Unknown Prey Chapter 187: 187 Your Word is Law


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"I thought you wanted to go have breakfast?" Kitty landed in Leo's embrace. She placed her free hand on his chest and looked up into his eyes. 

Leo leaned down and planted a kiss on Kitty's lips. "Yes, let's go down now before I decide that I do not want to let you go." Leo stepped back and looked at her blushing face and then leads her out of the bedroom. 

Kitty felt her cheeks heat up. 'I can not believe how shameless Leo can be sometimes but I still love him with all my heart and soul.' Kitty follows him while still holding his hand while letting him lead her around. 

Leo gently guides her to the dining room then pulls out her chair for her. 'I am the luckiest man in the world and she is wearing the ring I got for her. I wonder if I should buy her more jewelry or if there something else that I could buy for my darling fiance. I am not used to having to buy surprise presents. I should also figure out when everyone's birthdays are.' Leo looked intently at Kitty and thought about how to bring up that question. 

Luke enter the dining room from the kitchen and was carrying a bowel and a jug of juice. He put the bowl down and poured everyone some juice except Leo. "I'll be right back. I have a question that we never discussed and it is important that we all know or at least I think it would be important to ask." Luke went back to the kitchen and brought Leo his coffee. "Mother, when is your birthday?" 

Ketan came into the room and shook his head. "July thirtieth is her birthday. I am surprised that is not one of the first questions you asked. You are the one who asked the most questions out of everyone in this household.  Leo when you are done with breakfast I will be able to take you wherever you need to go." 

"I am not even surprised that you remembered my birthday, Ketan. What Ketan said is when my birthday is. I should ask you guys when your birthdays are as well." Kitty looks at Luke and then at Leo. 

"My birthday is on October third. I am glad your birthday hasn't passed yet." Luke looks relieved and extremely happy. 

"The baby is due around your birthday that is quite a surprise for you, my love. My birthday has already passed but I am not to upset over that. My birthday is on April twentieth." Leo smiled and started to drink his coffee.

'It is too bad that his birthday has come and gone already but there is always next year that we can spend together.' While smiling Kitty replies, "I was very surprised when we estimated the baby's birthday. It could happen on my birthday but I would like the little one to have their own individual birthday. As cool as it should be to share a birthday, I do believe it would be better to have our own separate birthdays but if it happens I will not be upset over it. It will be because of fate that gave us the same birthday and there is nothing to worry about. It is also nice because we won't be able to forget the baby's birthday."

'Perfect, Thank you, Luke, I was hoping to get that information out of her so having you ask is beautiful.' Leo pulled out his work phone and quickly scrolled through the emails while waiting for the food to be brought to the table. Leo saw an email that needs urgent attention he opened the document and read what it said over and over a second time. ~Hunter Boss Leo, 

I would like to inform you of something disturbing that I found out. I was monitoring my target and the target mentions Valdis's name and said there was someone that my target was allowed to kill. I was not sure why this seemed unnerving but I heard them say your name as well. I figured out that is must be the boss lady that they will go after. If I have your permission I would like to kill the three vampires in the group before they come after you or your partner.

Please let me know what your orders are as soon as possible. Also, I am willing to leave one alive for torturing if need be. Hunter Bell.  

Leo got up from the table, "I will be right back I have to deal with a work phone call." Leo walked out the front door and quickly called hunter Bell. 

"This is Bell speaking. How may I be of service today?" Bell answered her phone cheerfully.

"Bell, It's me. I want you to kill two of those three targets and bring the other one in for questioning. If your partner is nearby, have him help you. It is not that I do not think you could be the job done but I worry that they might use some underhanded tactics against you." Leo says this quickly.

"Do not worry Boss. My partner is with me and we decided that we should message you together. He and I have targets that are meeting each other. Since we work well together I asked if we should inform you of the odd going ons of the targets before we made a decision on what to do. I for one was not happy to hear that your girl was being targeted and neither was Noah." Bell looked at Noah who was sitting across from her. 

Leo let out a sigh, "okay I want you both to capture one target and kill the rest today before they can make their move. I would also like to talk to Noah since he is there with you." 

"Sure thing Boss. Your word is law. I will hand the phone to Noah and then go prepare." Bell got up and placed the phone in Noah's hand before she went to get changed for their hunt. 

"Noah speaking now, Boss. What do I owe the pleasure of chatting with you on this fine Saturday morning?" Noah watched Bell walk away he's eye burn with the desire to hunt.

"I grant both of you permission to kill the targets but do save one so that we can torture that soul for any information. I appreciate that you teamed up with Bell we your targets seemed to be plotting something that is unpleasant. I will hopefully be bringing my fiance to the association soon so that everyone will know who she is. I want her protected the most and I trust that you understand where I am coming from?" Leo spoke into the phone.
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