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2 years have passed since the incident of the giant defeat the Kaiju. Within 2 years, David train with Ted even more since he is a former hero. He already tells him about he is the Ultraman. Ted promise to not tell anyone and the harsh training begins. He also now can use his powers fully in Ultraman form.

Kaijus did not appear within 2 years making people feel relieved. But now the giant is called Ultraman since they think calling the giant a giant is a bit lame. Of course, they are wondering if Ultraman is still here or not.

Now David is 14 years old and is a freshman at New York High School. He and Dawn have gotten really close. David always comes to her house and even watch her do ballerina. Her mother keeps teasing them they are like a lover and made them blush. He now is waiting for Dawn to get herself ready for school.

"Hmm. My partner sure is lucky for getting a really pretty girlfriend." Orb tease him. David just keeps silent. Then the door open ad David had to hold his blush. Dawn is really beautiful with her appearances.

"Good morning David." She greets him."Good morning Dawn." he greets her and they walk to school together while Dawn holds his arm. Dawn usually do this if they ever walk to school together."You really should ask her to be your girlfriend. I am sure she will say "Yes"." said Orb to him. David agrees with that. He is not stupid about Dawn feeling to him.

He knows this when he shows his face. She really blushes very hard and that causes him to get attention from girls that made Dawn jealous. Since then, Dawn will always be on his side and grab or hold his hand. Dawn also now take a martial arts class with him since she wants to defend herself. So David brings him to Ted and asks him to teach both of them.

They arrived at his school and David sigh. This will be troublesome because he sees 2 groups of mutant. Ted told him to be careful around those 2 groups. They are X Men and Brotherhood. One is good and one is bad. This will be troublesome."This school gets more interesting with the 2 groups studies at this school." said Dawn. She also awards of David is the Ultraman. He also shows his power which causes her to get more strong.

Ted told her that she really is good with daggers and knives. She already beat him many times with her daggers and knives. David on the other hand practice swords and katanas. He is pretty good at it.

They enter the school which causes students to look at them. Dawn is popular after winning the ballerina tournament plus she is beautiful so many people know her. David is a handsome boy and has a muscled body so he is also popular. Students look at them and they ignored their stares.

They enter their class and sit next to each other. Students enter the class and he smiles wryly because of some X Men and Brotherhood is in this class. From the X Men are Scott, Evans, Bobby, Jean, Ororo, and Kitty. From the Brotherhood is Wanda. He grumbles.

He is aware of Jean Grey, the most powerful mutant because she held a powerful entity. Orb told him about that. Luckily, his darkness able to block any telepathic to look into their mind. He also does it to Dawn.

Girls stare at him cause Dawn to feel angry while David is angry because of the boys look at her. The teacher enters the class and students kept quiet.


David and Dawn now are eating while talking to each other. They sit at the furthest corner of the cafeteria. They are eating the food that Dawn prepared.

"You really are good at cooking. Your food gets more delicious as I eat them," said David to him. Dawn just smiles.

"So are we gonna hit the gym or hang out since it's been a long time we hang out?" asked Dawn to him."We can go hang out." answer David and Dawn smiles.

Gymnasium POV

Now we see students now are running around the gym. Some already started to walk even the mutants. David and Dawn are the only ones who keep running. Then, the teacher asks them both to stop. They just stand beside the teacher watching the student keep running.

Dawn and David did not even sweat since Ted gives crueler training to them. Then, the teacher ended the class and they go back to their class.


Now David and Dawn are walking out of the school when a boy comes to them. David already knows about what the boy will do. He watches how he confessed to Dawn but being rejected by her. David chuckles seeing that.

Dawn then goes beside David and grab his arm and walk away through the boy shouted at them to stop. The boy glares at him. David sigh. Troublesome.

"It's your fault that I got rejected bastard!" he roars at him. David ignores him making him angry. He throws a punch to him but he grabs his fist. He then grips it making the boy scream in pain. He then let go of his hand and whisper to his ears."Next time I will break your body." He said to him and then he and Dawn go hang out.

They are strolling through the city and buy some ice cream along the way.

