Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 100: I’ve been tricked!!


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A white BMW x5m drifted through Jade Condos parking garage. With a pro-expert, the car was parked nicely in the parking space.

The driver side door flung open and Yue Ling bolted out of her car at lightning speed.

Reaching the front door of Jade Condos, she wanted to hit herself.

'Shit! I forgot about the things!'

Turning around like a speed boat, she runs back to her car and open the trunk. Grabbing everything she bought and the food, she quickly shut the door and runs back to Jade Condos.

"Hi Ting! Bye Ting!"


Ting was having a good day, he had finished all his homework in advance so he can enjoy his time when he gets off work.

However, seeing his goddess running in, he didn't know what to say. Moments ago, he had seen his role model and now his goddess?

Could his day possibly get any better?!!!

Inside the elevator, Yue Ling pinch the space between her brows and tap one foot on the ground.

One.... five.... twenty....

Ahh! Could the elevator be any slower today? She's in a rush!!

*ding!* the elevator door opens.

Running to her door, Yue Ling set some bags down and fumble through her Hermès Birkin bag for her keys. She could feel small beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

Unlocking the door lock, she swallow her saliva and open the door. Slowly, she peaks her head inside.

Seeing no one, she sighed, 'Good, he's not back yet.'

Seeing something, her eyes lit up. At the far end of her living room, near the floor to ceiling windows, she sees a big white fluffy ball sitting in his bed like a noble ruler.

It's thick triangles ears perking upwards with fur and its distinguish furry tail lays on the floor in relaxation.


Tossing all the bags to the floor, she rush insides with open arms. Hugging the familiar soft and chubby body of her baby, Yue Ling grinned happily.

She plants kisses and rub her cheeks against her baby. Her baby was the best teddy bear!!!

"Oh Inu! My favorite Samoyed!! How I missed you so much! No one can tear us apart now!"

Yue Ling moves away to look at Inu, then due to her being too excited, she hugs him again and rubs her cheeks against him again.

"Ahh!! My baby is soooo~ soft and fluffy!!!"


"Hmm? What's wrong?"

Yue Ling stare at Inu confusedly, now realizing that her cute Inu was not paying any attention to her...

"Baby, what's wrong? Tell mommy."


Tilting her head, Yue Ling follow Inu's beautiful ink eyes.

When her eyes landed on the spot Inu was looking at, she felt she had become the worlds most idiot person walking the earth.


"Favorite? No one can tear you two apart?" a deep and cold voice sounded.

The tone of this voice was so dangerous, it sent a chill to Yue Ling's soul!

She struggle a hard gulp, she could even feel an imaginary bead of sweat sliding down from her temple to jaw, "W-When did you get there?"

How did she miss him when she peeked inside? Was her eye sight going bad?

Sitting on one of the couches was the man she had hope yet to come back. He sat like he was the Heavenly emperor, while she and Inu looked as if they had committed a huge crime against the heavens.

"I've been here. I just wasn't important enough for you to notice."


"It's not like I'm your favorite."


Yue Ling was render speechless. This man has no stop to his shamelessness at all. Looking at him now, she felt like a turtle going back inside it's shell.

"Hah hah, Tian..." she tried to remain calm, but she ended up sounding sarcastic, "Inu is—Ahh!!! Put me down!!"

"Not yet."

Before she could even finish, the heavenly emperor had somehow used his powers to appear in front of her and put her over his shoulder.

Just how does he do it? Always appearing out of now where!!

Carrying her like a sack of rice, Lu Tian strides towards the bedroom.

"Woof! Woof!! Grrrr!!"

Inu stood on all four legs and growl at the man holding his favorite peasant hostage. His fluffy tail curls on his back. He takes on his stance ready to attack.

His expression saying, 'You peasant! Let my peasant go!'

Lu Tian stare indifferently at Inu. Due to their size difference, Lu Tian looked more intimidating, but Inu looked like a beast ready for battle with his chest sticking out.

However, the both of them glare at each other as if fighting over a piece of meat.

Being ignored, Yue Ling wanted to cry, she hit Lu Tian's back with her fist.

"Tian! Put me down right— ah! You shameless!!"

"Stay still or I'll do it again."


Yue Ling could not believe that Lu Tian had actually slap her bottom!! Just how embarrassing was this?!!

"Woof! Woof!!"

Inu continues to bark at Lu Tian, 'Let my peasant go right now or I'll bite you!!'

Lu Tian didn't felt intimidated by Inu at all, but remembering the way his wife acted upon coming home, he couldn't help but eat another jar of vinegar.

She doesn't even act that way towards him, yet....

Lu Tian's eyes darken, his wife needs to be 'punish'.

He'll make sure to remind her who's her favorite and who she can't be separate from.

Turning to the hallway, he continues with his new mission: Punish the wife.

"Lu Tian! What are you planning to do?!!"

"Woof!! Wooof!!!"

"Do you hear me?! I said put me down!!"

As both Yue Ling and Inu continue to shout and bark at Lu Tian, he paid no attention to neither of them.

Inu seeing his favorite peasant still being held hostage, he runs after the two peasants.

"Woof!!! Woooof!!"

Hearing the sounds of Inu's paws on the floor, Lu Tian stops by the wall attached island and grabs something from a box.

Yue Ling felt so wronged at this moment. She could hear her own heart pounding... she did not know what Lu Tian plans to do..... She wanted to cry, but lacked the tears to shed.

How did she not see this coming...? All she wanted to do was see her baby...

Lu Tian retrieve his hand out of the box and continues to walk in the direction of the bedroom with Yue Ling over his should and Inu tailing behind.

Stopping in front of the bedroom door, he turns to look at Inu. With an evil smirk, he throws something in the direction of the living room.

"Woof! Wooof!!"

'You evil peasant! Let my favorite—- ohh what's this delicious smell?!'

Inu quickly turns back around and runs back in the direction he had just come from. Sniffing the floor, he picks up something and eats it.

Licking his mouth, he felt so happy.

'Mmm~, so— oh no! I've been tricked!!'

Lu Tian smirk at his succeeded plan. He shut the door to the bedroom and locks it, as if Inu could open it.

"Woof!! Woof!!" Inu continues to bark outside the door, 'You peasant! How dare you trick this noble king!! I won't forgive you!!!'


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