Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 43: Sister Ji


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Ning Mei was dumbfounded. She did not expect that Yue Ling, who was her Senior would not give her any face at all!

She turned in the direction Yue Ling went and she sent daggers with her eyes.

'Just you wait! I'm going to make you kneel and beg for forgiveness!!'

"Miss Ning? Do you still want the dress?"

Ning Mei pursed her lips at the workers question.

The dress was very pretty, but she didn't want it. The only reason she made a fuss over it was because she had long seen Yue Ling walk into Essence.

When she saw Yue Ling reach out for the lavender mermaid dress, she purposely spoke out.

She hates Han Yue Ling to the core for always overshadowing her. So, she wanted to take everything from Yue Ling.

Seeing no response, the worker asked again, "Miss Ning, do—"

"Shut up. I don't want the dress."


The worker was rendered speechless. Just a few seconds ago, Ning Mei was nothing but a kind and virtuous girl, but....

How can a person just do a 180 degree change?

Ning Mei glare at the worker. She didn't care if she had revealed her true self, it was only a lowly no body.

She scoffed and turn around to leave.

"Mei Mei, what's going on?"

Hearing the voice the moment she turned around, Ning Mei quickly changed back to a innocent girl.

She smile sweetly and called out, "Sister Ji!"

Worker: "...."

The worker felt extremely regretful. Yue Ling was nice and held a kind aura, but she failed to recognize mount Tai and made a huge mistake.

She sighed and thought, 'should never judge a book by its cover.'

"Ning Mei, why did you suddenly run off? I was still trying on dresses and needed your opinion."

Ning Mei wrap her arm around the woman's arm and sugar coat her words, "Sister Ji, anything you wear will look nice. I'm sure which ever dress you wear will always make you stand out!"

Her words were polite and kind, but she sneered inside,

'Hmmf, Ji Chu Hua, you're nothing compare to me!'

Ji Chu Hua was a beautiful woman standing at 172cm. She had natural light brown hair that curl at the ends and it was cut a little below her shoulders.

She was wearing a white v-neck blouse and a soft pink pencil skirt with tan heels and a pink Fendi purse. Over her outfit was the same navy blue trench coat Ning Mei has on.

Ji Chu Hua chuckle when she heard Ning Mei's words, "I'm glad to have invited you out to accompany me today."

Thinking of something, Ning Mei's eyes lit up.

She lower her head and tighten her hold on Ji Chu Hua's arm, "Sister Ji, I have a favor to ask.."

"What is it, Mei Mei?"

Ning Mei looked like a child nervously asking her parents for a new toy.

She bit her bottom lip, "I... forget it. It's nothing."

Ji Chu Hua looked at her mei mei. She smiled and pointed to a mannequin, "Mei Mei, how about I gift this dress to you?"

Ning Mei looks up at Ji Chu Hua and follow her pointed finger.

It was the lavender mermaid dress!

Her eyes lit up, "Sister Ji, it's pretty but too expensive.."

"I saw you looking at it when I came out of the dressing room. Just think of it as a thank you gift for accompanying me."

Ning Mei sneered inwardly. She came from a rich family but she was no where near Ji Chu Hua's status in Imperial.

She purposely made Ji Chu Hua Buy the dress for her because she didn't feel like spending money.

Ji Chu Hua who was oblivious to Ning Mei's thoughts smiles and gesture the worker to bring the dress to the front counter.


Seeing the worker hasn't moved, Ji Chu Hua frown, "I'm talking you. Why are you still standing there?"

The worker was so dumbstruck at what just happened, it took a while for her to process Ji Chu Hua's words.

She quickly bow and apologize.

"Ah, right away Miss Ji."

At the counter, Ji Chu Hua swiped her gold card for their dresses and both women walked out of Essence.


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