Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 377: long and happy life


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The day of Imperial's great General's birthday finally arrives as the clear sky turned dark. Unlike other birthday event of prestige families, General Ji made sure to have the soldiers secure the premises. He didn't want any mass media lurking inside or outside of the Ji Mansion.

Like every year before, he made it clear that he only wanted a peaceful and relaxing day for his 75th birthday with family and friends.

Through the gate of the Ji Mansion, one by one, luxurious cars slowly enter. However, instead of going to the front of the house, they are directed to the side.

There, Grandfather Ji had built an adjoining building as the grand ballroom of the Ji Mansion.

He was never one to go out and celebrate his birthday, because he did not like to attract attention. Thus, he decided to construct his own place at home.

As the cars pulled up to the front entrance of the ballroom, the invited guests exit their vehicles one after another. Some family members could not make it, but one or two of their family members still came out of respect.

Important events like this welcomed guests from many prestige families and a good chance to find good marriages for sons and daughters.

However, it was not only prestige families that Grandfather Ji had invited. He had also invited those from ordinary families that he is close acquaintances with.

No matter what anyone has to say, it is his birthday and he can invite whoever he wants.

Of course, this is also something those from wealthy families came to understand.

Even if they did not want to be in the same room as someone of a lower background than them, they had no choice. If they dare to complain, it would mean disrespecting the almighty General.

"The General's birthday is as grand as always."

"Indeed worthy of Imperial's infamous General, look at the decorations."

The guests enter the grand ballroom and were taken by surprise at the marvelous set up of the place. Round tables place in the neatly order with red chairs that surround it. Tied across the room were red and gold lanterns with a huge banner against the center wall that said, 'Happy Birthday, Ji Huan."

Amazed by the enchantment of the ballroom, everyone's eyes landed on the person sitting ahead. Even from a far they can tell who this person is.

Grandfather Ji sat in a gold chair clothe in a traditional gold changshan with black trousers.

None were surprise to see him out of his military uniform. From their knowledge of the old man, he did not like to wear his uniform outside of military lines.

He felt that when he does, there is a boundary that separates him from others, thus, he likes to wear traditional changshan in hopes that others will be more comfortable with him.

Plus, it is his birthday and he wishes to converse with everyone like ordinary people in the world.

First to arrive, a family of three slowly walks up to the old man. The father and mother took the lead as their daughter follow behind.

Politely gesturing a bow to the old man, each person spoke at the same time.

"General Ji, may your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea and may you live a long and happy life."

Grandfather Ji smiles a nod and wave his hand, "Today is my birthday, no need for formalities. Address me by my name is enough."

The father of the family chuckles and place one hand behind his back, "Dong family wishes Ji Huan a prosperity life."

After a few more words, the Dong family turn to their assigned tables.

One after another, families came to greet Grandfather Ji. However, despite seeing the many familiar faces, his eyes constantly turn to the entrance as if waiting for a specific person's arrival.


From the side, Ji Jingxu's voice sounds to the old man. He had been busy instructing the cooks on what to cook and giving orders to the servants.

As it was his old man's big day, he decided to take on the role like a host so that his grandfather could relax for the day.

Grandfather Ji turns to the young boy and he smiles.

"Ah, Jingxu. You're here. Come, sit down with me."

The old man's loud voice caught the attention of everyone inside the ballroom. All eyes turn to the young man now sitting next to the old man.

He was indeed a charming boy with features that makes one find him attractive. He wore a light blue tuxedo with a white buttoned up shirt and a matching light blue vest under. Around the neck was a bowtie in a darker blue shade.

"Is that the boy General Ji found in the countryside?"


A daughter, who has never met Ji Jingxu before asks her mother, but was quickly hushed. The mother glares at her idiot daughter for speaking such words. She leans in and explains.

"It is a taboo to mention those words here. If General Ji heard you, he will not show you any mercy."

Hearing this, the daughter quickly covered her mouth. She did not know that it was taboo because outside, everyone talked about the issue like it was a normal thing to do. It's a good thing her mother warned her.

Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of two figures entering the ballroom and she gasp aloud.

"It's Ji Chu Hua."

Her voice was loud that it caught the attention of everyone nearby causing them to turn to look.

Although Ji Chu Hua is from the second Ji family, she can be considered as a prominent figure in Imperial. Many look up to her because of her grandfather being the General.

Seeing the young woman enter the ballroom with her father, the single men stare in awe as some almost drool at the sight of her.

She wore a white strapless dress in the style of a mermaid and matching gloves that reach above her elbows. The top part of her dress glisten with pearls as she wore a set of pearl necklace around her neck and ears. Her hair was curled to one side.

However, as she enters the room, she pretends to not notice the many eyes on her. She pause in her steps and smiles to her father.

"Dad, you go on ahead. I will be there to greet grandfather soon."

Ji Shao An nods his head and continues on his way to greet the old man.

As everyone hears Ji Chu Hua's soft and angelic voice, they felt like they were listening to a fairy amongst them. One of the young men sees that she was alone and decided to go and escort her into the ballroom.

Just as he was about to move, not only him but everyone inside was swept with surprise.

Behind the beautiful lady in white, a healthy-looking man walks up to her. He wore a burgundy tuxedo with his hair combed back.

"Did you wait long for me?"

He smiles softly to Ji Chu Hua. His eyes told everyone that she is the only person in his eyes as she returns a smile to him. Placing a hand gently on her back, the couple continued inside.

"So it is true. Ji Chu Hua and Gu Ting Fei are a pair."

"I heard they announced their relationship last year at Gu Ting Fei's birthday."

"Didn't the media mention they will be getting engage this year?"

Being the talk of the party, Ji Chu Hua kept a settle smile, but she was screaming with happiness inside. She loves it when she is the center of attention.

Glancing at the man walking next to her, she felt even better.

Gu Ting Fei is also a good-looking man and the next heir of Gu International.

Although they are not the wealthiest like Lu Corps or Ji Corps, they specialize in hotels all over the globe putting them at the same level as Ning Xingyu's TB Corps.

Walking up to her grandfather, Ji Chu Hua bows to him in a polite and respectful manner as Gu Ting Fei did the same.

"I wish grandfather a happy birthday. May you be healthy and continue to live younger and younger."

Hearing her wishes to her grandfather, everyone was in awe. Ji Chu Hua is like the sweet and caring granddaughter anyone would hope to have. She was well-manner and polite at all times.

Unlike everyone, Grandfather Ji felt otherwise. However, since he did not want his birthday ruined, he decides to be civilized with her. He smiles a smile that did not reach his eyes.

"Mm. Thank you."

Watching the young girl turn to her seat, he sighs inside.

Ji Chu Hua is the daughter of his nephew, Ji Shao An. After his brother passed away, he took in the family. However, instead of living in peace, Ji Shao An became greedy for more.

Hearing that his only daughter Ji An Ling was 'sterile', everyone started assuming that Ji Chu Hua was the only granddaughter in the Ji family.

With the promise to hide one from the world, words speculated without anyone knowing the truth.

The truth that he does have a granddaughter and she is not Ji Chu Hua.

Just as he thought this, his eyes widen in smiles at the door entrance. He stood up from his chair and walks to greet his new guests that just arrived.
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