Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 183: Today is the day


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This time at Imperial Hospital, one of the patient's room is in chaos. The nurses and doctors are panicking trying to persuade their patient.

"Sir, you can't leave."

Gu Ting looks at the doctor. His expression darken ten shades.

He doesn't want to leave but now he wants to. Earlier, he had been informed that Han Yue Ling was going to visit. He was happy about seeing his idol again, but....

With his eyes on the doctor, he could see a figure sitting in a chair inside the room. It was the person he wishes not to see at all.

"Gu Ting, why don't you listen to the doctor and nurses. You're still recovering from a leg injury, it's best if you stay."

Zhi Yilan spoke as she stood gracefully from the chair. Taking leisurely steps, she walks toward the boy.

"I just want to ask you a few questions. It'll be quick."

Ting glares at the woman and his blood boil to the maximum. Clenching the walking crutches in his hands, he swore inside before speaking.

"I don't have any answers for you."

Zhi Yilan sighs and stops by Ting, "I know you're angry because we didn't help, but—"

"Heh. Angry? Why should I be? It's proof of how disgusting you people are."

Not wanting to stay any longer, Ting tries to pass the nurses and doctor blocking his path. All he wants to do now is leave this place and get away from this woman.

Seeing Ting do so, Zhi Yilan lets a sharp whistle escape her mouth.

Before everyone knew it, four policemen enters the room and stops Ting from leaving.

"I suggest you cooperate or else—-"

"Or else what?"

An angelic voice answers Zhi Yilan, causing everyone to look to the door.

Seeing the person, Ting felt his entire body relax. He doesn't know why, but after he met this person, he can't help but put all his trust in her.

Zhi Yilan was dumbfounded when she saw who the person is. Clenching her fists, she could only swore inside. When she first arrived, she had done a check to make sure this person was going to be here, however... it's too late now..

"Yue Ling, it's you."

Putting on a smile, Zhi Yilan walks over to Yue Ling. She knows that her only way out now is to sweet talk her way. Of course, even she isn't sure if it'll work, especially when the person is Han Yue Ling.

Standing at the door, Yue Ling looks at Zhi Yilan then her eyes move to Ting. Seeing the four policemen surround him, her expression darkens.

"Were my words not clear?"

Hearing this, Zhi Yilan's heart tightens in fear. Struggling to maintain her smile, she speaks out.

"Yue Ling, it's like this, Ting wants to leave, but—"

"I gave words that no one is to disturb him."

Yue Ling interrupts Zhi Yilan's words. Looking at a distraught Ting, she moves her line of sight to Zhi Yilan.

"Including you."


Zhi Yilan bit her lower lip as she didn't know what to retort. Looking at the four policemen who came with her, She signal with her head for them to move.

Just as the four policemen moved, Ting's distraught expression relaxed. He slowly moves toward Yue Ling, the one person in the room that he can trust.

"I'm here to discharge Gu Ting."

Yue Ling looks at the doctor and spoke her words. She doesn't want Ting to leave the hospital, but she has to. However, after she takes him away from here, no one will be able to intimidate him.

"R-Right away, Miss Han."

The doctor bow in respect before he and the nurses quickly leave the room. They know Han Yue Ling is just a model, but her background is complicated and everyone at Imperial hospital knows better not to cross lines with her.


Yue Ling looks at her friend, then to the four policemen. Shaking her head, she walks over to the bed and grabs Ting's belongings.

"Let's go."

Ting nods his head as he smiles inside. Without looking at the remaining people the room, he quickly follows out the door with his savior.

"Detective Zhi, are we just going to let this go? What about protocols? That woman just now, who is she to do this?"

One of the policeman spoke as he looks at Zhi Yilan. From his time working as a policeman, Zhi Yilan is someone who has great authority in the law enforcement. However, this unknown woman just came in and the highly respected Zhi Yilan didn't do anything.

Zhi Yilan looks at the man and she sighs. Pinching the space between her brows, she waves at them to be dismiss.

"That woman is someone neither any of you or I can offend. Let's go, I'll let the higher ups know."

Sighing again, she leaves out of the room too. How she hates herself for trying to go behind Yue Ling's back. This is another screw up on her part with her friendship to Yue Ling.


"Miss Han... if you don't mind me asking, but where are we going?"

Ting asks as he sits on the passenger seat. He glance from the corners of his eyes every so often at the beautiful being in the driver seat.

Ever since he was discharged, they just got inside Yue Ling's car. She didn't say anything about where they were going.

Yue Ling didn't answer right away. Her mind was still upset that she didn't get to check up on her head ache. She had the choice to do so, but if she did, Yilan would probably find another way to pester Ting.

Sighing, she decides she'll just get checked up at the military hospital. Ending her thoughts, she looks quickly at Ting before looking back on the road ahead. Whether he is ready to hear or not, she has no choice but to tell him..

"Today is the day for your parent's burial."


Hearing the answer he's been wondering about, he felt his heart stopped. His head drops down as he stare unblinkingly at the cast on his right leg. Tears slowly makes their way to eyes, but he holds it in.

His parents....

He's really an orphan now...

No dad or mom to call....

No home to go to.....

Without looking at Ting, Yue Ling move one hand from the steering wheel and gently pat the boy's head.

"It's okay to cry in front of me, even grown men know how to cry. There is no wrong when one has to cry, especially when they lose those dear to them."

As Ting listens to Yue Ling's words, tears slowly slides down his cheeks and onto the back of his hands.

Yue Ling continues to drive as Ting silently cries in the passenger seat. When she lost her parents, there was no one to tell her that it was okay to cry. It was the same when Shin passed away.

She had cried silently because she didn't want others to pity her. However, if someone was to tell her that it was alright to cry, she would have done so... That was a reason why when she Ting hold back his tears, she told him it was okay to cry. To most people, they rather hold back than receive their pity.

Even to her age now, she has not once cried in front of anyone.....


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