Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 407: few mistakes


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Hearing Uncle Zhi's voice full of terror, Ju Suo furrow her brows and pout her lip. She looks at the middle-aged man then at her boss.

Seeing the dumbfounded look in Yue Ling's expression, Ju Suo was even more confused.

She raise her hand holding a pink compact mirror and looks at her reflection. However, she did not see what was wrong.

Her eye shadow looks fine. Even her foundation is correct. Also her lip color matches her face.

So what could be wrong?

She looks back at the two people and purse her lip.

"Why are you both looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong?"

Yue Ling stares at her petite subordinate and her lip curls into a warm smile. She lightly shakes her head and takes the mirror from the woman.

"Ju Suo, you look fine, but you made a few mistakes."

The Lolita like girl's round eyes widen and she was at a loss for words. She stares at her boss in disbelief then to the bag filled with makeup products.

"How? I did exactly what Ni Shang always did when she touches up her makeup."

Yue Ling arch a brow hearing her words. Looking at Ju Suo's makeup, she isn't surprised at all since the woman never wore make up.

Ju Suo is a woman in her late twenties, but her complexion and facial features made her look like a little girl. When she first met Ju Suo, she (Yue Ling) almost mistook her (Ju Suo) for a girl still in grade school.

Shaking her head, she reach for the makeup bag and grabs a blending brush.

"Here, I will teach you the steps you missed."

Hearing these words, Ju Suo's eyes lit up with fireworks. She scoots closer to Yue Ling like she was an obedient child with eyes closed. 

She had always seen other women put on makeup, but never got around to doing it herself. Even now, this is the first time someone will be giving her some beauty advices.

Yue Ling smiles at her and gently held the woman's chin to tilt slightly tilt it up.

"When applying your eyeshadow, always remember to blend it."

Holding the blending brush in her hand, she blends the brown eyeshadow Ju Suo had put on. When she finished, she slightly leans back and smiles to her. 

Passing the pink mirror back to Ju Suo, she part her lips to speak.

"See, this way, the eyeshadow gives you a more natural and settled look."

Ju Suo opens her eyes and looks at herself in the compact mirror. Seeing how nicely blended the eyeshadow was, she gasps in surprise.

Earlier, she had only patted it on her eyelid. Blending it like Yue Ling said does give her eye a natural look. If Yue Ling did not help her, she would have looked like a brown panda!

She looks back Yue Ling and smiles, "What's next?"

Yue Ling smiles with her teeth and reach into the makeup bag again. She takes out a tissue and gently wipes Ju Suo's cheeks.

"When you put on your blush, it needs to be done in soft strokes."

Wiping off the excess blush that Ju Suo had applied, her cheeks now looked more like a natural blush than the patch of redness that made her look like she had a bad sunburn.

As Yue Ling continue to guide Ju Suo into the steps of applying makeup, Uncle Zhi stare at the two and he sighs inside.

Even though Yue Ling is their boss, she treated everyone equally. She doesn't act like how a boss should to her subordinates, but a sister to her family members.

If someone close to her is in need of help, she will not hesitate to lend a helping hand. She doesn't ask for anything in return, but for the person to do well in life.

Oblivious to Uncle Zhi's thoughts, Yue Ling finished fixing Ju Suo's makeup. As she put the lid over the lipstick, she looks at Ju Suo and couldn't help but ask.

"Why did you decide to wear makeup?"

From what she remembers, Ju Suo never wore makeup. She didn't even wear lipstick. Judging by all these makeup products, every one of them are new.

Ju Suo was looking at her new look in the compact mirror. When she heard Yue Ling's question, her cheeks blush red and she turns into a bashful little girl.

"I wanted to look nice for a certain person."

Yue Ling's brows arch upward in amusement at how honest Ju Suo is. However, she (Ju Suo) wouldn't be the Ju Suo she (Yue Ling) knows if she (Ju Suo) was not honest.

Remembering the time Ju Suo walked into her office and proclaim her love for a certain person, Yue Ling couldn't help but teasingly asks.

"Oh, who is this certain person?"

Ju Suo bashfully cross her arms over her chest in a X and lightly sway her body. Without hiding anything, she smiles.


Hearing the straightforward answer, Yue Ling couldn't help but smile. Though she found Ju Suo's choice in men a little weird, she fully supports the woman.

"Cough! Cough!"

Unlike Yue Ling's reaction, Uncle Zhi choked on his own saliva when he heard the name Ju Suo mentioned. He pats his chest to calm his suffocation and stares at the petite woman.

"Cough! You mean… cough…. Jiangyu.. cough... Jiangyu from Lu Tian's Wolf Team?"

Ju Suo continued to sway her body in a shy motion. She turns blind eye to Uncle Zhi's facial expression and nod her head.

"Mm. That Jiangyu."

Uncle Zhi finally calmed himself from coughing and could only stare at the petite girl with a bewildered expression.

Lifting one of his hand, he scratch his head and mumble to himself aloud.

"How can you like someone so big?"

"He's not big!"

Though he had spoke in a low mumble, it did not escape Ju Suo's ears. She abruptly stood up and angrily refute the man.

Her shy persona quickly disappears, and she fist her hands on her hips with tightly clench jaw.

She glares at Uncle Zhi and growl through her gritted teeth.

"He only has muscles!!"


Uncle Zhi stares at the girl and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He said big as in masculine, but who would have thought Ju Suo to be so angry.

However, he hmmfs at her and waves the fan in his hand like he didn't care.

"Mm, he's only muscles."

Usually, it was the younger generation that needs to respect the older generation, but when it comes to Yue Ling and the rest, he did not mind. They were all like his own children.

Yue Ling stare at the two and furrow her brows. With their current situation, how can these two still have a friendly fight like this?

Shaking her head, a faint smile curl on her lips and she turns to the direction of the rundown building. However, when her eyes landed on the structure, her eyes dimmed dangerously.

When she finds the person who did this, she will make sure he or she experience a slow painful death. For what they did, she will return it back ten folds.

Never will she forget the look on Uncle Zhi when she arrived on the scene.

He kept reassuring everyone that he was fine, but when they sent the two security guards to the hospital, only she witnessed the man's heartbreaking tears.

It was like a part of him had been ripped out of him and can never be returned.

Thinking of this, Yue Ling slowly turns to look at Uncle Zhi.

He was smiling and joking with Ju Suo like everything was fine, but she knows that deep down, he is also hurting. Every piece of artifact that was destroyed were items he spent many years searching for.

She sighs a faint smile and felt sympathy for the middle-aged man.
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