Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 39: He was pissed


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Back in Lu Tian's office, he sat coldly in his black swivel chair without giving a care to his workers.

He set the documents in his hands down and turn his computer on.

He wanted to distract his mind, but no matter what he did, his mind would return to the incident from earlier at Jade Condos.

Every time he thought about the woman, an unknown feeling kept rising in his heart. A feeling he's never felt before.

This feeling was something that annoyed him but at the same time he didn't mind it too.

Lu Tian leaned back in his chair and pinch the space between his brows.

The incident from early in the morning replayed in his mind.

This morning, when he opened the door to leave his penthouse for work, a man walked out of the elevator.

Lu Tian: "...."

Man: "...."

He didn't pay much attention to the man. He assumed the man lives in one of the two penthouses across from his or Yue Ling's.

Stepping out of the door, he closed it and locked it, but from the corner of his eyes he noticed the man had stopped in front of Yue Ling's door.

With his supreme mastered poker face, he turned his head slightly and looked at the man.

Seeing that the man really did stop in front of Yue Ling's door, anger rose in him.

Or more like, he had suddenly consumed an entire jar of vinegar.

He didn't have Xu Long do a thorough investigation on Yue Ling because he for some unknown reason wanted to respect her private matters.

Deep in his heart without him realizing, he knew the woman was special to him.

But seeing some unknown man coming to his woman's place was out of line.

His eyes darkened and he glare murderously at the man.

And to make things worse, he heard Yue Ling's door unlock and the man walked right inside!

At that moment, his heart was like ticking bomb that just set off!

He was pissed. Extremely pissed off!

Lu Tian leaned his head back on his chair and closed his eyes.

*knock knock*

The sudden knock on his office door interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Come in." he spoke indifferently.

The door opened and a woman in a pink dress enters. In her hands were a stack of papers and folders.

She stopped about three feet from Lu Tian's desk.

Lu Tian didn't look at the woman, but his brows creased intensely.

He had a good sense of smell and the strong perfume coming from the woman was too unbearable.

Qian Li Li looked nervously at Lu Tian. She heard the rumors about Lu Tian not liking others near him, especially woman, so she wasn't going to test her luck.

Just not yet.

She smiled and spoke in the softest tone she could voice, "CEO Lu, I have some things here regarding the contract with TB Corps."

Lu Tian didn't speak a word, but his expression remained indifferent.

Qian Li Li took Lu Tian's silence as cue to continue, "You see, I'm having a bit of difficulty because TB Corps' Chairman Ning sent in a new contract. I've checked it and he has revised the old contract, adding in more offers for Lu Corps."

She paused and glance at the man sitting down. With her cheeks blushing shyly, she continued, "Stated in the new contract, Chairman Ning will be a shareholder to Lu Corps and would increase your shares at TB Corps by five percent."

Finish with her words, Qian Li Li takes a few steps forward and place the documents and folders down on the man's desk.

As she moves her hands away, she brush her fingers on Lu Tian's smooth and cold desk.

Taking a step back, she blushed again, "These are the new printouts of the new contract sent by Chairman Ning."

She bit her lower lip with a small lick, "I couldn't possibly make a decision, so I came to find you."

Glancing at the man again, she blush innocently like a love struck girl and stare at the floor.


Lu Tian frown with his lips slightly pursed.

He had remained indifferent paying no mind to the woman because she was his employee, but that was until the woman touched his desk.

He was someone who had a strong dislike... no a strong hate when others touch his things, especially woman.

Only his mother and Han Yue Ling were exceptional.


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