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Now we can see David and Dawn are walking to a boxing gym. They open the door and see Ted with 2 other people. Jay Garrick and Kent Nelson. They already know about David is the Ultraman.

"Hey, kiddo. Tough fight you got there huh?" Jay said to him."Yeah." David replied."That big Gorilla gives you a beating." said Kent."He let his guard down. Now, you will fight with me. Dawn, you punch that punching bag." order Ted.


David and Dawn now walk to school though David now feels exhausted. In the end, he had to fight with training with the 3 Justice Society of America members. Ted obviously train him with Dawn martial arts. Jay helps him train his reflexes. Kent trains him using his powers.

Dawn had it easy since she needs to learn martial arts but he had to face a harsh training."Those guys really train you hard huh. Look at the bright side, now you will not let your guard down anymore and your body is stronger than before. You also now can use your power efficiently." Orb said to him.

David had to agree with that. Dawn then grab his arm and said"You are alright?" asked Dawn."Yeah, I am alright. I am just exhausted since being tortured by the 3 heroes for 4 hours straight." said David making Dawn laugh.

We enter the school and sees the 2 mutants glared at each other. We just walk past them when one of them stop me."Hey, where are you going? I did not pay you back of what you did to my friend." said one guy. This is Lance. Already know he has an avalanche ability. Then one guy who looks like a frog and one really big guy approach me.
"Oh yeah. What are you gonna do? Beat me up. Go ahead. Show the world how ruthless you mutants are." I said to him. It's not like I hate mutants but when I met mutants like him I hate them. He seems angry.

"Your friend is the one who hit me first not me. He got that coming. He should feel lucky I did not break his legs." I said making him punch my face. I just stood still."What a weak punch. Let me show you a real punch." I said and I jab at his face as fast as lightning. His nose broken and start to bleed. He now screams in pain.

His friends try to attack me but I just look at them coldly."Attack me and I will do the same thing to your face." I said. They flinch and stop. Soon a teacher comes and asks me to come into the Principal office.

In the end, Lance is the one who is wrong since he punches me first. I am now eating with Dawn who now is angry with Jean since she has been trying to read our mind."That girl should stop now or she will receive consequences." Dawn said.

I then use my darkness to attack Jean mind by adding killing intent making her scream. I just ignore her. Her friends then check her up."Please tell me that is your doing." said Dawn. I nod making her smiles."Serves her right." said Dawn."Had to agree with that. Does she do not know the meaning of privacy?" said Orb. I felt grateful when Orb said that Jean can read anyone mind making me able to use my darkness to protect mine and Dawn mind from being read.

The Brotherhood just stare at me and they look elsewhere when I look at them. Pietro pretty much now feel afraid of me. Lance just hold his broken nose. Surprisingly, Wanda did not sit with them. She sits with Susan Storm. It seems they become their best friend. Johnny Storm on the other hand just chats with his friends.

The bell rings and we had to enter our class. The day goes on and the school has finished. Now I and Dawn now are walking out of the school when the X Men stop us. "Hey! You wanna hang out with us?" Scott asks us."Not interested besides we had things to do." answered Dawn and drag me away.

We then walk through the city though the X Men are now following us."Gosh. First, that girl tries to read our mind and now her friends now are stalking us." complain Dawn. "What a troublesome day," said Orb. We then enter a restaurant and order foods.

I then had to use the washroom. I then get out of the washroom and sees a man now is sitting at my sit."Great another punching bag." said Orb."Remember what Ted said. Do not give mercy to him since he is stubborn as fuck." said Orb to him. The man is Logan and he pretty much tries to talk with Dawn but she ignores him.

"That's my seat man. Get up." I said politely to him. He snorts at me."Fuck off kid." he said and then a punch is sent to his face making him crash to the window. Ted is right. He really is rude. Luckily no one is there since this restaurant is mine. I buy it the minute I discover the foods here are delicious. He gets up but his face is screwed. He snarls at me.