Then, they saw something that's disturbing them. 2 boys are bullying a boy with a red-haired girl shouted them to stop. David walks straight to them and pushes the 2 boys away."You alright kid?" he asks the boy."Yeah. Thanks for that." the boy said.

He then looks at the 2 bullies."Scram." he said to them coldly making the boys ran away. Dawn laugh seeing that."Hello. My name is Dawn Granger and this is David Knight. What's your name?" she said to them?"My name is Mary Jane Watson and this is Peter Parker. Nice to meet you, brother and sister." she greeted them.

David just looks at Peter"They bullies you. Why? Do not tell me because you are a nerd because that's really a lame reason." Peter nod that made David grumbles."You know you should sometime defend yourselves since they might no longer bully you. I know a place to lead martial arts. You can join it. Your friend also can join too." David said to Peter."But they will sue me and my family had to pay it." Peter said.

"If you hit them first. Let me tell you something, you let them hit you first and you can hit them back because the one who hit first is the one who is wrong," said David.

"Come on Pete, let's join the martial arts lesson. You can defend yourself from the bullies," said MJ. Peter wants to nod but he held himself."It was free kids." David said. Then, Peter nod and MJ also agree to join them. David and Dawn then brought the kid to the gym and tell them to come here at the weekend. Then, the kids go back to their home.

Now David and Dawn are eating at the restaurant. They keep eating when the door of the restaurant open. The X-Men and Brotherhood enter the restaurant while glaring each other. David sigh. Troublesome. Dawn and David keep talking when they feel a tug in their head. And this is why he hates telepathic people. They can just invade anyone mind without permission.

"Did she not know privacy?" Dawn said. David knows that the X Men now is starting in their direction but he ignores them. He then goes to pay for their food. Dawn then walk to him when a silver-haired boy stops her. David knows him. Pietro Maximoff AKA the son of Magneto. He can run fast. As usual, Dawn rejected him and then he glares at David.

"Here come mutant punching bag," Orb said to him while chuckling. Pietro runs to him while throwing a fist. He avoids the fist at the last minute though the first manage to graze his face. He held his face. The people at the restaurant already whisper about Pietro is a mutant. They already start to take a video and a picture.

Pietro punches him but this time he blocks his punch and immediately broke his hand. He shouts but it was cut by a right hook followed by a kick to his face."You already know that mutant is not liked by society and yet here you give more reason to your kind. Seems you are the speed type. You run by your feet right. Maybe I should break them. Let's see if you can run by your hands." he said to Pietri coldly. He then approaches his leg and Pietro starts to feel scared. He grabs his leg and he screams.

But the sound of broken bone did not come. David just looks at him while smiling."Scaredy cat." he said making Dawn laugh. He then let go of his legs and get out of the restaurant with Dawn following.


David just watches his video beating David. He already shows it to Ted and he laughs seeing that. He then opens the news and he is shocked seeing the news. A big white gorilla is beating Superman at Metropolis. He immediately changes his cloth. Orb Ring Neo appear at his hand and he changes into Ultraman Orb. He then fled to Metropolis.

General POV

Superman now is crashing through many building after being lunch by the big white Gorilla. That Gorilla is strong. That big monster has not appeared for 2 years and now this appears at his city again. The Gorilla keep destroying anything on its path. He now really hope Ultraman or the giant is here. As if on cue, a light appeared and the Ultraman appear.

Ultraman then rushes to the Gorilla and punch him. the Gorilla crash into a building. Gorilla then gets up and rush to Ultraman. He throws a punch but Ultraman evades and delivers a right hook at his stomach. He then punches his face much time before kicking it. The Gorilla staggers after being beaten by that. It then roars loudly. It then dashes to Ultraman quickly and punches Ultraman. Ultraman stagger backward but the Kaiju keep punching him. Kaiju then punch this face making Ultraman crash to a building. Ultraman gets back up and blasts the Kaiju. The Kaiju roar in pain but Ultraman keep blasting him.

The Kaiju then open his mouth a red beam appeared from his mouth. The beam goes to Ultraman but he made a barrier. The beam stop and Ultraman turn down his barrier. Gorilla then uppercut him making Ultraman fly to many buildings. Ultraman then dashes to Gorilla and knee it. Ultraman then delivers many punches and kicks to the Gorilla. The Gorilla now can just defend. Ultraman then tremor punch the Gorilla and the Gorilla crash to a building. The Gorilla body has blood coming out.

