Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 346: snap a photo


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The night slowly picks up as the cold breeze brushes by. A quiet whistle sings through each passing wind.

"I swear, I'm gonna skin you all alive!!"

Chu Li Xiang yells in fury with a struggle. His wrist were cuff behind his back as he glares at Lu Tian and the men of Wolf Team. He cannot believe that he had easily fallen into their trap!

"Ah, shut your mouth. No one cares about your feelings."

A manly voice spoke as he pushes the idiotic man into the backseat of a vehicle. His pink scarf and long white skirt with florals swags with the wind.

Slamming the door shut, Jiangyu scoffs and turns to look in the direction of his boss. However, what he was met with turned his eyes lids heavy as the sound of cricket chirp in the distance.


Standing behind him was not his boss, but Xu Long, Lin Hui and the members of Wolf Team. Each person held their mouth widely open and eyes out of their sockets.

He close his eyes and takes a deep and long breath to steady his mind. He already knows why they are like that.

Xu Long and Lin Hui stare at the bulky man and did not know whether to laugh or cry at this moment. When they split into their positions, they knew that Jiangyu and Yiqing were going in disguise too, but never would they thought it to be worse than their homeless disguise.



Unable to hold back the urge to laugh, Lin Hui couldn't help but snort a laugh with his mouths tightly sealed. At the same time, Xu Long was able to keep a straight face, but his right hand slowly raise, and he couldn't help but snap a photo with a bright flash.

Lin Hui: "Send it to me later."

Xu Long: "Already did."

Jiangyu: "…."


Standing next to the bulky woman, Yiqing still dressed as an elderly man burst into laughter.

All night he had been waiting for this moment. He knew that the others wouldn't dare to laugh at Jiangyu's appearance, but Xu Long was different. The assistant's skin was very thick. Not only that, there was also their new comrade, Lin Hui.

The moment he saw them together, he knew that they would drive Jiangyu insane.

Jiangyu's nostrils flare with steam blowing out. The veins on his forehead pop and he grit his teeth.

"Xu Long! If you want to keep living, you better delete that photo!"

At the man's rage, the members of Wolf Team who wanted to laugh were quickly swept with fear. They know Jiangyu's strength and fear him if not their boss.

However, unlike them, Xu Long only blinks his eyes. He casually puts his phone away and shrug his shoulders with both palms out.

"What photo? I didn't take any photo. Lin Hui, did you see me take a photo?"

Standing beside the assistant, Lin Hui's head looked left, right, up, and down. His shoulders shrug and he looks at Jiangyu.

"Sorry bro, I saw nothing."

Jiangyu: "…."

"Pftt! Ahaha!!"

A laugh echoes into the sky, but this time it was not from Yiqing. Instead. It came from Lin Hui. He really did try to keep a straight face, but he couldn't. His boss said, if something is really funny, don't hold back and laugh as loud as you want.

He held his stomach with his left hand and put his righthand on Xu Long's shoulder to steady himself from falling.

Jiangyu's ears turned crimson red hearing Lin Hui's laugh. His eyes dimmed and he points at the two men dress as homeless men.

"Yiqing! Take their picture! It's going to be my new screensaver!"

That's right, if they want to take his photo, he can take there's in return. He wants to see how they will react.

Yiqing stroke his long gray beard with pouting lips. He glance at Xu Long and Lin Hui for a long minute, then decides. He takes his phone out and takes a photo of them.

Seeing Yiqing do as told, Jiangyu scoff a satisfying chuckle.

Once he has their photo taken, he knows they will ask him to delete it. In return, he will have them delete the one they took of him.

However, things did not go as he planned. The moment Yiqing lift his hand to snap a photo, both men quickly move.

Xu Long jumps with his knees bent up and both arms pull back. His fingers curl like claws as he strikes a flying eagle stance.

Next to the assistant, Lin Hui lowers with bent knees as he strikes a stern horse stance and both his palms clasp together.

Behind the two homeless men, the members of Wolf Team also partake in the action. Everyone stood straight in rows of pillars.


Each person kept a straight face as Yiqing captures the photo.

He nods his head in satisfaction and gives the men a thumbs up. Maybe he should become a photographer.


Jiangyu was dumbfounded to the core. He did not see this coming at all.

"Yiqing, was it good? Should we take another one?"

Without a care for Jiangyu's feelings, Xu Long smiles and runs to Yiqing.

"XU! LONG!!"

Before Xu Long could take two steps, Jiangyu's raging voice roars into the sky like a dragon unleash to destroy the world.


However, before the homeless man or elderly woman… man… could move, Lu Tian's deep voice from a distance stops them.

Due to Chu Li Xiang being a part of the underworld, Lu Tian and his team took care of the situation, but the man still needs to be handed to the police for prosecution.

Thus, he was talking to the Chief over the phone and did not bother with what was going on.

However, when he finished the call, he did not expect to see the womanly dressed Jiangyu on the verge of killing the homeless Xu Long.

He shook his head and put his phone away. Walking over to his team, he ignores his subordinate's angry face.

"Jiangyu, Yiqing. The Chief is waiting."

Hearing this, Jiangyu could only glare with murderous eyes at Xu Long and Lin Hui. For now, he will finish his new mission and deal with these two later.

He points his index and middle finger to his eyes then points them at the two homeless figures. Giving them a silent warning, he turns around and enters the passenger seat of the car he shoved Chu Li Xiang in.

Xu Long: "…."

Lin Hui: "…"

Walking to the driver side, Yiqing held a huge grin like he had just witnessed the greatest show.

"You two be careful now. I suggest you guys to make more money."

Saying this, he winks at both men and enters the car.

As the car drives off into the distance, both Xu Long and Lin Hui cover their bodies. Yiqing may have a carefree personality, but behind that mask of his, he can be consider a dangerous man.

"Hey, Xu Long, are our days in Imperial over? I don't want to sell my body for money."

Lin Hui couldn't help but ask. He had seen Jiangyu's eyes and he was sure, if Lu Tian did not intervene, both he and Xu Long would have long died.

"I think we still have a few more years to live."

Xu Long answers and fold his arms over his chest. He touch his chin with one hand and ponder in thought.

"If we want to live longer, we need to think of a plan…."

Hearing this, Lin Hui's eyes lit up. He put his arm over the assistant's shoulder and whispers.

"I have a great plan. Earlier, Liu Shan told me that…"

As Lin Hui continues to whisper his plan, Xu Long's cheeks flush and he grins from ear to ear.

Lu Tian massage his temples seeing both men planning something against Jiangyu. He lowers his hand and check the time on his watch.

"Wolf Team, standby. Secure the premises until the event is over."

"Roger Captain!"

Wolf Team quickly answers with seriousness. Even though they have captured Chu Li Xiang, they cannot let their guards down. Anything can happen.

Giving his order, Lu Tian dismiss them to return to their post.

"Let's go."

He signals to both homeless men and walks in the direction of Beauty. There is only ten minutes left until his wife takes the runway.
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