Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 122: Want to know what they said?


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Outside of Imperial, an abandon warehouse was hidden within the woods as two large mountains stood on each side. Due to business failure, no one pays attention to this warehouse anymore.

With it being out of view, it became the perfect base for underground Ghost Gang.

Inside, two young men were held captive inside a metal room with their wrist tied behind their backs.

"Hey, I'm sorry for dragging you in this mess..."

Ting was really guilty. Earlier, he didn't expect this kid to try and save him. Everyone else just watched and walked by, but this kid didn't. In the end, they were both taken away...

Jingxu looks at Ting. He did regret helping, but if he didn't, he wouldn't be the Ji Jingxu his grandfather and sister raised him to be.

"It's alright. Why were they after you?"

Hearing the question, Ting hits the back of his head gently against the cold metal wall.

"My father was scammed by these people. Now, they want a large figure that my family haven't even seen before..."

Ting close his bruised eyes and continue, "These people took my parents yesterday."

"Why didn't you go to the police?"

Jingxu frown. Wouldn't people go to the police station to make a missing person's report?

"Heh, police?" Ting scoffs in self mockery, "I did. All they said was, my parents probably went out and will be back later. How was I supposed to depend on them after hearing that? This morning, I even went back in to show them an email I received. Want to know what they said?"

Jingxu didn't answer, but his expression was enough to let Ting know, he wanted to know.

"They said, either I get lost or they put me behind bars for scamming cops."

Ting lets outs a sarcastic chuckle for his own stupidity, "So much for being protectors of the law."


Jingxu didn't know what to say. Looking down at his dirty and messed up self, he looks at Ting.

Ting's face was covered in dried blood and bruises. His condition was far worse than Jingxu's.


The tightly shut metal door unlocks and it was push open. Both Jingxu and Ting turn to see two masculine men twice their size walk in.

"You two are pretty lucky. The boss wants to see you too."

"Where are my parents?!!"

Ting shouts out as he struggle to stand up with the help of his legs since his hands were tied.

"Shut up! No one said you could speak!"

One of the men punch Ting on the head, quickly knocking him out. He grabs Ting by the collar and drags him out the door.

"You want to be knocked out too?"

The other man smirks at Jingxu. It's been a while since he's killed someone and his hands were itching for it.

Looking at the man, Jingxu clench his fist. He hated being so weak at this moment. He should have listened to his grandfather and strengthen his strength. Cursing inside, he knew his only option was to stay quiet and cooperate.


Outside the warehouse, as the Ghost Gang enjoyed their sweet time doing who knows what, they did not notice that one of the mountains around their base has been occupied.

Liu Shan's car parks at the top of the mountain and Yue Ling steps out. Walking to the edge of the cliff, her eyes scanned the premises like an Eagle.

"Boss, What now?"

Liu Shan walks up next to Yue Ling, he crouch down next and looks down the cliff. They were very high up.....

His boss isn't thinking of climbing down right?

"We climb down."


Liu Shan wanted to punch his mouth. If only he had just kept his mind shut.. ahh!

"Pfff!" Lin Hui chuckles from behind.

Yue Ling looks at Liu Shan then Lin Hui.

"Liu Shan will stay up here. Lin Hui, you will go down with me."


Lin Hui was dumbfounded. He was hoping he would be the one who stays up here and Liu Shan goes down... ahh!


Liu Shan laughs the laugh he was trying to hold in. How lucky was he?!!

As if he wanted to send a bullet to the man's head, Lin Hui glares at Liu Shan for having such bad luck.

Moving from the edge of the cliff, Yue Ling walks to the car and gets her zip up hoodie. Putting it on, she looks at at Liu Shan.

"Did you bring the things I asked?"

"I did, they're all in the trunk." He was to the back of the car and opens the trunk.

What greeted them were all sorts of equipments. From weapons to technology, anything you could name for a mission.

Yue Ling reach down and grabs a SIG sauer P226. She ejects the magazine and check the bullets. After putting it back in, she racks the slide.

With a firm hold on the pistol, she aims it out, as if she was aiming it at someone.

Her posture and movements were proof of her professional marksmanship.


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