter 278: 278 What Will We Find Next?


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Kitty stirred from hearing Cindy open the bedroom door. "Cindy, what can I do for you?" She kept her eyes closed.

"I brought you some tea that will help you sleep more." Cindy had waited the five minutes before coming upstairs.

Kitty opened her eyes and looked at the teapot, "Carlos made tea but I already had some this morning. Are you guys trying to make me consume something to put me to sleep? I don't mind but honestly, you guys are worrying too much." Kitty sat up and waited as Cindy poured the tea and handed it to her. 

"Sorry, it's just that you are so tired and you still need to recover so we came up with the idea of slipping in some sleeping powder. I wanted you to rest properly."

"It's okay, I understand the reasoning behind it. As long as the baby will be fine I do not mind." Kitty sipped on the tea and about halfway through the cup, she started to feel the effects of the sleeping powder.

"Thank you." Cindy took the cup away before Kitty dropped this one. "I will come and check up on you. Charlette is with Stella and Luke. With those two around I can focus my attention on you and Tiana. Sleep well Kitsune." She bowed and placed the teacup down.

Kitty looked up at Cindy and glared before she passed out.

Cindy got up and left the room sighing, "if I didn't do this then you would just keep pushing yourself and we can't have you doing that. Sleep well and we will wake you up when the baby is hungry." Then she closed the door.

Leo went to the next room and looked inside and found a whiteboard that was full of information that would be helpful in dealing with Valdis. He took out the camera from his backpack and snapped pictures of the board. He looked around the room and noticed that the floorboards looked odd in one spot. He got down on his hands and knees and ran his hands over the spot. When he found the lip he was looking for he managed to stick his key in and pop the floorboards up. Low and behold there was a small fireproof safe. He picked it up and carried it out of the room. 'This could contain what I am looking for.' Leo placed the safe by the outside of the door and continued to the room across from the one he was in. Slowly he searched through the cupboards of the kitchen like room and all he found was more chemicals.

Ketan came upstairs to where Leo was, "the basement didn't have a lot of things in it but there were some things that could be packed up. A lot of chemical vates. This is more of a chemical storage house and there was a long path but I didn't explore all the way down yet."

"There is a safe I would like to bring back to the house and I took pictures of a whiteboard. I am not sure what is in the safe but it was hidden in the floorboards so that means it has to be something. Do you mind taking it back to the house for now and we will open it soon." Leo finished the room and looked over at Ketan. 

"Sure, thing. The small black safe in the hallway?" Ketan looked back to the hallway and took the safe to Leo.

"Yup that's the one. This floor didn't have a lot of rooms due to the laboratories. So I will go see how Carlos is fairing upstairs." Leo let the kitchen and went upstairs. When he reached the top landing he heard Carlos muttering to himself. "Carlos is everything okay?"

"Leo, there is a lot of random equipment and I found something that is buried so I have been digging to get at it out." Carlos finally got the last thing off and picked up another safe and this one was a little bigger than the one Leo found. 

"A second safe. I wonder what could be inside of them. I guess we will need to open then later when we get home. Was this everything that is up here?" Leo looks around and sees that the room was filled with all sorts of medical equipment. "It is strange that all we see is medical equipment."

"This is the only thing that was interesting up here. Hiding something in a pile of rubbish. I thought it was strange as well. I take it you found a safe as well then? It could be a trap so maybe we should not open them inside the house." Carlos steps into the hallway with the safe. 

Ketan appeared and looked at the second safe, "both of you found something interesting and here all I found was a long pathway. I will take that back as well and then meet you guys at the start of the pathway." He took the safe and disappeared. 

Leo started by leading the way to the basement. When he saw the tunnel he was a little surprised. "It's like it is an escape tunnel in case something bad happens and the burning sweet smell is getting stronger."

Carlos covered his nose and frowned. "I kind of wish I had a gas mask."

Ketan popped back in front of then and tossed a gas mask at Carlos. "I noticed the scent when I was down here and grabbed this on my way back. I thought your werewolf senses would be messed up because of the scent." He smiled and started leading the way.

Leo followed and opened his backpack along the way pulling out a mask for himself. "I also carry these things on me so that I do not need to worry." He put the mask on and sighed in relief. 

"Thanks, Ketan. You area life savior. You are right the scent is too much for me and we have not even gotten to the source. I wonder what could be making that smell?" Carlos quickly put on the mask.
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