Gorilla then glares at Ultraman and rush at him. Ultraman also rushes to him. They exchange many punches with Ultraman also being hit by the punches. Ultraman then tremor kick the Gorilla making the Gorilla move backward. Then he blasts an energy blast to him making the Gorilla scream in pain.

Gorilla then throws much building and Ultraman blasts them. Ultraman then grips his first with energy and tremor in it. He then uses his speed and lunches the Gorilla to the ground. Gorilla then did not move.

People feel relieved seeing that. Ultraman then walks to the Kaiju when suddenly a red beam hit him and he falls to the ground. Gorilla then jumps to him and pummel Ultraman with many punches. People scream seeing that. Ultraman now had to defend himself.


"Damn, sneaky gorilla." he thought. His body now feels pain after being pummeled by those punches. He then gathers tremor at his hands and unleashes it making the Gorilla fly backward."Schwaaa" Ultraman prepare his stance. He then sped to Gorilla and punch its face with tremor and deliver right and left the hook. Kaiju deliver a right lunch to him but he counters it back with a left punch to him. The tremor plus his energy make his fist become more powerful. Gorilla now is very hurt now.

It then opens his mouth and a red beam is charging to blast him. Time to counter back. I then thrust my hand upwards while energy now seems to be shown at both of my hand. The Kaiju then fired a red beam and I put my hand in "+" position and unleash Origium Ray. Our beam clash and I put more energy at my attack. The Gorilla also do the same. The surrounding area gets destroyed by the collision of our attack.

I then pour more energy and my ray overpowered the red beam. The kaiju struggled to beat my ray."Schuwaa" I push my ray once more and the ray defeats the red beam and hit the Gorilla. The Gorilla roars before being completely destroyed by my attack. People cheer seeing me defeat the big Gorilla.

I then look at the cheering people and give me peace. They cheer even louder. I then fly away and disappear in a light.

I arrive at my home."That's one tough enemy we fight there." Orb said."Yeah. I also let my guard down. Should be more careful" I said.

I open the television and watch the news now praised me. They also call me Ultraman. Then my phone starts to ring and sees it is Dawn who calls me.

David: Hello Dawn.
Dawn: Are you alright David? I see you get pummeled by that big Gorilla.
David: I am fine Dawn.
Dawn: You really got me worried there. As a confiscation, you must treat me to watch "Pacific Rim" this weekend.
David: Fine.
Dawn: So you expected troubles tomorrow at school.
David: Nah. I can handle it.
Dawn: You can just transform into Ultraman and step them. You also have your powers tremor and darkness to defeat them.
David: You are right. Besides Ted and his friends will fight them back if we got hurt since we are his precious students.
Dawn: Yeah. Just do not get hurt okay?
David. Okay. Good night Dawn. Love you.

He ended the call when he starts to blush. He had to say "Love you" at the end."Hoho. Nice move you did there David. Wonder what Dawn feels now. I know! She also will say "Love you too". Hahaha." Orb said then laughs. David just blushes to hear that.

Dawn Granger POV

"Love you" the word kept playing in her head. She then squeals. David loves her. She can not reply back since David end the call. She admits that she loved David so much. She first thinks him as a friend but after spending time with him, she fell in love with him. She cannot wait to meet him tomorrow.


"Sir. We cannot track Ultraman since he disappears quickly." an agent report to a black man who wears an eye patch."Thanks for your report agent." he said. He then watches the video if Ultraman defeats the big gorilla.

At a cave, The Batman or Bruce Wayne kept watching the video of Ultraman defeat the big gorilla.

At a mansion, a bald man also watches the video.

At the unknown place, a man with a helmet also watches the same.

At a place with a blind old man with an eye, he also watches it using his magic.

At Kamar Taj, a bald woman also watch the video.

At a tower, a bald man also watches the video.

At a mountain, a man with a woman also watches the video.

The giant or Ultraman has returned and it seems he has gotten stronger. The World now views him as a hero.
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