Unknown Prey Chapter 267: 267 Early Wake Ups


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"You are here and you have a true name so that makes you a living being and you have a right to stay just like anyone else. Does Kitty know about this already?" Leo looked down at Kitty and saw that she was still slumbering. 

"Yes, Kitty knows all of this. It was not something that she had to be told. When she was ten she read my past like an open book. I think that she witnessed how I was created and when I asked about it, she only hummed about it, then said that I was always supposed to be here. I want to move on though. I have lived a long enough life. I am not like Ketan and Emerson knows that I will not live forever. I chose him as my own and I do not regret the choice I made that day. I made him mine in an hour. I drank small amounts of his blood in multiple places. If I didn't do that he would have died." Sylvie rocked Charlette.

"I think that you did the right thing. You can take Charlette to Stella and Cindy. Those two can deal with her tonight and I will call it a night as I need to go out and complete four house checks instead of three. I skipped the last place because Charlette came into this world. If you can make sure Kitty spends her day resting that would be fantastic." Leo watched Sylvie until she left the room.

"Thank you, Leo. I will take my leave for the evening. Rest up well and I will help you out tomorrow." Sylvie turned and left the room. She sighed when the door closed and then took Charlette to the nursery. She laid Charlette upon the crib and she sighed as the little girl slept peacefully. 

"Kitty, what am I to do with you?" Leo leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Nothing all I need for you to do is stay by my side. My life is only complete while you are here with me." Kitty opened her eyes and turned over. "I didn't sleep but I am good at pretending to sleep but I am really tired so I will sleep soon. It is nice that Sylvie is opening up to you." She yawns and her eyes droop.

"Rest up. I will sleep as well. There is still a lot that has to happen as well." Leo closed his eyes and finally rested on the bed. 

Kitty closed her eyes and let sleep take over. She passed out within five minutes. 

Leo felt her finally pass out and let out a sigh he touched her left wrist and kissed it. 'I do not like that you are feeding a vampire when you are already in a state that is irreversible but there is nothing that can stop you when you set your mind to it. That is what my father would always tell me about you." Leo relaxed and passed out. 

The house was quiet until midnight hit when Charlette woke up and got fussy. Kitty woke up and got up and went to the nursery. "Hey, Stella. I will feed the fussy one." Kitty held out her arms to take Charlette and then she began to feed the little girl "There, there. You are okay Charlette. Eat up and grow up big and strong for Mommy and Daddy. I can't wait for the chair to arrive in this room then we will be able to sit down." Kitty burped Charlette and cuddled her daughter before handing her back to Stella. "I'm going back to sleep." 

"Hey, Kitt., I can't blame you for wanting the chair. I hope that you can sleep more I will be here taking care of Charlette but if we aren't in this room we might be in the living room. Have a good sleep and I promise that she will be safe in my care." Stella took Charlette back and then walked around the room. Once Kitty left and she heard the door close she carried Charlette downstairs and to the living room. 

Kitty laid back down and when her head hit the pillow she passed back out.  

Leo wrapped her in his arms and relaxed when he noticed that she had fallen back asleep. "You are so precious. I think I will introduce you as my fiance and the Advocate on the same day. I would rather not hide that fact from everyone." He rested and then fell back asleep. 

Kitty woke you at four in the morning and she got out of bed she walked down the stairs and went to the living room. "Goodness, it is active in here. Good morning Luke and Stella. What are you doing awake at four in the morning Luke?"

"I couldn't sleep so I thought it would be a good idea to offer help and since the nursery was empty I decided to come downstairs. Which is how I got to hold my little sister. Everyone else seems to be asleep well except those that do not need a lot of sleep." Luke rocked Charlette who looked like she was going to start fussing.

"It's time to feed her again. Let me take her and feed her." Kitty took Charlette from Luke and sat down on the couch. 

Stella picked up a blanket and laid it over Kitty so that she could feed Charlette in peace. "I was surprised when Luke came downstairs and asked if I could use some help. I did not think that he was being serious but he has been a great help."

"Thank you, Stella. I am glad that you thought of this." Kitty helped Charlette as she ate her food. "That's a good girl." Kitty waited for Charlette to stop and once she had her fill Kitty flipped the blanket off and patted her back gently. 

Charlette burped and then when Kitty was holding her she looked at Kitty with her calm blue eyes. She kicked her feet and moved her hands. She made a small sound and was happy in this person's arms as it made her feel safe.
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