Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 221: Bunch of idiots


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"Chun Hua."

Hearing her name, Chun Hua pursed her red lips and sighed. She had hoped to have a little fun, but she knew the voice of this person and person is the person she cannot offend in any way.

"I hope we can continue this later."

She whispers to Qi Li and quickly turns around, walking in the direction of the voice. However, she didn't forget to turn around and blow a lovestruck kiss to the man.

Walking back to the group of gang, she lift one hand and flip her hair to the back. As the group of gang parted for her, at the very end stood a tall and slender charming man clothe in a navy blue suit. His dark hair was groomed in a buzz cut and both his hands were in his pockets. Tattooed on the front of his neck was the face of a roaring tiger, except the collar of his dress shirt blocked out the bottom half, only revealing the aggressive eyes of the fierce tiger.

Chun Hua smiles like a little girl at the man and hook her arm with his. She looks up at him and her smile widen showing her white teeth.

"Li Wei, why did you come out?"

The man name Li Wei lower his head at Chun Hua then to the disheveled Xiu Yang and the men on the ground. Tilting his head slightly, he looks at Lin Hui and Qi Li.

"You two are the kids?"

Lin Hui held a sour expression at what he was seeing. This woman name Chun Hua was just flirting with Qi Li and now she's clinging onto this new guy like nothing happened. What he hated the most was women like this. He looks at Li Wei and shrug his shoulders.

"So what if we did? Besides, you need to put your woman in check."

"Woman? Who's?"

Chun Hua answered and looked around. Seeing only the group of gang and the two men, she pout her lip. Thinking of something, her eyes lit up and she points to Qi Li.

"His woman? That's fine with me."

Lin Hui: "....."

Qi Li: "..."

Like a splash of cold water had been poured on him, Lin Hui was dumbfounded. If this was an anime show, he was sure his head would have been smashed to the ground by a giant rock. Looking at Chun Hua, he gestured with his chin.

"Him, duh! Women these days have no shame at all."

Shaking his head, he pats Qi Li on the shoulder and continue his words.

"My dear brother, you have a competitor now."


Qi Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry, yet, he didn't show any change of emotion in his face. He sighed inside in question of how Liu Shan is able to work along Lin Hui.

Standing across from the two men was an even more dumbfounded person. Chun Hua's eyes droop to heaviness before she glares at Lin Hui then she turn her head to look at Li Wei.

"Big brother, I think that man thinks you're my boyfriend."

Lin Hui: "....."

Li Wei's brows furrow together and his expression turn soured. He looks at Qi Li then to Lin Hui. His frown deepen and he wanted to say something, but before he could, his eyes caught sight of a figure in the distance. Looking back at the two boys he voice an order to his gang.

"Let them through. I have other business to deal with."

Moving his arm from Chun Hua, he takes big strides and ignores the scene. Just as he was about to walk pass Lin Hui, a figure grabs his sleeve.

"You're just going to let them go like this? What about what they did?! This is Retro!"

Xiu Yang roared in rage at the man in a navy suit. He could not believe what was happening. These two kids show up and tear the place apart and his gang is pretty much done for. Glaring at Li Wei, a sudden thought cross his mind and he sneer.

"Don't tell me the famous Li Wei of Retro is afraid of two messily kids?"

Hearing Xiu Yang's taunt, the new gang were now fumed with rage. Each one glaring at Xiu Yang like a pack of tigers wanting to tear the deer into pieces.

"Xiu Yang, you're near king Yama's door already, you really want to go there so soon?!"

Chun Hua stomp her feet and point with a dangerous expression at the bloody faced man. Li Wei is her older brother, how can she have someone as low as Xiu Yang bad mouth her brother.

Seeing the situation had turned around, Lin Hui elbow Qi Li and gesture with his head for them to leave. Both men had no more time to waste, if their boss shows up at the place before them, how can they show their face around anymore.

Hearing Xiu Yang's words, Li Wei's posture did not move, but his eyes moved to the corner and looked at the bloody man. He scoffed inside and flung his arm away from the man.

"Xiu Yang, you better stop or else your fate won't be yours to decide."

Finishing his words, he continue to walk in the direction of the figure he saw. He didn't have time for Xiu Yang's problems, however he hopes that Xiu Yang hears his warning and not go overboard. He's never seen the kid with the glasses before, but the moment he saw the other one, he already knew what was going on. This kid would not have appear in Retro for no reason.

Xiu Yang was rooted to the ground. He glare in the direction Li Wei went then he looked at his men that were badly beaten up. His fist clench tightly and he cursed inside. Lifting his hand, he held his cheek and stumble to leave, leaving behind his men. At this moment, he needed help and there was only one place he could go.

No one bothered to stop Xiu Yang, watching the man leave in a haggard shape, they laughed in mockery. Chun Hua hmmf and turn to her new love interest. However, she was flabbergasted.

Neither Lin Hui or Qi Li were in sight. She walked around the area and searched high and low for the man with glasses. Not seeing him, she place both her fist on her hips.

"Why didn't anyone stop them? How can you bunch of idiots let my husband get away?! Do you wish to see King Yama's doors too?!"


Chun Hua's chest moved up and down like a Spanish bull, she stomp her foot and commanded the group of gang.

"Well, what are you idiots standing there for? Hurry and go find him!"

"Yes, Miss!"

Within seconds, half of the gang separated in search for Qi Li. None wanted to face the wrath of their boss's younger sister.

Turning around, Chun Hua's expression softened and she sighed. She's never liked someone like this. Her meeting Qi Li must be what others consider 'love at first sight'.

Remembering something, she looks up ahead to find her brother. Seeing that he was a few feet away, she jogs to catch up with him. Stopping at his side, she tilt her head and frown.

"Brother, what is it? Why are you just standing here?"

Li Wei didn't answer but stayed in silence for a short minute. His eyes staring straight ahead. Walking in the distance was a very familiar figure he knew all too well. This person could be considered one of his close friends.

Taking a step forward, an unusual smile curls on his face as the figure nears him.

"Well, look who it is. The mighty and ruthless Lu Tian."

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