Unknown Prey Chapter 216: 216 Good Behaviour Treats


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"If you are ready to leave, then I am as well. I would like to eat some food. Do you know what type of table we will have?" Luke started making his way to the checkout area.

"Can Tiana hold her alpaca? It is so cute an soft an fluffy and mine!" She jumped and followed beside Kitty. "Tiana is hungry. Her tummy is rumbling."

"We have a private booth. So you will be able to eat to your heart's content. Stella can come in with us and you can eat her portion of food." Kitty picked up the plushie as Luke walked past and then handed it to Tiana. "There you go. So remember that you know have enough toys and coloring books. Also, when you color you are not allowed to color on the walls but if you ask Big Brother and Mommy we might be able to paint your walls but it all depends on if you behave, okay?" 

"Paint Tiana's room walls? Can Tiana have a princess themed room? Tiana will follow that rules to not draw with colors on the walls. Big brother will help Mommy with the paintings?" Tiana walked beside Kitty and smiled happily. "Stella won't hurt Tiana right?"

Cindy walked up behind Kitty carrying a basket, "I grabbed some place settings for Tiana to use at the house. They are princess-themed so I think she will enjoy them."

"If you want me to help I will help. Mother and I have another project that we are working on but when we finish that we will go ahead and start in your room. So look forward to it." Luke pushed the cart up the counter and smiled. He spotted a Tiana staring at a pink treat. "Would you like one?"

"Stella will not hurt you. She is scary but she will not harm you. I will ask Luke to help me. When we are ready to paint we will empty your room contents to another room while we do the whole room. I will get you to help. I have a fun idea that you could enjoy. If you want the treat you can grab some. I will not say no right away. I want you to have the best of the best. A treat will not be a bad thing but not every time we go out." Kitty watches Tiana look at the chocolate eggs.

"Tiana would like the try the pink egg treat and the kitty lollipop. Is that okay mommy?" She walked up to the treats and looked at the lollipops closely.

Luke picked up two of the eggs and placed them on top of the plushies so that they would not break. "Which of the kitties do you like the best?"

"Tiana can't choose they are all pretty." She reaches her hands and touches the lollipops. 

Kitty walks over and picks up one of the lollipops and checks out the company name. 'Ah, these guys make amazing treats.' She places the one lollipop back and picks up the whole box. "Here is the deal I will use these as a reward. When you do well for a week you will get one lollipop. If you do not listen then you will not get a lollipop." She places the box in the cart and grabs the box that was behind the first one. "If you are good then I will let you choose which one you get to have."

"Mommy will buy all the lollipops? Tiana will be on her best behavior! Thank you so much, Mommy." Tiana jumped up and down happily.

They reached the checkout and Luke starts to unload all the items from the cart. 'I wonder why Kitty decided to buy so many of the lollipops. It looked that she read that label and decided that was what she was going to get all of them.'

The cashier started to ring in all the items and placed the lollipops in a bag with the pink kinder eggs. He set the bag on the counter and picked up a bigger bag and started scanning the plushies and toys into the bag. 

Tiana walked to the counter and held up the alpaca. "Can Tiana hold onto the alpaca, after you ring it please?"

The cashier listened to the little girl's request and his heart melted. "Of course if your mother says it is alright I will give it back to you." He looked at Kitty as he scanned the alpaca. 

"Yes, that is acceptable. You can give it back to her. For the booster seat can I take the box. I need to use it for my daughter right away." Kitty watched how everything was going. 'For a young one, she has some really respectable manners.'

"Of course that is not a problem!" He handed the alpaca back to Tiana and finished scanning what was placed on the counter. 

Luke took the bags and placed them in the cart. "Thank you."

Cindy started placing the plates and cutlery on the counter along with the booster seat. "This is part of the same order. We separated to get the shopping done a lot faster." 

"OH! Look at all the princess-like things for Tiana. Thank you, Auntie Cindy. You are so good to Tiana." She took the alpaca back. 

"Thank you, Cindy, for grabbing the items that I forgot about. You are such a great help. Tiana you were a good girl on this trip. Do you like chicken strips and french fries?" Kitty watched as the poor cashier continued to scan everything in. ~Stella you did will in helping. Thank you for helping us out.~

~Do you think it would be too much if I bought her all the colors alpacas and the big blue unicorn and the three smaller versions?~ Stella held her basket while staring at all the plushies happily. 

~No, I think if you want to win her over you will need to buy a lot to break the ice. There are some chocolates that she was eyeing up before I told her that I would only buy two treats. I will have Cindy stay back so that she can show you the ones that I did not buy for her. I want you to be able to get her some things.~ Kitty looked at Cindy.
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