Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 117: Busted


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Standing in the middle of her living room, Yue Ling sighs in relief and place both her hands on her hips. Her lip curls into a happy grin seeing her messy penthouse finally come into place.

Although she wasn't going to live here permanently, she still prefers a comfy home rather than a home that looks like a warehouse.

Turning to look at the wall clock, she was surprised. It was already 1:35pm. Feeding Inu his afternoon lunch, she walks to the kitchen.

Since Lu Tian was busy throwing the now empty boxes away, she'll cook lunch for them. Besides, he's been cooking for her, so she should cook a good meal for all his hard work in helping her.


The moment she opens the fridge, she was dumbfounded.

"What are you doing?" a sudden voice sounds from behind Yue Ling.

Swinging her head around, Yue Ling stare at the suspect with her eyes sending thousands of daggers at the man.

Taking a deep breath, her cheeks puff out before she could exhale.

"Tian, if the fridge is empty, you should have said something."


Looking at the guilty man who cleaned her entire fridge, she cross her arms and arch a brow, "Well? Care to explain?"

Like an elementary student who just got caught cheating on a test, Lu Tian pout his lips in quilt.

'Shit!' He curse inside. Earlier when he cooked breakfast, he knew the fridge was empty. He had planned to call his assistant to go buy more grocery, but he forgot..

Knowing that he had forgotten, he felt even worse inside. He's never forgotten anything before. How was he supposed to explain to Yue Ling?

While thinking of what to say, he could see Inu sitting from the corner of his eyes. It was as if the Samoyed was laughing at him.

Inu's expression clearly says, 'Ahahah!! Busted!!'

Moving his eyes away from his archenemy, Lu Tian looks at his angry wife. Not knowing what to do in a situation like this, he decided to do what he thinks was best. He shrug his shoulders while maintaining an indifferent expression.

"It's the thought that counts. Since there's no more food, I'll have Xu Long buy more."

And exactly as he said, it was the thought that counts. Even though there was no more food, it was all because he cooked for her.


Yue Ling was rendered speechless. Like her eyes had become heavy, she blinks slowly at the man with no shame.

"Let Xu Long buy food?"


"Does he even know what to buy?"


"Does he know what I like to eat?"


"Does he know my favorite drink? My favorite vegetables?"


"Shouldn't it also be YOUR responsibility to fill the fridge that feeds you too?"


Lu Tian did not know how to respond. Every word Yue Ling said was like a heavy weight that dropped on him one after another. Since he didn't know anything about her likes, there was no possibility that Xu Long would.

"We're going grocery shopping."

Yue Ling didn't wait for the man's response, turning around, she walks to her closet room to change. She was hungry but there is no food.

It was exactly like how the American commercial on Snickers goes, 'You're not yourself when you're hungry'.

Hearing Yue Ling's words, Lu Tian furrow his brows. Grocery shopping? He's never gone grocery shopping before... let alone, step inside a grocery store...

Growing up, the Lu household had servants and personal chiefs who cooked all the meals. Even though he knows how to cook, it was his assistant who stocks up the fridge for him.

"Wwwwrooof!" 'Ahahahah!!!!'

Lu Tian's sullen expression glares at the nonhuman competitor. He swore, if Inu was human, he could see Inu laughing and rolling on the ground with his fist pounding the floor.

How he wants to throw the dog outside.

Then, like a light bulb suddenly turned on. Lu Tian sneers an evil grin.

"What are you laughing at? You're going to be staying here by yourself."

Not wanting to stay with the enemy, Lu Tian walks away in the direction his wife went.


Inu was dumbstruck. He had been so happy seeing the evil peasant get in trouble, he forgot the most important fact.

He can't go to the supermarket with his mommy!!!


Shortly after, Yue Ling and Lu Tian leaves Jade Condos in Yue Ling's car. Meanwhile, Inu, who has no choice but to stay behind sits by the floor to ceiling window and peer out.

How he wish to be able to go everywhere with his mommy....


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