Unknown Prey Chapter 119: 119 Kitty's Past Jobs


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Leo smiled and pulled out his phone and showed Will the advertisement. The advertisement was for a Kimono in Japan and flipped to a commercial for some strange drink in Japan. He typed out, ~I found this while hunting for her. Do you think I wouldn't have found this out already?~ While saying, "I hope so as well. All my happiness goes to her. I officially proposed to her last night so maybe that was too much excitement for her?"

Brielle came out of the house first, "no wonder she is tired. You must have overstimulated her. We are done the inspection of this place but Leo you own so many places. I hate to trouble but before you go to any of your other residents I will need to inspect them first."

"Of course, I will cooperate with you. I don't mind you going to my other places. Edgar knows the places off by heart so after you are done the other inspections you can call my house and I will lend you my butler and he can take you to each place and take Will with you as he also knows my places as well. I won't be leaving this place. Kathrine is not well enough and I want to be here when she wakes up." Leo gets a call on his phone and he sees it's from the house. He quickly picks up. "Speak."

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Anna was looking after Kitty and watched her turn pale and her transformation came undone and Kitty sat up and her eyes were glossed over. Anna panicked and she called Leo, "Master, I don't know what is going on but she d-doesn't look normal."

Leo had his phone low enough so that the words spoken could only be heard by him. When he heard Anna say the words he slightly panicked. "I will let Edgar see you guys out of my place. Anna said that Kathrine is asking for me so I need to by her side." He got up and started to go to his house.

Brielle looks at Leo, "we will take our leave then Leo. I will see you at work in two days' time. Take care of her and I will see you soon. Also, thank you for agreeing to this." She bowed and watched him leave.

Will just watched Leo leave as he fiddled with his phone that suddenly chimed. ~Will, I want to see Kathrine again. I know that she has been feeling unwell but maybe seeing an old friend will perk her up. Ask Leo for me, when you have a chance. I love you and good luck at work today.~ 'Great timing my dear!'

Vladis glares at Will. "You are not supposed to be taking personal messages while at work."

Brielle looked at Vladis, "you are not the one in charge of this, I am. So if you have a problem with my choices I will send you back and Will and I will complete the rest of the inspections on our own." She glared at him waiting for him to challenge her.

"Very well since this is your mission I will not interfere but I also won't let the two of you do this alone." He looks down at the woman who was standing up to him.

Will looked at Brielle. 'I swear she is the only female that will butt heads with anyone. She has a strong personality.' Will looked at his phone. "Sorry, it was my bad I told my fiance that I was going to be seeing Kathrine and she is overly concerned for her friend. Let's get a move on."

Samuel walked up and handed a bag to Brielle. "Please enjoy these. I hope that you guys have a great day." He bows and then heads back to work.

Leo rushes through the door and watches Kitty while Anna was holding Kitty's hand. "I don't know what is going on but she sat up and hasn't said anything."

Leo walked to in front of Kitty and sat down next to her. He places his hands on her cheeks and then looks at her eyes. He relaxes when he realizes that she was in a premonition dream. "Do not fret Anna. She will be alright. Kitty just needs to come out of the dream it doesn't last long but could you go make some warm tea for her?"

"Of course!!!" Anna rushed out of the room and went down to the kitchen to prepare some tea and light snacks.

Kitty's eyes start to focus and she grabs Leo's shirt. "Leo, your other house…." She faints before she could finish the statement.

Leo caught her and laid her back down. He watched as her breathing starts to even out and stared at the wall before pulled out the surveillance laptop. He fired it up and started to go through the footage of each of his places until there was a knock at the door.

Anna opened the door slightly and said, "it's me, Anna. I have brought the tea for you and I prepared a few snacks."

"Come in." Leo looked at the door and then back at the laptop. "Good work today. Samuel gave them permission to search your room I hope you don't mind."

"I have no issues with that. It is what must be done." Anna placed the tea on the nightstand. "Would you like me to make some porridge for lunch since Kitty is not feeling well?"

"Yes, please do so and add some apples to it. I am sure she will be hungry and something light and sweet will do the trick." Leo didn't look up but found a discrepancy in the footage. 'Who is that going into my manor and what are they dragging in? I guess I will send this to Brielle so that she is aware that something is up. If it is a vampire then it will be starving and will try to attack them in desperation and since no one can open the holding area they will be attacked as soon as they open the door.'

Kitty moved and opened her eyes and looked up at Leo. "What are you checking out?" She asked weakly.

"You said your other house to me when you were in a trance so I decided to check the surveillance footage. What did you see?" Leo put the laptop down and looked at Kitsune.

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