Unknown Prey Chapter 238: 238 Good Morning


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Ketan looks up at Kitty and frowns, "I already know who I would choose but why should I turn her right now. I want her to make the choice to turn. She has been through a lot and I am only just getting to see what she has gone through. Her blood memories told me a bit but the little tastes I've had wasn't enough to get the full picture."

Sylvie looks at her brother surprised, "you've tasted her blood...will she be able to make the choice soon?"

"No, I don't think she will be able to make a choice soon and besides I still do not think that you will approve of her as she is a hunter but that is not the point. I will not force her into this lifestyle. It is not easy to live forever." Ketan looks at the two before him and sighs. 

"I do not care what she is anymore and if Kitty trusts her than she can not be a bad individual. I will allow you to do as you please." Sylvie looked at Kitty and smiled. ~Our pact is still going to happen whether or not he knows about it. There is something I need to witness first hand.~

"Ketan and Sylvie because you have chosen what to do I am going to go head down for breakfast. I need food and you both need to cool off. Remember I carry around your pact with me." Kitty turns out of the room and heads down the stairs. ~Yes, I understand. I do not think it will interfere with the pact if I bring her. You will not be able to bring her.~

~I understand but since I will be bringing you and if you are holding her I will indirectly be bringing her. If you think that this will not go against the pact then let us go with this. I am disconnecting and going to deal with the one who is staring daggers at me.~ Sylvie says this and chuckles before disconnecting from the call. 

Kitty entered the Dining room and sat down. She sighed and rested her eyes as she waited for breakfast to be served.

Luke came down the stairs and entered the dining room. "Good morning, Mother. Are you still tired?" 

"Morning Luke. I am a little tired still but there is nothing that can be done about it. I am hungry and I need to eat food for both the baby and myself. Do not worry I will nap during the movie. Just let me sleep while keeping your sister entertained. Also, I have to go to Nettie's place today and check up on Kyra. So I think I will do that after I eat." Kitty opened her eyes and looked at Luke who sat across from her and not beside her like normal. 

"Mother, you do what you need to do. I will watch over the household for you. We can tell Tiana that you are going to lay down for a little longer. I will take her to the living room and I will work on a sketch unless you think we could go to the nursery?" Luke looks at Kitty hopeful.

"Yes, you could do that. There is nothing wrong with you two hanging out in the nursery. I think you should work on the sketches and I will do my part later today if I get the time." Kitty looked at the door, "good morning, Cindy and Tiana." 

"Morning Kitty, I would ask how your sleep was but you still look tired." Cindy walked in with the young girl and smiled at the two at the table. 

"Mommy and Big Brother! Tiana is so happy to see you guys this morning. What are we going to do today?" She broke free from Cindy's hand and ran up to Kitty. She hugged Kitty's legs and looked up at her as she smiled.

"Morning to both of you as well. I am glad that you are both up and ready to eat I hope. I am going to go back to sleep after I eat. I am rather tired but when I wake up we can watch the movie that you bought yesterday. In the meantime, I thought that you and Luke could start coloring together." Kitty patted Tiana's head. 

Cindy raised one eyebrow while listening to what Kitty had said. 'I was sure I heard her plan correctly so I hope that she is wise about this.'

"Tiana is a little sad that Mommy is still tired but the baby is wearing Mommy out. So Tiana will be a good girl and play with Big Brother." She let go of Kitty's legs and went to her seat and looked at Luke.

Luke picked up Tiana and placed her in the chair. "Don't worry we will have fun while Mother rests some more. Remember all the coloring books that we got yesterday? You can choose which one you want to start on and I will carry your crayons to the room that we will be coloring in. When you get tired of coloring we can do something else." 

Tiana smiled at Luke and nodded her head happily. "Okay, Tiana looks forward to another fun day today."

Cindy smiled and walked into the kitchen. "Morning everyone."

Carlos plated the last of the pancakes and walked towards Cindy. "Good morning, my little Sunshine. I hope that you slept well. I have created a list of food for lunch and dinner again. Nathan should be able to assist you in making everything on the list. I made a few modifications because Kitty still can not stand the smell of eggs but that really isn't a big deal." He handed her a plate of bear pancakes. 

Cindy blushed at his words and then smiled happily, "I understand. Just today and tomorrow and then you will be able to stay how to cook once more." She took the plate and brought it to the table. She set the plate down and looked at Kitty.
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