unexpected Chapter 70: GRAND PROPOSAL 2


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"Please only family members should follow me to my office". Doctor Kang said smiling at Taner before walking away.

"I hope there is no problem". Jiwoo said scared.

"Well only one way to find out".


Inside the doctor's office

"Miss Taner I'm glad to tell you that your dad is completely cured". Doctor Kang smiled as he informed them.

"Thank God, thank you so much Doctor". Jiwoo and Mia said happily, relieved.

"But miss Taner, you really don't need me, you have one of the top ten best surgeon with you". Taner looked at him confused. "What do you mean doctor Kang?"

"Don't you know the man standing next to you is the second best surgeon in the world, he has no record of losing any patient".

"Wait! You mean Jiseok?" Taner asked flabbergasted.

"So that's his name, yes he's the one, I can never forget his looks because I was opportune to assist him once during a major surgery. I could never forget what I learnt that day, he literally bought back the dead to life! Like literally! We all gave up when the patient stopped breathing and the brain slowly stopped functioning, in fact we already recorded the time of death when suddenly, a man or rather an angel walked in calmly and said, 'No one dies in my hospital on my watch', and he bought the patient back to live. I will never forget that day in my life". Doctor Kang said reminiscing the past. "But sadly, he stopped and disappeared, until I met him today".

Taner listened to the story dumbfounded. She knew Jiseok was an amazing man with so many mysteries but never in her wildest imagination did she expect him to be this recognised and renowned in the medical field.

"If you don't mind me asking, miss Taner how are you related to this godly doctor? The last I remember is that he keeps himself separated from everyone else and doesn't bother associating with anyone except his brother, Jiho". Doctor Kang asked really interested.

"Hmmm.... Haha..ha.... He.... Yes.. He is my boss.... I'm... Yes.... I'm his PA... Yes.. That's all...." Taner replied smiling nervously. She could feel the burning gaze of her mother and best friend showing their disbelief. "Hmm.. Can we get back to discussing about my dad health". Taner laughed nervously trying to divert the topic. She was sweating profusely and feeling uneasy. This successfully got her mom and Mia's attention.

"Yeah sure, sorry for diverting, like I said earlier, your dad surgery was very successful and we were able to remove the cancerous cells". Doctor Kang continued explaining everything to them.

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I'm the waiting area,

Hangul kept looking at his best friend suspiciously. He had a lot of questions to ask him but couldn't think of where to start from. To say he wasn't flabbergasted when he saw his friend staring intensely at Taner with an unreadable expression in his eyes, then he must be the biggest liar ever lived.

"If you want to say anything just say it and stop staring at me like a moron". Jiseok said indifference with his sharp tongue. Hangul felt like bouncing on him but held back his anger to prevent getting the beating of his life.

"Hmm... Did you come to see uncle Woobin?" Hangul asked carefully.


"What's your relationship with Taner?" Hangul finally asked the question that have been hunting him. He waited impatiently as he stared at him who has an unreadable expression.

"Let's just say she's someone more important than you". With that he walked away. Hangul was left staring speechless at his retreating back. Jiseok lips curled up remembering the dumbfounded look in Hangul's eyes. 'He must be so mad and curious right now', he smiled more as he continued imagining his reaction.

"Oppa!" Mia happily hugged him from behind. "Uncle's operation was a success, thanks for accompanying me". Noticing no movement from him, Mia shoke him a little.

"Hmmm.. Love sorry I have to go now there's an emergency in the company that needs my attention". Hangul apologize, peeking her cheeks before leaving in a rush. Mia pouted as she watched him leaving before turning her attention back to her best friend who seemed to be looking for someone.


"Are you looking for someone?"



"Jiseok". Taner answered absentmindedly. Mia and Jiwoo stared at her shocked.


Taner finally coming out from her trance realising what she unconsciously said looked at Mia nervously, "Hmm.... Yea..... I...wanted to thank him for giving me a lift to the hospital". She stammered keeping her gaze away from her friend inquisitive eyes. "Ummm... I'm going to see dad". With that she ran away from any more questions as if her life depended on it.


After the whole incident in the hospital, Taner lay down on her bed deep in thoughts.


She stretched her hand picking up her phone from the bedside table to look at the message.

(come to deluxe restaurant 7am tomorrow)

(Make sure to dress beautifully)

(come downstairs I've something to give you)

Seeing the last message, Taner quickly got up and rushed downstairs.

Jiseok stood calmly beside his bike wearing a rider jacket, ripped skinny jeans and black boots, with his brown hair with blonde at the tip styled in a mohawk. The light from the street light reflecting on his perfectly shaped face. This was the sight Taner saw when she came out. The chilly night breeze blew making her hair flying freely and dancing with the breeze.

Jiseok stood there staring at her. She was wearing a white big baggy shirt with a red short, exposing her beautiful flawless long white legs. When the breeze blew, he could clearly see her perfect figure as the shirt clung to her. As she stood before him, he could perceive her unique lavender scent. He could see her slightly flushed face and misty catlike violent eyes. Seeing her like this, she looked so beautiful.

"Hmm.... Good evening Mr Kim". She greeted.

"My name".

"Hmm?" Taner looked at him confused.

"Call me by my name". He said calmly.

"Ji... Ji... Jiseok".

He could feel his heart beating fast when he heard her saying his name. When she called his name, it sounds better and nice.


"That's better, from now on call me by my name". He coughed slightly regaining his composure.

"Hmmm... Thank you". Taner said shyly. "Thanks for paying my dad's medical fee".

"You don't have to thank me, we are going to be family soon so it's part of my duty as his son-in-law to be". He replied calmly. Taner flushed red immediately hearing his comment.

"Here this is for you". Jiseok said giving her a large box with two smaller ones.

"I... I can't accept these". She quickly rejected.

"Just consider it a betrothal gift from me to you". He urged pushing it to her. Taner finally gave up accepting it.

"If you keep doing things like this, I... I may end up falling for you and would cling on you". Taner said flustered.

"That's the goal, who's stopping you?" Jiseok winked at her. Taking the opportunity to peek her cheeks before climbing his bike and driving off. Taner stood there dumbfounded with different emotions. She smiled brightly watching him drive off until she couldn't see him again.

" What's wrong with me?" she berated herself before walking lost in her thoughts inside the house.

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