Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 199: A little weird


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As the day turn into dark, Lu Tian open the door to their home. Yue Ling steps inside as he follows after.

Just when he walked through the front door, he sees a white fluff ball pounce toward his wife with it's tail wagging happily. Shaking his head, Lu Tian close the door and change out of his shoes.

"What do you want eat for dinner?"

He asks while loosening his tie and already walking to the kitchen. After their long day, he knows his wife is hungry. Especially now that she is pregnant.

Scratching the spot behind Inu's ear, Yue Ling kiss and adores her fur baby. Hearing Lu Tian's question, she stopped and looked at the man.

Pursing her lip into thinking, she ponder for a moment.

"Hmm.... how about we go for grab some food at the food stall down the street."

"Food stall?"

What is that?

Lu Tian asks the question in his head. He's never ate at a food stall before. It was either home cooked meals by his own hands, at his parent's place or at a restaurant for meetings.

"Mm. We can also go for a small walk."

Yue Ling said as she stood up and walks to the kitchen where the tall and handsome man was. Seeing the confused look on his face, she couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

Stopping in front of Lu Tian, she entwine her fingers with his. Staring up at the man, she smile.

"Tian, not every delicious food need to be expensive. You will be greatly surprised."

Yue Ling then turns to the living room and looks at Inu. Her expression softened and she sigh.

"Besides, it's been a while since I had a walk with my favorite Samoyed."


Hearing her words, Inu's ears perked up and he jumped in joy. With a load of energy, he ran in circles with his tail wagging happily.

Lately, it's been the evil peasant who takes him out on his walks. Since his mommy is taking him, how can he not be excited?!

"Let's change and go."

Yue Ling release her hands from Lu Tian's and heads to her closet room. However, before she could even take a step, Lu Tian grabs her wrist. Looking back at him, she tilt her head and was confused. His face expression was full of worry.


"But what about—-"

Quickly, he stops himself from saying anything further. Staring at Yue Ling's, he frowns. He almost exposed the fact that he knows about their baby. Good thing he caught himself in time. Looking down at the slim wrist in his hand, he could only sigh.

"We just got back to Imperial. You're not tired? And it's getting late."

He didn't mind going for a walk at this time, but his wife is pregnant. Wouldn't walking tire her more? Especially when they just came back?

"Tian, you silly."

Yue Ling chuckles and gently flicks Lu Tian's forehead in a playful motion. She then points to the window and grinned.

"The sun has yet to set. Besides, if I get tired along the way, you can just carry me."

Seeing his wife's heart beating smile, Lu Tian knew he couldn't argue with her further. Plus, she was right. The sun hasn't set, so he can't say anything back and if she was tired, he will just carry her.

He's done it plenty of times and doing so in public wasn't something he'd care if people gossip.

Sighing inside, he nod his head.

"Fine, but if you get tired, you can't argue with me on how I choose to carry you."

His last word fell as his figure already walks off in the direction of the bedroom. He knows that if he does this, Yue Ling would not be able to retort back.


From the kitchen, if Lu Tian had turn around, he would see, not only a dumbfounded Yue Ling, but a dumbfounded Inu too.

Yue Ling stare with heavy eyes until the man disappeared into he bedroom. She had only said the carrying her part to tease him. How did it end up like this?

Slightly turning to the livingroom, she looks at Inu.

"He's a little weird, don't you think so?"


Inu barks a response and turns to his bed. If his enemy had said no, he would have thrown a hug fit. However, since the man had said they'll go, he won't. For now, his mommy and the evil peasant are going to get ready, so he will nap.

Watching Inu lay on his bed, Yue Ling shrug her shoulders with a sigh. Walking through the hallway, she enters her closet room.

Shortly after, Lu Tian walks out from the bedroom. He wore a black windbreaker with his black shorts over his running tights.

When he stepped into the livingroom, he was mesmerized by his wife again.

Yue Ling squat down next to Inu. Her beautiful dark long hair was tied into a high ponytail. With her hair pulled back, one could see her beautiful face.

Sensing his gaze on her, Yue Ling looks in his direction and smiles.


Hooking the leash onto Inu's collar, she stood up. She wore a tight matching outfit that showed every curve she had. Even though it was black, a few abstracts of colors were added making her look even more stunning.

She puts on her windbreaker jacket and zips it up.

Looking at his wife, Lu Tian wish it was only him who gets to see her like this. Even though her outfit was very simple, just her aura alone was enough to define the beauty in her.

His mind couldn't help but sneakily glance at her stomach. Just how amazing would she look when it gets bigger. However, thinking of something, he frown.

"Why are you wearing so little?"

Lu Tian unzips his jacket and place around Yue Ling. He takes a step back and nod his head in satisfaction.

"This is better."

His jacket was bigger. It covered her perfect figure, only showing her head and slim legs. The most important part was that it covered her bottom. If he could he would want to wrap her face too, so no one can look at her but him. However, he knows he can't do that.

Not waiting for a response, he walks back to the bedroom and grab another jacket.


Yue Ling press her lips together to hide her laugh as she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Looking down at Inu, she shook her head and sighed.

As Lu Tian returns to the living room with an almost identical jacket, the both of them changed into their running shoes.

"Come Inu, lets go."

Yue Ling held the leash in her hand. Walking out of the penthouse, Inu took the lead as Lu Tian follow behind Yue Ling. Both the human and Samoyed acted like bodyguards protecting their most beloved treasure.

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