unexpected Chapter 71: GRAND PROPOSAL 3


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"If you keep doing things like this, I... I may end up falling for you and would cling on you". Taner said flustered.

"That's the goal, who's stopping you?" Jiseok winked at her. Taking the opportunity to peek her cheeks before climbing his bike and driving off. Taner stood there dumbfounded with different emotions. She smiled brightly watching him drive off until she couldn't see him again.

" What's wrong with me?" she berated herself before walking lost in her thoughts inside the house.

"Taner where are you coming from?" Su Woobin asked surprised.


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"Yes godfather!" she answered shocked.

"Are you alright?"

"Haha.... Yeah... Still stealing chocolate in the night, are we?" Taner smiled slyly.

"Cough!.. Haha.... It's not chocolate!" Woobin defended.

"Yeah yea, whatever you say to sleep at night godfather". Taner smiled smugly and walked off.

"You.. You...! Yea brat! Stop right there!" Woobin screamed loudly.

"Godfather don't scream, we don't want you having stroke now do we?" Taner returned saying, before running to her room. Woobin stood there almost vomiting blood out of anger.

"She and that brat would be a perfect match in angering me to dead". Woobin said smiling angrily. "Well sure enough, only chocolate won't make me this anger". He took another scoop of the big bowl of chocolate. "Mmm... Yummy". He smiled satisfied.


Taner entered her room smiling before closing the door. She remembered the boxes and quickly opened it out of curiosity.

Fake love by drake started playing.

"Hello". Taner answered thinking it was Jiseok.

"Wow i never expected you to miss me so much". Mia voice came out from the line.

"Haha.. Yea.... So why are you calling?" Taner asked a little bit disappointed it wasn't him.

"Wow at least act happy to hear my voice". Mia pouted, "By the way I'm already in front of your house, hurry and open".

"Are you crazy!! What are you doing here in the middle of the night? It's dangerous! Just stay where you are I'm coming now". Taner scolded hurriedly ending the call and running downstairs.

"MIA BELLA HWA-YOUNG LOMBARDI!"Taner exclaimed angrily. Mia Bella smiled teasingly, " wow you really called my full name indeed". Mia is a mixed breed, her father is both Italian and American, while her mother is from South Korean making her having both an Italian and Korean name. But she looks more Italian with difference of her eye color, which is a captivating silver eye colours and her blond hair like most Americans.

"Are you going to let me in or keep me outside?" Mia asked smiling brightly.

"Urgh... Get in here crazy". Taner grumbled, "How did you pass security?" she asked suspicious.

"Come on, I'm Hwa-young! Don't look down on me!" she smiled mischievously.

"MIA BELLA!" Taner warned.

"Okay I give up, I jumped the fence and ran over here before they even see me". Mia smiled proudly at herself.

"No wonder you are covered with dirt". Taner said in between laughter, "Don't tell me you ran away from home again?"

"Meanie!" Mia pouted, "I'll go take my bath". She quickly ran away before being questioned.


"So tell me your highness, why did you run away again?" Taner asked as she sat cross legged on her bed eating chips.

"I missed my twinie a lot". Mia pouted and continued blow drying her hair.

"Come on Mia, no more tricks".

"Okay fine! My mom wants to send me out of the country and my lovely dad just decided that I should get married to a stranger, like seriously! This arranged marriage stuff doesn't even freaking happens in his own country! For Christ! sake it's not fair! They don't have the freaking right to decide force me! It's my life and I'll choose the way I want to live it!" Mia screamed frustrated." They.....they were never even there for me when I... When I needed them the most.....they never even cared so why now when I'm finally happy.... Why?" she said angrily." All my life all I ever asked from them is love.....but I got none". Mia broke down crying. Taner got up and hugged her.

"Oh Mia". She hugged her tightly letting her cry it all out.

"I wish Mirella was still alive". Mirella was Mia Bella twin sister, she died saving Mia. "I should have been the one dead, I.....".

"Come on Mia, it's not your fault, Mirella wouldn't be happy seeing you like this, she didn't save you for you to live in regret like this". Taner hugged her and comforted her till she fell asleep.

"Goodnight Mia".


"I don't want to go to the amusement Park, I just want to stay here and study". A young child with long black hair and captivating silver eyes grumbled.

"Come on, don't be spoiler, we will just sneak there for ten minutes and come back". Another child who looks exactly like the little girl but with blond hair poured.

"Come on it'll be fun". The blond hair girl smiled and pleaded.

"But mom and dad said we shouldn't go anywhere". The black haired girl complained.

"Come on Mil stop being a scaredy cat". The blond hair get mocked.

"I don't know Mia, I just don't feel good about this". Mil muttered scared.

"It'll all be okay, nothing bad is gonna happen... Trust me". Mia promised. Mil nodded and with that the five year old girls sneaked out successfully. They were both having lots of fun.

"I'm glad I listened to you Mia, this is fun". Milerella said happily. They were walking hand in hand licking their ice cream.

"See I told you this was fun". Mia said proudly. She looked up to see two masked men staring at them strangely.

"Hi uncles, do you want some ice cream?" Mia asked innocently.

"Mia let's go". Milerella whispered to her scared. Mia nodded and held her sister tightly as they tried to walk away. The mask men block their way and grabbed them.




"Mia wake up it's just a bad dream". Taner shake her waking her up. Mia was sweating profusely despite the AC.

"Here, have some water". Mia drank the whole glass and finally relax.

"It's going to be okay, I'm always here for you". Taner patted her. Ever since that incident, Mia always had terrible nightmare every night, and no one knows except Taner, but it stopped for five years, now it seems it returns back. After singing a lullaby for her, she finally slept off again.

"I have to see your parents". Taner muttered. "it's time to get you the love you deserve". She said determined.

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