Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 115: Entire nigh


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Morning came quicker than expected. Yue Ling woke up at 6:30am to an empty bed. Sitting up, she thought about last night.

After their beautiful dinner, they had stayed at Rosewood Hotel to enjoy the scenery before coming back to Jade Condos.

Unexpectedly, they did not do the deed. Lu Tian had said he'll let her rest. Thinking of his words, she chuckles. Of course she wasn't going to do it with him, especially not when Inu was sleeping with them.

For the entire night, she slept in Lu Tian's arms and Inu slept by her other side. It was as if she had two body guards keeping her safe from the enemies.

Getting out of bed, she walks to the bathroom to wash up and brush her teeth. Then she furrow her brows. Where is Inu?

Walking out of the bedroom towards the living room, the front door unlocks. Yue Ling turn to face her two knights in shining armor.

Inu rushes in with Lu Tian following behind. He bends down to unhook the leash on Inu then change out of his shoes.

Being released and free, Inu ran for his life to his mommy.

"Woof! Woof!"

Yue Ling looks at her baby and chuckles. He was panting and barking, as if telling her about his time outside. Squatting down, she pats and run her finger through Inu's soft and white fur.

"Had a good time?"

"Woof! Woof! Woof!"

'Mommy!! That peasant is crazy! He wouldn't stop running!!!'

Inu was extremely tired, he rubs his head against his mommy's then turns around to drink some water before going to lay down on his bed. Unlike the noble king he always was, he slumps onto his bed with a 'poof'.



Yue Ling didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Standing up, she looks at Lu Tian and cross her arms over her chest.

"What did you guys do?"

Lu Tian wore his house slippers and walks over to the couch. Unzipping his windbreaker jacket, he hears Yue Ling's question. Pausing, he looks at the already snoring Inu, then he chuckles.

"Nothing, we just went for a run."

Hearing the world 'run', Inu who was asleep jolted awake and glares at Lu Tian. His expression saying, 'Run my head! You said it was only a potty break for this king! Who knew that a peasant like you would run nonstop!!!'

Inu scoffs and goes back to sleep.

'This noble king is too tired. I will deal with you when I wake up! Hmmf!'

Yue Ling smiles at the conversation between her boyfriend and baby. She somehow felt, Inu liked Lu Tian more he likes her. As if the two actually understands each other...

"Did you two really just go for a run? Why is Inu so tired?"

Lu Tian shrug his shoulders, "Just a run."

However, what Yue Ling did not know was that, this run lasted for 2 hours without any stop. Lu Tian was always a morning person who enjoys running in the morning. Since he couldn't eat his wife's tofu last night because of his enemy, he decided to test the animal. Who knew the little guy would see it as torture. Didn't dogs like to run?

Removing his jacket, Lu Tian walks over to Yue Ling and kiss her forehead, then he pecks a kiss on her lips.

"Did you miss me?"


Yue Ling stare at Lu Tian with no words processing in her head. She just woke up and finished washing her face and teeth. Was she supposed to miss him the moment she wakes up?

"Uhhhh..... was I supposed to?"


Lu Tian grip behind Yue Ling's nape and kiss her again, this time deepening their kiss. He had missed her when he went out for his morning run. How could she not miss him too?

Pushing him away, Yue Ling blush with glaring eyes.

"Tian! You're cover in sweat, go shower!"

Hearing the word shower, Lu Tian's eyes lit up. Looking at his wife, he grin seductively. However, to Yue Ling, that seductive grin was sinister. One that a person makes when they've thought of an evil plan....

Taking a step back, she plans to escape, but unfortunately, Lu Tian was quicker. Scooping her up in one swift move, he carries her princess style and heads to the bedroom.

"Ahh! Tian! Put me down!"

Lu Tian grin like a fool in love. "Mm. I'll put you down."

However, he didn't, he just continued to walk towards his destination with a struggling Yue Ling. Since he couldn't have her for dessert, he'll have her for breakfast.

With one foot, he shuts the door closed. He didn't want to be disturb as he takes his wife into sweet land.

As Lu Tian unclothed himself and Yue Ling to 'shower', Inu who was left outside was not bothered by it at all.

Well, it was more like he couldn't. He was so tired that he fell into a deep sleep. Laying on his back, his head sticks out of his bed and he snore into dreamland.


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