"I ask politely and you had to say that for me. What a fucking rude bastard you are." That made his lungs at me but he then disappeared. I then look at Dawn and she shows that she already call Ted. She then hands the phone to me."So you punch the crap out of Logan huh. Nice one kiddo. Jay already runs him back to the mansion. You are lucky that the restaurant is in a secluded place and the workers' memory can be deleted by Kent. Now you must be more careful around those mutants." he said to him then ended the call.

Kent then comes and delete the workers' memory and fix up the window. I said thanks to him. Then I and Dawn get out of the restaurant. Then, we confronted the teen X Men. We ignored them and walk past them."Hey, mind we talk for a second?" ask Kitty but then Dawn said to her. "Sorry but we had a really troublesome day because of one mutant rude to David earning a punch to his face and had stalkers follows us. So now we really want to go home to get a rest so I suggest you to go back to your house stalkers," said Dawn coldly to them making them flinch. Nice one there Dawn. Dawn and I then go back to our home.

Now I am at my apartment." Guess now I can live in my penthouse." I already bought a penthouse full of training equipment and entertainments. I decide to sleep there on the weekend. I then go to sleep.


I now am walking with Dawn to school when we see Logan with his friends. Dawn just grab her handphone."Pummel them, partner!" Orb cheers. Logan walks to me and tries to grab my collar but I hold his hand and push him away."What the fuck did you want? Another punch?" I ask and he snarls. Then Alex Summers calm him down while Hank while Prof Beast talk with me."Hello, my name is Hank and I apologize for my friend's behavior." he said to me.

"Teach him to act polite. What a rude bastard." David said and then he walks to the school with Dawn following."Wait a minute. Can I ask you a question?" asked Beast."What?" I ask."Would you mind to join our school--?" "No". I cut him off." Not with that rude bastard is in there. "

That just made Logan angry and he broke free from Alex grip and punch. I let him punch me. I stagger backward. Dawn scream and police come."What's wrong here?" the police ask and Dawn quickly replied."That brute man punches him." That made the mutants tense."Here's the proof." Dawn said while shows a video of Logan punches me."You come with me." the police orders Logan and Logan try to refuse but Beast ask him to surrender."Ready to live in jail." I said to Logan making his friends flinch.

Then I and Dawn walk to school."Are you serious about putting Logan in jail." Dawn ask."Yeah, but I will not do it. Just want to scare him. Beside he throws a sloppy punch. Ted's punch is more hurt than him." I said.

The day goes by with both mutants group avoided us. Dawn pretty much feels happy since no one tried to read her mind. But our hope crushes when we see Jean approach us."Can we talk for a second?" asked Jean."Fine. You got a minute." said Dawn.

I just let her talk while I just kept silent."How can I not read both of your minds?" Jean ask. Dawn then twitch. Great now she's mad."None of your business and read both our mind huh. How can you do that? Do you not know the meaning of privacy? You cannot just read other people mind freely." she said while making her tone colder at the end of the sentence that made Jan flinch.

Dawn then grab my hand we get out of the school. She drags me to the park in the city and sits on the bench."Dawn? You really make her almost cry you know?" David said making her chuckle."I just said what is in my mind. That's all."

"So wanna hang out at my penthouse this weekend after we watch the movies?" I ask her."Sure." she replied. I then stare at her making her blush."What's wrong David?" asked Dawn while blushing."You are really beautiful Dawn." Dawn now blush very hard."Thanks for the praise." said, Dawn. This is it. Orb already encourage me to confess to her.

"Dawn, I---" my words cut off when I push her to the ground avoiding a car that comes flying to us. What the hell happened? Then I hear a sound of eagle or I could say a Kaiju roars. There is a completely black giant eagle with blue vines popped out on his body. It now is flapping its wings causing many things to fly.

"Dawn, let's go somewhere that is safe," I said and she nods. I grab her arm and drag her to go to Ted's place. Arriving there, I see him with Kent and Garrick."Please take care of her." They nod."Be careful David." Dawn said to me. I nod and Orb Ring Neo appear at my hand."Orb" I press the button and shouted Orb's name. My body then enveloped in light and me become Ultraman Orb. Then, I change into a ball of light and fly to beat that eagle.

