Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 393: to your side


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The Lu family stood at the side and observe each passing gift given to the old man. However, unlike his family, Lu Tian held his eyes elsewhere.

He stares attentively in the direction of the crowd to his wife. Seeing her constantly smile at Ji Jingxu, the between his brows crease into three lines.

What are the two siblings whispering about that his wife is smiling?

As he thought this, he sees her suddenly pat the boy's head and his entire being softens.

From what he knows, Fate is one of the notorious underground gang. Despite Yue Ling being the leaser, she is a caring person and never is she a selfish person. If someone is in danger, she will not hesitate to risk her life to save the person.

Buzz…. Buzz… buzz…

As he ponder in thought, his brows furrow more when he suddenly hears the sound of a fly… no… two, wait… three.

The sound quickly intensify inside the ballroom like hundred of flies gathering for a piece of meat that had set out for them.

His eyes darken at the annoying sound as he avert his eyes away from his wife to the culprits.

Single men in every direction of the room stares at Yue Ling with love struck eyes. Some are hesitant to go over and talk to her or get a closer view.

Seeing this, Lu Tian lift his leg and strides forward without a care for anyone but his wife.

"Eh? Tian, where are you going?"

Madam Lu calls out as she sees her oldest son walk towards the guests who has not present their gifts. However, just as she wanted to ask him again, a hand covers her mouth.


"Ma, let him go find his one true love."

Covering his mother's mouth with his right hand, Lu Han wrap his left arm around her shoulder. Until he felt it was safe, he lets go, but only realize what he had done.

He struggle a gulp and turn to look at her with puppy eyes.

"Bro is going to kill some flies."

Madam Lu stares at her son with a disoriented expression. Even her lip that was twitching uncontrollably sounded like she had spent an entire night in an ice-cold lake.

She is the wife of Old Lu, the madam of the Lu family, and a prominent figure in Imperial to all women, yet….

How dare this insolent child of hers do such thing to her in public?!!

Wanting to give Lu Han a good beating, Madam Lu reach for his ear, but her eyes caught sight of the reason for Lu Tian's sudden temperament.

Her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk and ignores what her youngest son had done to her. She stares at her oldest son and prays inside.

'Buddha, if you can hear me, pleeeeeease help my oldest son not unleash his wrath too much. I want to meet my grandchild and I do not want my daughter-in-law to be without a husband.'

Lu Han stares at his mother with purse lips. Thinking of something, he looks ahead and close head to pray with her.

'Buddha, if you can hear me, pleeeeeease help me find a pretty girl to spend time with tonight. She doesn't have to be very pretty, but not too ugly too.'

Unlike the mother and son duo, Old Lu held a smile as he watch Grandfather Ji open his gifts. He slowly turn his head to say something to his wife, but seeing the pair lost in their prayers, he was dumbfounded.

He looks around the ballroom then back at the duo. They are at a birthday celebration, not the temple. However, seeing how focused they were, he sighs and shook his head.

Oblivious to his mother and younger brother's prayers, Lu Tian continues to stride in big steps towards his wife.

Feeling the sudden drop of temperature, all the men staring in a daze at Yue Ling felt all the hair on their body stand.

Instead of standing in a snowstorm, it was like they had been toss into a burning volcano about to explode.

Unable to withstand the heat of the burning lava, each person quickly avert their gaze in another direction and wipe the sweat away from their forehead.

However, the direction they averted to was only directed at the devil!

Through each passing fly eyeing his wife, Lu Tian's cold and glaring eyes turned into a fly swatter and whips them away to Mars.

Staring at Yue Ling before was a normal thing because she was a model both men and women admire, but now it was different.

She is Lu Tian's woman.

Women can still freely admire her, but if men do so much as have any malicious thoughts about her, it's a death wish!

Maybe admiring her is already a death wish itself!

Lu Tian slows in his steps until he was only 2 feet away from his wife. He stood like a giant pillar blocking her from other's view.

Just as he wanted to let her know that he was behind her, Ji Jingxu's voice sounds.

"Jie, are you and Lu Tian really together?"

Hearing the sudden question, Lu Tian did not wince at all. Neither did his eyes move away from his wife's figure from behind.

Without any hesitation or care that others are around, his deep voice answers the question.

"We are."

It took a long minute before Yue Ling turns around to face him and both her brows arch up.

"Tian, why are you standing there?"

Met with her bluish green eyes that he loves so much, a very unnoticeable smile curls on his lip. He takes one big stride to stand in front of her and spoke in an almost whisper to her.

"I missed you."


Both Yue Ling and Ji Jingxu stares up at the man and neither knew what to say. Although his voice was not loud, it was loud enough for both siblings to hear.

Yue Ling tilt her head in amusement at how straightforward Lu Tian is. She glance to the Lu family and slightly purse her lip.

"Tian, we're at the same event and it hasn't been that long since I stood in line."

"One second away from you is like 1 year without you."

Lu Tian quickly replies without hesitation. Looking at his tuxedo coat that is covering her, he sees the front part had loosened. He sighs and reach to fix it.

"I should bring you with me where ever I go. That way I will miss you less."


Hearing the man's sudden words, Yue Ling's lips slowly curl upwards. Lifting her hand, she lightly tap his forehead and chuckles.


She had wanted to say how shameless he is, but thinking about how cute he can be, she couldn't bring herself to call him shameless.

Ji Jingxu stare in a daze at the lovers. When he saw his sister tap the man's forehead, he thought Lu Tian would erupt in rage, but instead, he allowed her to do so. Even when she called him silly, he did not get angry!

Just like Ji Jingxu, everyone that stood in a close distance witnessed the scene. They were even more dumbfounded when Lu Tian did not unleash his wrath!

Everyone in Imperial knows that Lu Tian is a man of cleanliness. There was once a time when a woman accidently brush against his coat and he did not hesitate to throw the coat away.

Like that was enough, Lu Tian once attended an event and a man who was not close to him thought it was alright to give Lu Tian a friendly hug, but the outcome was getting a kick!

"Lu Tian and Han Yue Ling are really together. He didn't even get angry when she touched him!"

"This is proof that they are a pair. If it had been anyone else, Lu Tian would have made the person disappear."

Whispers quickly surface from those who witnessed Lu Tian's gentle treatment with Yue Ling.  

Ji Jingxu takes a deep breath knowing that Lu Tian really does care about his older sister. He wanted to say something but notice that it was his turn.

He looks at Yue Ling and could only interrupt the couple's interaction.

"Jie, it's our turn."

Hearing this, Yue Ling turn to see that it was indeed their turn. She looks at Lu Tian and smiles apologetically to him.

"I will return to your side."

Her words fell and she turned to walk away with Ji Jingxu in the direction of Grandfather Ji.

Usually they would have presented the gifts separately, but the old man had requested them to walk up together.

He said he wanted both his grandchildren to walk up together because it's been a long time since he has seen them together.

Yue Ling didn't think much about it and agreed, but what she did not know is that the old man's time was running out. 
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