Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 395: return this to you


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"What is it? Why is the General suddenly crying?"

"I have never seen the old man cry before. Han Yue Ling's gift must be very meaningful to make him cry so sad."

Questions erupt from the crowd as they suddenly see the infamous and strong General cry in such a heart-breaking way.

Yue Ling muted the voices of those whispering as her eyes stares only at the old man at her side. She did not expect him to break down the moment he saw this, but who could blame him.

It had been so many years…

Lifting her hand, she gentle touch his back and sooth him like he was child.

"Yeye, please do not cry… It breaks my heart to see you this way."

Grandfather Ji nod his head, but he was unable to calm his tears as he stares down at the gift she had given him.

Seated on the other side, when Ji Jingxu saw the gift, his eyes also teared up, but he forced his tears to not fall. The pain in his heart cannot be compared to the old man's at this moment.

He looks at Yue Ling and in a trembling voice he asks her.

"Jie… is it really…?"

His voice shook so badly that he couldn't even finish his question and stares back at the gift in the old man's hand.

Yue Ling's gift was a very simple jadeite stone.

However, it wasn't like any in the world. The texture of the stone is fine as one can see the stone's natural translucency.

Even inside the box, one can see the purity in the green color of the jadeite with a strong saturation and bright tone.

Grandfather Ji's trembling fingers trace over the jade stone like it was a lost item that had been returned to him. An item that he had long to see again in so many years.

Which is exactly like that.

His lower lip trembles and his eyes slowly to take a deep breath.

"My dear wife…"

He choked his words in a very faint sob that only Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu could hear. However, the Lu family standing at the side felt their heart tinge in pain for the old man who always maintained a strong image.

Even if they do not know what Yue Ling had given the old man, to make him cry like this, they know that it has to be something to do with Grandmother Ji.

Only the thought of her can make the old man lose his composure like this.

After what felt like entire day had gone by, Grandfather Ji was finally able to calm down. Except his eyes did not leave the stone at all.

This stone, for so many years he had been secretly searching for it more than anything else.

It was the stone he had given to his dear wife when he proposed to her. It was their momentum of love.

His wife had turned it into a necklace and wore it every day without taking it off. When she turned ill and could not leave the bed, she had asked him to cremate it was her.

She said she wanted to bring their love with her when she leaves the world. That way, it will be the light that helps guide her in the long journey.

He kept his promise to her as he wanted her to know that even after death, his love will never leave her.

However, due to mishap, on the day she was to be cremated, the despicable diener who was ordered to take care of her stole the necklace.

The man fled the country by ship in hopes of selling it in a different country, but authorities were able to hunt him down before leaving the country.

Except, during the chase, the man threw the necklace into the ocean and it was never seen again.

He had spent many years searching the ocean for the necklace, but the outcome was always a dead end. Even he was starting to lose hope.

The light to guide his wife did not leave this world with her.

Coming back from his long daze, he stares at the stone and sighs in an aching relief. It was no longer the necklace his wife had always worn, but he is glad the stone had returned.

Looking at his granddaughter with red eyes, he sniffles his words.

"Thank you. Thank you for finding this."

Yue Ling sighs a smile and place her hand on his hand holding the box.

"Yeye, do not be sad. I'm sure nai nai wanted this to return to you. To help you remember the love you both had for each other."

Listening to her words, Grandfather Ji nod his head. She was right, he cannot feel this way.

His wife meant the world to him, so if she saw him like this, she would be sad.

For now, he will hold onto this stone that held their love and when he leaves this world, he will bring it with him. That way, it will guide him to her.


Hours later, the celebration finally came to end as all the guests slowly made their way out of the ballroom to their designated cars.

In the white Mercedes, Ji Chu Hua did not return to the ballroom. She told Gu Ting Fei that she was still not feeling better and decided to stay in the car to wait for him.

However, as she saw the figures of guests approach their cars, she could hear some people talk about what happened.

"Can you believe it? The Lu family presented marvelous gifts and the General's grandkids did an even better job."

"It's really a shame that the General told everyone to keep quiet about Han Yue Ling being his granddaughter. If she was my daughter, I would brag to the whole world."

"If anyone so much as go to the media and leak this out, that person is done for in Imperial."

Hearing Yue Ling still being the center of attention, Ji Chu Hua felt annoyed as she push the door open.

"Excuse me, what did my cousin gift my grandfather?"

A couple had just reached their car that was parked next to Ji Chu Hua's. Seeing the woman appear out of nowhere, they were taken back by surprise, but seeing that it was Ji Chu Hua, the wife smiles to her.

"Ji Chu Hua, you were here? No wonder I did not see you inside with young master Gu."

Not thinking much of the question asked, she answers.

"Han Yue Ling presented the General a stone that was given to Madam Ji of their love. It was a very sweet and touching gift."

Anger rouse inside Ji Chu Hua when she heard this. Without saying a word, she got into her car again and slams the door shut. 

What she did was consider rude as the couple were like elders, but she did not care.

"Go. We don't need to wait for Gu Ting Fei. He came here on his own, he can get back on his own."

The chauffer was at a loss for words. He wanted to ask about her father, but remembering that they all came in different vehicles, he could only obey her order and start the car to leave.

As the car drives out the Ji Mansion, Ji Chu Hua sneers inside as she stares angrily out the window.

Han Yue Ling, since the old man does not want others to speak of your reveal as his granddaughter, do not blame me for being ruthless.

No matter what happens, I, Ji Chu Hua do not care if you are his real granddaughter.

Everything that belongs to the Ji family will be mine.
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