I approach that eagle and immediately kick it. The Kaiju fell to the ground. It then screams and uses its wings to hit me. I dodge and notice the tips of its wing is sharp. It's like a blade. Great. Now I have to fight an eagle Kaiju with two blades on it.

It then starts to fly and fire a beam to be using its mouth. I made a barrier and the beam is block. The beam ended and I shut off my barrier. Then the Kaiju stares at me as I also stare at it. It then suddenly fly to me with great speed and slash me. I got hit by that. It then slashes me one more time using the same movement. I glare at and it flies to me and this time I prepare myself. I shoot out slash ray to the Kaiju's body. The eagle Kaiju stop its attack making I jump and punch it to the ground.

It then attacks me with its bladed wings but I dodge with countering back with my energized punch. It then tries to attack with its beak but I manage to hold the beak. I spin the Kaiju and throw it away. The Kaiju immediately get up and rush at me with great speed but my arms already have covered by energy.

The bladed wing hit me energies arm making it scream. I then lunch it straight to his body though it slashes my body. I step backward. I then dash at him and deliver a right hook to its face and manage to hit it. The eagle quickly uses its wing to slash me but I dodge and deliver a right hook to its face. The eagle feeling frustrated then fly to the sky. It then flaps its wings causing a strong wind. hit me. I steady myself to stand at the same place but many vehicles fly hitting me.

It keeps flapping its wings and me shoot a blast to the Kaiju but it dodges. It then flies down to me and tries to slash me but I dodge while grabbing its leg. I then throw him to the ground. The eagle scream in pain when its body hit the ground. I then fired a beam to me. I got hit by that beam and stagger backward. It then flies and once more flapping its wing.

I shout many blasts to the Kaiju but it kept dodging. Then he fires a beam and I make a barrier. I then shut if my barrier when the beam ended. Okay, since you Eagle Kaiju like to fly then let's fly together. I then fly up to him making it surprise. I immediately punch it and he is thrown very far from the city.

I chase him back and deliver a punch making it fly pretty far. It then manages to the receiver itself before dashing to me. I also dash to the Kaiju. Sparks can be seen when my energized clad arms met with its bladed wings. It then fires a beam and I respond back with my own beam. Our beams clash before we ended our beam and exchanges punch or slashing each other.

I then use a slash ray but it dodges and rushes at me. I fly up to dodge but it keeps chasing me. I fly around before I use my slash ray and hit it. I then fly up while covering my right kick with tremor and deliver a kick to the Kaiju making it fall down.

The Kaiju hit the ground of the wasteland. I notice a helicopter and see it is the Daily Planet. I see it this the famous Lois Lane with a cameraman recording our fight. Geez. That woman sure is brave.

I dodge aside an attack from the Kaiju and slash ray it making the eagle scream in pain. I punch at its body with tremor plus energy clad on my fist. That earns a louder scream of pain and it tries to fly away. Oh no, you don't. I grab its leg and throw it to the ground. It gets back up and tries to fly away.

I then dash to him deliver a kick to its body followed by many punches. I then right hook on his face and the Kaiju stumble backward before I shoot a slash ray tours body. The Kaiju now is badly hurt but it then flaps its wings. This again. Time to cut your wings. Energy then gathers on my right hand.

An energy ring with blades sprouted around it appeared. "Ultra Slash". I throw it to the right wing of the Kaiju and it cut off the wing. The Kaiju scream in pain. I then cut the other wing with Ultra Slash. Now it cannot fly. The Kaiju just glares at me and want blast a beam to me but I am faster. I deliver a tremor uppercut sending to the air. I then thrust my hand upwards while energy now seems to be shown at both of my hand. I then put my hand in a '+' position."Origium Ray". My attack hit the Kaiju and it completely erases the Kaiju from existence. I hear cheers from the helicopter and made peace to them.

I then go to the remaining Kaiju wings. If I left them, who knows what bad guys will do with Kaiju DNA. I then destroy both wings with Slash Ray. I then fly away and disappear in a light.

(Chapter 4: Let's become a superhero)
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