Unknown Prey Chapter 154: 154 Stopping Blood Shed


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"Put the phone to her ear. I will talk to her." Leo stopped working and concentrated on the call. He waited a few minutes and then whispers in his phone, "my love, you are amazing and I will help you with what I can. I may not be able to be there right now but I know that you can beat this and wake up to tell me what you saw." 

"Darling, you have to go to the house surrounded by wheat and save everyone. Take Ketan with you. He will be able to help you better than anyone else. I will ask Sylvie to stay by my side." Kitty weakly opened her eyes and spoke softly into the phone.

"Shit, okay. I will take off to go there. Ketan can you join me then and I save them all. I promise you, Kitty." Leo got up and started getting his jacket on.

"Darling, watch out for the man in black he is corrupted," Kitty opened her eyes and looked at Ketan. "Go to Leo Ahriman, I will keep Ambrosia by my side. Save them or else you may regret this choice for the rest of your life." 

"I promise I will not let anything happen here. I will protect her and if I have to go back I will take her with me. I was due to feed today but that is not possible if I am so far away from my partner. I am sure that it is acceptable to move her and take her back with me so long as I take her phone with me. I will bring her safely back once I feed tonight." Sylvie looked at Ketan and watched him nod. "Is that acceptable partner of my best friend Kitsune?"

"As long as Kitty will not suffer from it then I do not see an issue with it. I may not know you Sylvie but I will leave my better half in your capable hands. If you do not come back to my place this evening just let me know so that I am not surprised when I come home and she is not there. Take care of here and our little one and if something happens, please call me on the number on this phone. Either one of my numbers will work." Leo finished getting his coat on and Asurlon looked at him. "I have to go to the safe house. It has been compromised and I do not lose our good hunters. As they are the people I trust the most."

Ketan turns to mist and follows Leo's essence and appears beside him. "I am here to help you. If possible I will help you detain the target but if it is not detainable I will help you eradicate the target." Ketan bows in respect for Leo.

Sylvie watched her brother disappear and hears his voice through the phone. "If it is alright with you I will keep her at my place. My brother can lead you there easily. I will hang up the phone and we shall talk soon."

"Alright, I trust you since Kitsune trusts you. Have a safe trip and take care." Leo hung up the phone and looked at Ketan sharply.

Asurlon watched as Ketan appeared, "how fascinating! A vampire using his abilities is a rare thing to witness in the flesh!" 

"Asurlon, we will talk again when I get back. Ketan will be with me so be safe. I will finish the information I was working on when I get back." Leo clicked on the save file and then opened the secret passageway. 

"Leo, I do not know who we are saving I only know that Kitty said I would regret it if I didn't go. So what exactly is going on?" Ketan followed him through the passageway and Leo pressed a button and it sealed back up.

"I sent Will and Brielle on a bodyguard mission but I did not think that they would be in danger so quickly I hope that nothing has happened to them." Leo keeps walking and then turns to look at Ketan. "How close can you get to the wheat fields in Regina?"

"I can get us there is a matter of moments. I do not want any harm to come to those that are as sweet and kind as Brielle and Will. I will take us there now. All I need for you to do is to close your eyes and relax." Ketan stepped forward to wrap his arm around Leo's neck and then they both disappeared and reappeared in the wheatfields.

Leo had closed his eyes and waited for the moment to pass. Once they were on solid ground again Leo opened his eyes and got dizzy from the travel. "That is a handy skill to have I assume that you had to have contact with me in order to transport me as well?"

As soon as they appeared Ketan let Leo go, "the dizziness will pass. I could've picked you up but I thought that you would not enjoy that much. I do need some form of contact but it is not always easy to get that. I trust that you do not mind it as it will save your friends. With Brielle here, I hope that blood is not shed." 

Leo looked around and saw the house in the distance. "It looks like we got closer to the place then I thought we would be able to. Let's go inspect the house. The sun was setting."

"With dusk comes the risk that our prey will be a vampire. We have a short period of time before it will awaken fully so let's move quickly." Ketan went to the front door and the figure in black had just started stirring in the living room.

The deranged vampire could hear a strong steady heartbeat. 'That man did not lie. There is strong fresh blood coming into the house as I wakened.' He slowly raised up on the couch and stood in a corner waiting for his prey to arrive. 

Ketan listened for the vampire's heartbeat. He locked onto the target and lifted his chin in the direction of the living room then disappeared into mist. 

Leo nodded his head and slowly walked into the living room and looked around distracting the vampire from finding Ketan.

The deranged vampire jumped on Leo's back only to be pulled off by Ketan. Ketan pulled the vampire's neck and placed his fangs at the base of the neck. 

"I wouldn't move if I was you. The vampire that is holding you wouldn't hesitate to drink your blood. I am not sure how hungry he is but I can see his eyes are a deep red color." Leo grabbed a chair and sat down on it. "I suggest that you tell us how you got here and what you are doing here?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.
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