Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 394: in my hands


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Standing amongst the crowd of line, Lu Tian's eyes stare unmoving at his wife. His expression had return to it usual indifference as no one can read what he is thinking about.

However, until Yue Ling stopped in front of the old man, he finally blink his eyes. Turning away, he strides back to join his family. She did say that she will return his side.

Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu both gesture a polite bow to the old man. Each person held their own smile.

Staring at both his grandchildren, Grandfather Ji stares in awe at them. His granddaughter has grown to be a young woman and his grandson into a young man.

Usually, it was his family who should have been the first to give him their gifts but instead, they chose to wait in line with everyone else.

As he continue to stare at them, he felt a tinge of pain in his heart as his eyes stare into the unknown. He felt proud of the both of them, yet, he felt guilty for leaving them so soon.

Who will continue to guide them in the right path?

Who will discipline them?

Who will purposely pick fights with them?


Seeing the man deep in his own thoughts, Yue Ling slightly furrow her brows and calls out to him.

Hearing her voice that can guide anyone out of the dark, Grandfather Ji came back to his senses. He looks up at her and slowly smiles to her and Ji Jingxu.

That's right, today will probably be his last birthday with them. Now is not the time to act this way.

"Come my children, sit down with me."

His usual strong and domineering voice changed into a soft and gentle one as he gestures to the two stools that were put on both sides of his seat.

Yue Ling walked to the stool on his right and sat down as Ji Jingxu on the left.

Both individuals looked at the old man with a soft smile on their lips.

"Grandfather, this is my gift you. I hope you like it."

Ji Jingxu stretch his hand to him with his gift. In the past, it had always been him who gave handed the old man his gift first then Yue Ling.

Grandfather Ji looks at the gift in his hand and he sighs a smile. It was indeed a smaller box compare to all the gifts he had received, but that does not matter to him.

Anything given from Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu are sentimental items to him.

He takes the gift and narrow his eyes as he observes the wooden box the size of a ring box.

"My grandson gifted me a gift like this. So small."

He snort his words and pretends to criticize his gift. However, deep inside, he couldn't wait to open it.

Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu stares at the old man for a quick second. It was always like this so neither found it rude, instead they let out a laugh at the old man.

"Old man, if you don't want it, give it back."

Ji Jingxu frown and reaches for the gift, but before he could even touch the box, Grandfather Ji quickly turns to Yue Ling with his hand holding the box stretched away from the boy.

"Hmmf, this is my gift. How are you going to steal it?"

Saying this, he glares at Ji Jingxu for a long minute then snort.

"There are no take backs in my Ji family."


Ji Jingxu stares at the old man and he was at a loss for words. His hand that was reaching to grab the gift kept in midair before he slowly retract it.

His lip purse disapprovingly at his grandfather's attitude and he scoffs.

"And you call yourself a General, you're more like a child."

Grandfather Ji stares at Ji Jingxu with glaring eyes, before nonchalantly turning his head away. However, when he looked away from the boy, a wide smile curled on his lip for everyone to see.

He may be hard on the boy, but it has always been like this. They bicker every day like two people who do not get along, but everyone knows how much he loves Ji Jingxu.

Feeling like he has done enough to irritate the boy, Grandfather Ji looks back at him and puts on an indifferent expression.

"Since this is my gift, I am going to open it."

Ji Jingxu scoffs again at the old man and rolled his eyes. However, seeing the happiness in the old man's eyes, Ji Jingxu could only sigh inside.

The day he found out about the old man's health, he had placed another gift inside the drawer. Hopefully, after today, he will see it when he returns to the study room.

Unaware of this second gift, Grandfather Ji looks down at the small ring box and he did not hesitate to open it.

Of course, he made sure to do it slowly like it was the most precious treasure he has ever come across.

"Eh? What did Ji Jingxu gift the General? Why is the gift the small?"

"What kind of gift fits a ring box besides a ring?"

The invited guests stares attentively at the box in Grandfather Ji's hand. Each person is just as curious to know what the boy could possibly gifted the man.

Ji Jingxu sat nervously in the stool with eyes on the floor. Every so often, he would glance at the box in the old man's hand wishing he would hurry up.

The tiny box finally opened and as the people observe without blinking. However, the moment they saw what was inside, everyone was dumbfounded.

Inside the box was none other than one glass prayer bead.

Why would Ji Jingxu gift the old man something like this?

Compare to the other gifts, his is the most useless on.

However, unlike everyone, Grandfather Ji softens a smile at the sight of the prayer bead. He held the box in one hand as his other reach to take the bead out.

Holding it up for everyone to see, he carefully observes it like it is an artifact. A smile curls on his lip and he nod his head in approval.

"Finally, the last piece is in my hands."


No one understood the old man's words expect for Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu.

A smile curls on Yue Ling's lip while Ji Jingxu held a sullen face.

He felt the old man was making fun of his gift as it did not cost an arm and a leg like everyone else's.

However, what Ji Jingxu did not know was that, to Grandfather Ji, his gift was priceless as it is a more meaningful gift.

For many years, he (Grandfather Ji) has long known that Ji Jingxu has been collecting these prayer beads to make one for him to wear.

Only, he played oblivious all these years.

Grandfather Ji put the glass prayer bead inside the box and closed it. He looks at Ji Jingxu and chuckles.

"Finally, I have 108th bead in my hands."

Hearing his words, Ji Jingxu wanted to refute, but he could only sigh inside and nod his head.

In the past, the gift started as more beads, then the number decreased each year, until it came to only one.

Grandfather Ji smiles at the boy and stretch his hand to pat Ji Jingxu's head.

Indeed the boy has grown, but no matter how much Ji Jingxu has grown, to him, his grandson will always be a child in his eyes and heart.

Yue Ling felt at peace looking at her grandfather and brother. She is happy to be here with them. From now on, she will never leave them.

Grandfather Ji lowers his hand and turn to look at Yue Ling.

"What about you, where is your gift for me?"

Yue Ling stares at her grandfather speechlessly at his words. She lightly shook her head and hands her gift to him.

Seeing the box, Grandfather Ji furrow his brows. He looks at size of Ji Jingxu's gift then his granddaughter's.

Comparing them, he couldn't help but scoff a chuckle.

"Wah, Jingxu's gift was so small and yet, yours isn't so much different."

"Small or not, you are the one who always said it was the thought that counts."

Yue Ling chuckles her words as her smile remains on her face. Looking at the box, her smile turns into a faint one.

"I had Uncle Zhi help me find this."

She looks at the old man and sighs to him as her words continue.

"Although it took many years, he was finally able to find it."

Hearing her words, the space between Grandfather Ji's brows crease into three lines. He stares at his granddaughter in thoughts then down to the gift in his hand.

A gift that took many years to find and she even needed help from Uncle Zhi… What can it possibly be?

Thinking this, a thought quickly comes to his mind and he looks at her with widen eyes.

His expression was one that looked like he knew what was inside but wanted a confirm answer from her.

Yue Ling's bluish green eyes met his and she sighs a smile. She understood his feelings at this moment, so she reassures him. Her eyes slowly close as she lightly nods her head once and opens to look back at him.

Though it was a nonverbal question, her one nod was enough to answer his questions.

Grandfather Ji's eyes shook as he felt his hands begin to tremble.

Holding the small jewelry box in his right hand, his left hand gently trace over the top. Even he did not realize that his lower lip was trembling.

He struggle a hard gulp that shook his body as he tries to fight back the tears.

Without waiting any longer, he slowly lift the lid and when his eyes landed on the item inside, the tears he was trying so hard to hold back slowly slid down.

His eyes did not once leave the item as he quietly sobs.
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