Unknown Prey Chapter 125: 125 Rescuing Ketan


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"Someone you know I take it?" Will asked and turns to Brielle.

Brielle stares at the phone and gets a shock when she sees that Leo's Fiance has soft white fluffy ears on her head. 'If it wasn't for the fact that I am so far away I would ask if I could touch the ears. They look so soft and fluffy. I am a little surprised that she isn't human but at the same time Leo has always rebelled against the norm.' Finally unable to hold back, "Kathrine, I want to touch your ears next time we meet. They look so soft and fluffy and you look like a cat-human!"

Kitty giggled, "alright. I will let you feel my ears. Since Leo is on the phone with me with you in the room he must trust you enough with this secret. Can we go in I would like to nap again? I am exhausted after having to hold my powers back earlier."

"Yes, we can head in right away. Leo, please lead the way." Brielle smiled and gestured for Leo to lead the way. She took the package of blood and carried the pouch out of the truck.

Leo got out and led the way through his house quietly. He leads them to the basement he pushed six spots in the wall quickly and the door slid open.

Before anyone of them could do anything Kitty yelled through the phone "Ahriman, Freeze! Don't take another step out of that room. I will not let you leave this place until you hear what must be said."

Ketan froze and turned to where he heard Kitty's voice. "You are unfair Kitsune, I just want to get away from this place. I don't want to harm anyone. My thirst is too strong right now. I might have gotten some blood from the rats in the basement but it wasn't enough, please let me go."

Leo took the blood pack from Brielle and tossed it to Ketan, "you might not trust us but we are not the ones who throw you into this place. I would rather you not attack us. take this as a peace offering as we only want to talk."

Ketan caught the blood pack and looked at it. His eyes simmered a deep red color. "Can I ask you guys to leave the room and let Kitty and I talk? I do not want to accidentally hurt you guys in case this is not enough."

Leo looks into his phone and sees Kitty nod. He places the phone on the floor and then turns to leave the room. Once everyone is out he watches the door seal.

Will watches Leo lean against the wall. "At least over the phone she can't get hurt. What did she do to make him stop?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I am curious about that as well but I am also curious about what she is. Do you care to explain?" Brielle looks at the two confused.

"I have sworn not to mention how she was able to gain control over him. So I can't answer that. She's my fox demon fiance. The reason you couldn't figure out earlier is because we are hiding the truth." Leo waits for approval to open the door.

On the other side of the door, Ketan takes the phone and sits in a chair. "Why am I locked in here? I was merely out and exploring the area when I was captured and I woke up here."

"I believe you are being set up. There is somebody in the background that is trying to kill you but also is trying to set up my Darling. I saw you in my dream. In my dream, you were being killed and I asked Leo to save you. The blood is safe to drink. These are the hunters I am working with. If you go with them, they will bring you to me and then we can talk in person. Drink the blood before you lose your sanity Ahriman," Kitty says in a commanding voice.

"I was going to drink after you stated that you trust them." Slowly he bites the corner of the bag off and guzzles what is inside the pack. His eyes shift to a golden honey color. He looks down at the phone and sees her complexion is not well. "You do not look well. What is going on?"

Kitty smiles weakly, "there is a lot that is going on. I am sure that there has been a lot of talk about me being pregnant. I am suffering because of that. Follow Leo back to the house. Your eyes have shifted back to your normal color. Be a good guest and follow them back." Kitty opens her chat log and messages, Sam, asking her to let Will know that the coast is clear.

~I don't understand what is going on but I will let him know. You should get some rest.~

"Ahhhh. If my eyes have shifted back then it is safe for the others to come back. I am glad that I won't accidentally kill any of them. I fear that the most. I do not want to be known as a killer. I will do as you ask. I don't need any special transportation I wonder if they know that. After I stopped drinking human blood I became able to stay awake at all hours and I no longer have to worry about the sun." Ketan glances at the door.

"You have shifted to a daywalker. That is within what I thought could happen, as you always had the potential. It was really only a matter of time before it would happen. We will catch up when you come here," Kitty smiles and then hears the door open.

Ketan stood up and bowed, "thank you for bringing me the blood. I didn't lose my mind and I am glad that you guys didn't attack me. Kitty has instructed me to come with you guys I will do so of my own free will. I trust the queen of fox demons and follow you guys back. I am not bound to travel by the dark so we can leave even if it is sunny out." He stands back up and holds the phone out to the one who tossed him the blood.

Leo took the phone and looked down at Kitty, "you look tired. Sleep and I promise I will bring him back to our place safely. You will have a guest in a little bit and you need to eat dinner." His gaze softens immensely, "I will be home soon."

"I will leave him in your capable hands. You can travel by plane and come home quickly," Kitty hangs up the video call and then gets up off the floor. She slowly walked to the stairs and went down to the dining room.

Anna saw Kitty and rushed over to her, "are you hungry? What would you like to eat? You should've stayed in bed, you still don't look all that well."
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