Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 158: Peace and quie


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[WARNING: It's snu snu time! You've been warned!]


When they reached the bedroom. Lu Tian gently tossed Yue Ling onto the bed and climbed on top of her. He began kissing down her neck as he undress her until she had nothing on. His lips brushed her shoulder and down to her breasts, his tongue gently caressing her nipples.

Unknowingly to Yue Ling, while he was undressing her, she was undressing him. She finally realized what she was doing when her hand brush against something hard. Her face redden as her eyes widen in surprise.

Slowly, Lu Tian pulled away. Lifting his head, he looks into her eyes. His eyes filled with burning desire to take her right away, but he doesn't. He caressed her body with his hands, trying to keep control himself, yet, at the same time teasing her.

"Should I stop?"

Yue Ling blush as she stare into his eyes. She swore, Lu Tian's eyes were dark like a black hole, always drawing her deeply into the abyss. Feeling as if her body had shrunk into the bed, she shook her head.

"No.. don't stop...."

Hearing her answer, Lu Tian felt the dragon below awaken more. He lower his head and kiss her forehead, the tip of her nose, her lips, then traveling down to her ear lobe. She could hear his breathing become faster.

"Tian... " she calls out to him with a voice full of passion.

Swiftly, but ever so gently, she felt his cold hard on slide between her as he parted her legs. He looks at her, making sure she was okay and slowly slid himself in her.


Yue Ling sucks in a mouthful of air as his coldness spread her. Lu Tian leaned down as his head rested in the crook of her neck. His breathing became heavy as he slid himself in and out of her.

"Ah~! Tian~!"

She screamed in passion. The king sized bed lightly shook with their intimate act.

"You're so beautiful, Yue Ling..."

Lu Tian whisper into her neck, pushing himself deeper inside of me. She flinched biting her lower lip to keep from gasping again. Her movement was one that was not missed by Lu Tian. But he did not stop, he lift her legs and put them over his shoulder. Trusting harder into her. His eyes full of list and passion as he watch her.


She gasped a loud moaned. His hands massage her breasts as he plunge her deeper.

Lu Tian's face lower to hers, his lips met hers with his tongue caressing her lips and the inside of her mouth. Yue Ling closed her eyes tightly grabbing and scratching at his broad and granite back.

Pulling his lip away, he gently set her legs down. He rolled over positioning her on top of him. Their bodies never disconnecting. They were one as Yue Ling sat up on him. His dragon going deeper inside of her.

"Nn.." She sobbed a moan.

"Its ok, love." Lu Tian groan a whisper. Taking her hips firmly in his hands, he slowly bounce her up and down on him.

Looking at beautiful face, he slowly moves his left hand from her hip and slides it down between her legs. His fingers gently teasing around her little nub.

"Ahh~ T-Tian, n-n~!"

She tremble at his sudden gesture. Her entire body was full of him and love. His movements were driving her mind crazy.

Moving on her own, she slam herself down on him, his fingers stroking and playing with her. Until she was gasping for air, he finally moved his hand.

His right hand held her naked and soft back, while his left hand fondle her right breast. His mouth taking in her left breast.

"Cum for me, Yue Ling."

He whisper. His mouth leaving her nipple, slowly, but eagerly making its way back to her lips.

Yue Ling moans. Tangling her fingers through his ink black hair, she returns his kiss.

Reaching their desire climax, Lu Tian shifts their position. Never leaving her, he lays her back on the bed. He plunge one last time in her and sought his release. At the same time, Yue Ling's body arch forward finding her own climax. She could feel his release inside her as he gently move in and out of her, until he was done.

Like every other time, Lu Tian didn't pull out of her. He stayed inside her as one. His body laying on top of hers as their heavy breathing filled the bedroom.

Yue Ling was very tired. She laid on the comfy bed heavily breathing. Suddenly, she couldn't help but shudder.


Lu Tian had just pulled out of his wife. Hearing her sudden voice that sounded like a soft moan, he chuckles. Leaning down, he kiss her forehead, then stood from the bed.

As she laid exhausted on the bed, she felt slumber creep up. Her eyes slowly flutter as she slowly falls asleep.


However, the sound of running water surface from the bathroom. Until the sound stopped, Yue Ling frowned with her eyes closed. Opening her eyes again, she suddenly yelp in surprise.

"Ahh! Tian, what are you doing?!!"

Lu Tian let's out a small laugh. Feeling her arms wrap around his neck, he pecks a kiss on her lip and carries her to the bathroom.

"Bringing you to take a bath."


Yue Ling stare at Lu Tian in speechless. Didn't he usually just let her sleep?!!

"We're going to bathe, then have dinner."


Inside the bathroom, Yue Ling was gently placed inside the bathtub. Feeling the warm water touch her naked skin, she sighed in comfort. Lu Tian was very sweet to warm a bath for her...

However, she had thought wrong. The moment she sat in the bathtub, Lu Tian sat her between his legs and wrap his arms around her. He rest his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes, with the side of his face touching hers.

The him at this moment had on a very happy expression. An expression of an idiot madly in love.

Yue Ling pursed her lips. This man was nothing but shameless. How can he not be embarrassed at all? Suddenly, their time in the shower appears in her head. Her heart jumped in nervousness. Oh god! He isn't going to....

Knowing she is trapped in the man's strong arms, she gathers her strength and ask.

"Tian, you're not thinking of.... you know, in here too, are you?"

Hearing her question, Lu Tian's eyes remained closed, but his lip curled upwards. Sneakily moving his left hand under the water, he gently cups one of Yue Ling's perfectly round breast.

"I think you do."


Feeling a sudden squeeze on one of her twin peaks, Yue Ling gasp a moan. She quickly grabs Lu Tian's hand and stops him. Moving his hand, she slightly turn to looks at him.

"Tian, can't we just enjoy some peace and quiet together?"

Lu Tian opened his eyes because of Yue Ling's shift in their position and her words. He had spoke his words because of her questions. However, when he looked at her and how alluring she looked at this moment, he felt his throat turned dry.

It wasn't just his throat, even the dragon below was slowly waking up. Taking a deep breath, he suppress the urge to take her again. Even if they were in the bathtub, he doesn't mind. But he knows, he can't.

Using his left hand, he wraps it around Yue Ling and pulls her closer to him. He press his head to hers and tries to calm his selfish desire.

"Why do you have to be so beautiful?"

He whisper in a groan, then his voice turned raspy and very seductive.

"You don't know how much I want you every time of the day."


Yue Ling froze hearing the man's words. He wants her.... every.... time of the day?


Does his stamina not ever go down?

*thump thump*

How will she survive... every... day?

*thump thump thump*

Oh god!!!!!

As Yue Ling's mind drifted into her own shamelessness, Lu Tian chuckles inside. He held her close to him, as if kneading her into one with him.

The him at this moment really wanted to take her, but he can't be selfish. She just asked him why they can't enjoy peace and quiet.

So, for now, they will enjoy a nice warm bath. He also doesn't want his wife to ban him from ever stepping foot inside the bathtub with her.


"Shh... peace and quiet."



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