Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 307: Here for business


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The heavens darken and thunder rumble in the sky as the late afternoon arrive. Heavy bean-sized raindrops fell from the sky, damping over City Z.

The tall dark building remains gloomy, but it glistens like a painting.

On the second highest floor, the door to the back room opens and the people inside walk out.

They discuss amongst one another as they exit the room.

Chief Kim walks out of the room and he stops. He turns back to the last group to leave and smile.

"Mr. Lu, care to join this old one for lunch?"

Lu Tian walks out of the room follow by Jiangyu and Yiqing. When he heard Chief Kim's question, he stops. His brows slightly furrow before his expression returns to expressionless.

He looks at Chief Kim and nod his head.

"My car will follow yours."

Hearing the unexpected answer, Chief Kim smiles and turns to leave first. It is his greatest honor to have lunch with Lu Tian.

Every year when they have this meeting, whether it was in City Z or Imperial, Lu Tian would decline all the invitations.

From behind, Jingyu stares at his boss with a confused expression. Usually, his boss wouldn't agree, so why now?

Thinking this, he lift his hand scratch the side of his head.

"Boss, what about our other purpose of coming here?"

Lu Tian's eyes remain on the old man's departing figure. He slightly tilt his head to Jiangyu and his deep voice sounds.

"Wait for Xu Long's call."

Saying this, he takes a step forward and walks away from the back room.

He is in a rush to go back home to be with his wife, but Xu Long has not found the location of the meeting Chu Qiang is participating.

If it wasn't for that, he wouldn't have agreed to join Chief Kim for lunch.

Once he finishes his purpose of coming here, no one can stop him from returning to his wife.

Jiangyu and Yiqing looks at each other and nod their head. Both men quickly follow after their boss.

If their boss says to wait, then wait it shall be.

Outside, the rain continues to pour over City Z without stopping.

In a private room inside one of City Z's most highly rated restaurants, Lu Tian sat on a chair across from Chief Kim.

A waiter stood at the side as he just finished taking their order and collects the menu book.

"Mr. Lu, I was truly surprised when you agreed to have lunch with this old man."

Chief Kim spoke in a cheerful and happy tone. He cannot wait to brag about this to the others. How jealous would they be?

Lu Tian does not say a word, but not his head. 

The waiter walks out of the room and just when he stepped out, another waiter enters the private room.

The new waiter walks over to Chief Kim and whispers near his ear.


Upon listening to the waiter's words, a glint of light beams in Chief Kim's eyes. He chuckles heartily and ushers the waiter to get going.

"Hahah, what are you waiting for, bring her in."

"Yes, Chief."

The waiter bows and quickly takes his leave out the room.

Hearing the word 'her', Lu Tian's expression turn cold and his eyes darken. He looks at Chief Kim with a murderous aura that sent shivers to the old man.

Seeing the dangerous look in Lu Tian's eyes, Chief Kim smiles a chuckle and he wave his hand out.

"Ah, Mr. Lu, please excuse my rudeness. You see, my daughter is here. I forgot that I had promised to join her for lunch, so I could only invite her to join us."

Lu Tian does not say a word, but his expression remains the same. He signals with his hand to Jiangyu and the man leans forward.

Watching this, Chief Kim could only swallow his saliva, but it was difficult due to the dryness. It wasn't until he saw Jiangyu return to position and Lu Tian remain seated that he sighs in relief.

He knows that Lu Tian isn't fond of close contact with women, however, his daughter just arrived in City Z, so he had no choice. If he had remembered his promise, he would have never invited Lu Tian for lunch.

"Dad, you couldn't pick me up from the airport, but want me to meet you here? I don't like the food here."

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A soft voice calls out from behind the door as a slender woman enters the private room.

Her short dark hair framed around her slim face. She had big round eyes that made her look adorable and soft pink lips. She wore a pink dress and a brown trench coat to keep her warm.

Anyone who sees her will be in awe and captivated by her natural looks.

However, Lu Tian does not bat an eye in her direction and neither did the two men standing behind him.

Chief Kim's eyes lit up and he calls out to the woman.

"Yoona, you're here. Come sit down."

Kim Yoona pout her lips and walks over to the chair next to her father. She had on an annoyed expression, but when she saw that there was someone else sitting at the table, she looks at the person.

Her eyes shook and her cheeks turn red. She has never seen such a handsome man before.

His sharp facial features displayed a noble and indifferent temperament. The man seemed to be frowning deeply as there is traces of disdain in his eyes.

His entire personage emitted a menacing aura that sent chills to the back of her spine for no reason.

But Kim Yoona quickly shakes away her feelings and sits down. Her seat is next to her father, but two chairs away from the man.

Chief Kim sees the redness in his daughter's face, and he laughs.

"Mr. Lu, this is my daughter, Yoona. She just came back from abroad."

Hearing the introduction, Jiangyu and Yiqing shook their head in fear for the old man. Both men could feel that the temperature in the room drop to negative degrees, yet, the old man is so blind.

