Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 446: suffered yet again


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The dark sky that gave view to the stars was now covered by gray clouds. Thunder rumble from above, as rain pour over Imperial. It was as if heaven was crying for the tragic incident that befall Yue Ling and Liu Shan.

Inside a private ward in Imperial Military Hospital, Yue Ling laid unconscious on the hospital bed. Her fair skin was paler than it already is with a gauze wrapped around her head.

Despite everything that had happened, she looked like she was sleeping peacefully at home, but everyone knew that was not the case.

A woman's hand carefully reach out to her and gently caress her head.

"My poor child… you have suffered yet again…"

Madam Lu sat on one side of the bed as she stares with teary eyes at her daughter-in-law. She made sure to be very careful and not hurt Yue Ling.

For someone so young like Yue Ling, life was too unfair for her. From a young age to now, hasn't she already suffered enough? Why take her child too?

"How is she?"

Grandfather Ji's voice sounds as he and Old Lu enter the private ward. They had left to check on Liu Shan and speak with Doctor Dong to get more details about Yue Ling's condition.

Without turning to look at the two men, Madam Lu silently shook her head. The anesthesia had already worn off, but Yue Ling has not opened her eyes.

Grandfather Ji sighs inside and walks over to the other side of the bed. Sitting down, tears welled up in his eyes.

Seeing his granddaughter this way, he feels guilty for not being a better grandfather. If he had properly took care of her, maybe none of this would have happened.

Reaching to hold her hand, he heaves a long sigh.

Doctor Dong said the danger has passed. The blood trauma on her head has been cleared, the only thing to do now is wait for her to wake up.


He looked at Yue Ling and his heart ache more and more.

When she wakes up, will she be able to handle the tragic news that befalls her?

Just as Grandfather Ji thought this, the door to the private ward opens again. All three heads turn to see who it is.


Madam Lu trembling stood up when she saw her oldest son. Seeing his red eyes that are slightly puffy, her lower lip shook as she walks over to him. Yue Ling's blood that got on him had long turned dried.

"Oh my poor son."

She caress his face and hugs him tightly in her arms.

"I am so sorry. I'm sorry for taking my anger out on you. Mother should have known you were in your own pain. I am so sorry for being too careless."

Her words fell as she continues to apologize to him.

She knows that she shouldn't have blamed Lu Tian and had stepped out of line. However, she said those things because she was so angry and in pain for what happened to Yue Ling.

But every mother knows her child better than anyone.

Despite her oldest son known for being a cold-hearted person, he is still human, and he has a beating heart like everyone.

The pain he had to suffer is far more painful than what anyone here is feeling.

As his mother continued to sob, Lu Tian did not push her away but allow her tears to stain his shirt.

He is not angry with her because everything she said was true. If anyone were to be blame, then is it him.

This happened because he told her to go home first.

This happened right in front of him and he couldn't stop it.

He wasn't with his wife because he decided to stay behind.

The uneasy feeling that kept crawling in his heart was already a sign, but because of his carelessness, he put his wife in danger and their child paid the price.

Grandfather Ji stares at Lu Tian and he knew what the boy was thinking. Lu Tian is blaming himself for what happened.

Some people tend to find their way back from the darkness, but some tend to lose their way.

Once his granddaughter wakes up, no matter how painful their feelings are for their loss, he hopes that the two of them can be each other's light.

Thinking this, he avert his eyes to his granddaughter. Gently squeezing her hand, he stood up.

"It's getting late. Jingxu still has school in the morning, so we will be leaving first."

As much as he wants to stay and take care of his granddaughter, he felt it was best to let Lu Tian stay here.

Hearing the old man's words, Old Lu nod his head and walks over to his wife. Carefully pulling her away from their son, he sighs to her.

"Dear, we should go too. Tian will be here to keep Yue Ling company. We can come back in the morning."

Madam Lu did not argue with her husband but nods her head.

Waking up Ji Jingxu and Lu Han who had fallen asleep on the chairs while waiting for Yue Ling to wake up, they all prepare to leave.

Grandfather Ji was the last to exit the room. He walks up to Lu Tian and place a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Son, get some rest too."

As they all left, the room became even quieter than before.

Lu Tian gaze at his wife and the look in his eyes seemed so lost. Like someone who does not know what to do anymore.

Forcing his feet to move, he slowly walks to her.

He made sure his steps were not too loud as if he did not want to disturb her sleep. However, each step he took felt like hundreds of heavy sandbags had been tied to his ankles.

Finally reaching the side of the bed, he looks down at her and felt like someone had ruthlessly ripped his heart out.

She always looked so calm and strong. No mater what she was going through, good or bad, she would smile and when she smiles, all the bad feelings in the world would disappear.

But now…

She looked so weak. Like if he blink his eyes, he will lose her at any moment.

Was this heaven's punishment to him for all the lives he has taken?

Was this heaven's way of telling him that a coldblooded person like him does not deserve love?

His hand reach to hold hers and he slowly sits down on the chair. Eyes never leaving her face, he leans closer to her and place her hand on his cheek.

"Yue Ling…"

His voice was deeper than usual and very hoarse, but it was soft and almost fragile, as if his heart would break at any minute.

Feeling the touch of her soft hand, he could feel her warmth slowly return. He close his eyes and press his cheek against her hand more.

"I'll find whoever did this. I swear."

He chose to say swear instead of promise because he is not worthy of the word.

He had promised Grandfather Ji that he will keep her from harm, but he failed. He promised their child that he would protect them, but he failed yet again.

However, so long as he is still breathing, he will find this person who did this and make them suffer a slow painful death.
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