Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 75: Are you the boss here?


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Arriving at De L'amour, Yue Ling ignored all the whispers and curious stares from her employees.

She went straight to her office and sat down. Her mind was on the man staying at her home and her being late for the very first time.

As the CEO of a company, she should be a role model of attendance, but here she is late to the max. It wasn't just 5 minutes, she was late by almost 3 hours!

Even she didn't know how she got to work safely. Or worse, how many red lights she ran over.

Leaning back on her swivel chair, she called for her secretary to come in.

Brushing everything to the back of her head, she started to work on assignments. Right now, work was the most important.

Soon, a knock sounded then a gentle voice.

"CEO Han."

Yue Ling glance up at her secretary of 3 years then back to the computer.

Her Secretary was a young and very pretty woman. Her cat like eyes were the most attractive about her. Although she was one head shorter than Yue Ling, her secretary, Ming Yue was slim and had curves that can make many man want her.

Today, she wore a white bat wing dress and black pumps that's matched her dark brown, curly shoulder length hair.

Ming Yue is her secretary and assistant at De L'amour. She handles the work strictly in the company, while Liu Shan was her personal assistant. He handles both work and personal matters.

"How far along is the design?"

Yue Ling asked without taking another look at the woman.

Ming Yue felt like crying to the heavens. She knew her boss's personality well and hearing the question, she didn't know how to answer.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke the truth, "CEO Han, the design you wanted has not been made yet. We are still gathering the materials needed."

Yue Ling frown, "Not been made?" She turn to look at Ming Yue, "I assigned the design before coming to Imperial. How is it that the materials have yet to come?"

Ming Yue was tongue tied. What other excuse can she make? The materials didn't come in time because of her. She forgot to hand the design printout to the design team.

"CEO Han, about that—"

"I want the dress started right away. No excuses."

"Right away, CEO Han."

Without any other choices, Ming Yue could only follow her boss's order. If words were to get out that it was her fault, she would be in big trouble.


Around five in the afternoon, Yue Ling's stomach started growling. She hadn't ate anything but 'exercised'.

She went out to grab something to eat at the nearest food vendor. Her plan was to just eat in the cafeteria, but her company felt stuffy, so she went for some fresh air.

After she ate, she needed to use the bathroom from all the water she drank. So instead of going to the private bathroom in her office, she stopped by the ladies room on the first floor.

Sitting inside one of the stalls, she hears footsteps, then two voices.

"Did you know, Secretary Ming just informed the design team that CEO Han wants the new project started today."

"What? Are you serious? She knows that can't be done, the materials haven't been gathered yet."

"I don't know, but I also heard that she came in late today. Like three hours late."

"Hmmf, she knows how to be late too?"

"That's what I said too! Haha, I bet it was a great sight to see her late."

"Hmm, I wish I was there to see. She's only making us work late for her own needs. Did she think she the empress?"

The two girls were so engrossed in their own gossip, they didn't notice the toilet flushing and one of the doors to the farthest cubicle open.

"I didn't know that I had such busy bodies employees."

Both the girls felt like they were standing in the middle of a snow storm.

"C-CEO Han.."

Yue Ling calmly walks to the lavatory and wash her hand. Without looking at the two girls, she spoke,

"Instead of finding the time to gossip behind people's back, shouldn't you two be doing your work properly? I hope your work is enthusiastically like the way you open your mouth."

She turns off the water switch and looks indifferently at the two girls, "Before you gossip about someone, make sure you can take the actions of your crime when facing them."

Reaching for a paper towel, she dries her wet hand and toss it in the trash bin. Glancing the name tags on both girls, Yue Ling sneered inside.

"As two volunteers, you shouldn't be so thick skinned." Leaning closer to the girls, "Walls have ears."

Paying no more attention to the girls, she strode out of the ladies room, leaving behind two trembling girls.

Reaching her office, she stopped in front of Ming Yue's desk.

"CEO Han, what can I do for you?" Ming Yue ask with a polite smile.

Yue Ling looked at her secretary, her mind was filled with anger. She had just met unknown girls in her company. How can she not be angry?

Her eyes darken, "Secretary Ming, are you the boss here?"

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