Jiangyu looks at the old man and he could only sigh inside. If the old man knew who their lady boss is, would he still think to introduce his daughter to their boss?

Of course, as much as he wants to say a word, he can't because its only his opinion.

Oblivious to the two bodyguard, Kim Yoona glance at Lu Tian and smiles her most charming smile.

"Hello Mr. Lu, I am Kim Yoona. Please excuse my disturbance in this lunch."

Lu Tian's eyes remain elsewhere as he only nods his head in greeting.

Most women would find his reaction an insult, but Kim Yoon was not bothered by it. Instead, she maintains her smile without a care.

She has long heard about Lu Tian, but never met the man. Her father had always praise him like he was a son and from what she's heard, Lu Tian does not like women near him.

The introduction soon turned awkward and Chief Kim chuckles.

"Ah, Mr. Lu, how long will you be in City Z."

"A few days."

Lu Tian's answer was short and puts one back in a more awkward position, but Chief Kim continues to smile. He is not one bit offended and laughs.

"Haha, if it's a few days, my Yoona can show you around City Z. What do you say?"


Kim Yoona lightly hits her father's arm in embarrassment.

Chief Kim chuckles at his daughter and place his hand over hers. His attention returns to the man sitting across from him.

"What do you think about this?"

Unlike the father and daughter duo, Lu Tian furrow his brows without a word.

Jiangyu stares dumbfounded at Chief Kim's useless words. He wants to scream at the duo for thinking such thing. If it was't for him having to maintain his bodyguard cover, he would of made a scene.

Yiqing glance at Chief Kim and he silently shook his head. Next, he looks at Kim Yoona and he couldn't help but shake his head more.

He has heard from Xu Long that they have a lady boss. Although he has never met her, he can already guess that she must not be ordinary since his boss chose her.

"Chief Kim, I am only here for business. Nothing more and nothing less."

Lu Tian finally spoke, and his dark eyes stare straight into the old man's soul.

He is not the kind of man who mix his personal life with business. Neither does he care about women that are thrown his way. To him, they mean nothing.

Of course, his wife is different, because she is the only woman for him.

In that moment, the waiters enter the room with the ordered dishes. They place the dishes on the table one at a time.

*Ring ring*

Just when the waiters were done, the phone inside Jiangyu's coat pocket rings. He takes the phone out and quickly answers.

"Jiangyu speaking."

Due to the sudden quietness inside the private room, the noise from the other line can be heard, but no words can be made out.

Quickly as the call came, it ended in less than ten seconds.

Jiangyu calmly puts the phone away and takes a step forward. He leans down to whisper something to his boss.

Lu Tian listens from start to and he nod his head.

When Jiangyu return to his position, Lu Tian looks at Chief Kim. He scoots his chair back and part his lip.

"Chief Kim, something came up. I will take my leave first."

Hearing this, Chief Kim sighs in pity, but he nods his head. He knows that Lu Tian is a busy man. It's no surprise to see the young man leave without touching the food.

"It's a pity you cannot stay, but I understand. If you need anything, I will offer my help."

He looks at his daughter and his words continue.

"When you're free during your stay, please allow Yoona to keep you company."

Kim Yoona does not say a word but pout her lip. She stares at the plate food on the table and ponder in thoughts.

Lu Tian calmly stood up from the chair and meets Chief Kim in the eyes.

"My actions do not reflect on me but my wife. Enjoy your lunch."

Chief Kim's cheeks flush in embarrassment and he nod his head in understanding.

"I see. I understand then. It's good to know that you are respectful towards your wife."

Lu Tian nod his head and walks out of the room without another word.

Inside the room, Chief Kim smiles as he pats his daughter's hand. However, his smile quickly fade and his eyes widen.


When did Lu Tian get married?!

At the same time, Kim Yoona glares at her father in disbelief. She ignores his shock expression and  moves her hand to cross her arm over her chest. Doing so, her pink lip parts to speak.

"Dad, I know you like Lu Tian and you want what is best for me, but can you not make a fool out of me?"

She pinch the space between her brows and her words continue.

"He never once looked at me, let alone utter a single word to me. Not only that, he made it clear that he is married. I do not want to be known as someone who stole another's husband. So, stop!"

Finishing her words, she takes a deep breath and starts to eat her food.

She must admit, Lu Tian is a very ambitious man and her type. His looks are worth praising and there is no women who wouldn't want him as a husband.

However, she is not one to steal another's man. Neither is she someone who will ruin a relationship.

She has her pride too.

Outside of the restaurant, Lu Tian looks at the dark sky and walks toward his car as Jiangyu held an umbrella to keep the rain away.

He gets into his car and the moment he sat in the back seat, he felt the same uneasy sensation return.

His brows furrow and he looks out the window.

He needs to quickly finish up here and return to his wife and child.

That uneasy feeling is something he's never felt before and he hates it.

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