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"Another ordinary day passed." a 12-year-old boy thought while walking to his home. His name is David Knight. An orphan boy who lives in an apartment in New York. His parent died due to an accident. His parent leaves him a lot of money so he did not have to worry about his life expense. He is a black-haired boy with blue-eyed color. His body is like an athlete since he practices martial arts since he is a kid.

He arrives at his apartment and takes a bath. He is a loner. He did not have any friends or much less a girlfriend. He wears a red hood to cover his face to avoid any attention. He is pretty smart but he did not show it at school. No one bullies him since he is a loner. Now he is currently eating omelet rice that he made. He is pretty good at cooking foods. After finish eating the food, he washes his plate and goes to his living room to watch television. He watches the news.

As always, the news show about Superman saves the day, Tony Stark creates a weapon, Batman stops the Joker, the dangers of mutants, The Flash defeat the robbers, news about a sighting of a big monster at a forest and many more. He then closes his television and does his homework. He finishes his homework and plays games on his phone. He then throws his phone. Now he feels bored.

He then stands up. He then makes a fist. Then, his left hand is on black fire. He then makes a fireball and plays with it for a short time. Then, he cancels his black fire. He then makes many dark animals like cat, eagle, and rat. He plays with them a little bit. His then clench his right hand and a white aura appears around his fist. He then punches to the tiger and space or area reveal a crack. Then, the tiger disappears after being attack by that attack. He repeats the same thing to other creatures that he made and reveals the same result.

He then shut off both powers. He then takes a breath. He wonders if he is a mutant or not since he gets these powers. He discovers it after his parents die. He was afraid of his powers at first but after practicing control the power, he did not feel afraid of them. He calls his power Darkness and Tremor. He, of course, keep secret about it. He did not want the government or mutants to capture him or make him join the mutant group.

He then looks at the clock and sees it is time to go to sleep. He then lay his body on his bed and then goes to sleep without noticing a red comet is approaching his room.


The red comet arrives at David's room."What an interesting boy. A being who has light and darkness in his body. It seems he also has another power but his body cannot handle it. Let's check it out."

"A fire? No, it seems like it's a sun core energy but the boy can not let it out since the power can kill himself. Interesting. He also has a kind heart. With the boy as my host, we can be strong or more strong to defeat them. Very well then, I will choose this boy as my host to defeat them. A pleasure to be your host David Knight." The red comet then goes to David Knight and enter his body. David Knight body shine for a short time before the shine disappear. David just keeps sleeping unaware of what's happening. One thing for sure, he will notice us different than before.

David POV

Fire. That's all I sees. I keep walking through the fire. I feel like my body is getting stronger. Then a light shine. I use my hand to block the light. I then move aside from my hand. I am surprised at what I see. There is a giant in front of me. The giant's body is colored red and silver on his body. A ring of blue crystal on his chest. The giant also has a small crystal on his head. The giant then knees down to him.

"Yo! My name is Orb. Ultraman Orb. I have chosen you, David Knight to be my host to defeat the enemies that bring harm to the earth. Nice to meet you." The giant AKA Ultraman Orb said to me.

"Err. Nice to meet you Ultraman Orb. My name is David Knight and it's nice to meet you too. So I have chosen to be your host? Why choose me? You know you can pick other people or superheroes. Why choose an 11-year-old kid?" David ask.

"Because of your heart. You have a kind heart and like to help people. I already check your memory and see you help many people. Your heart also is full of justice. An 11-year-old kid beat 3 adult robbers to save a woman from getting rob is impressive. As for why I did not choose the superheroes, I deem them they are not worthy to be my host." Orb replied.

"Thanks for the praise. So you must know about my power huh?" David.

"Yeah. You have darkness power and the tremor. You also seem has another power though it was dormant with me merging with you, you can now use it." Orb replied.

"What is the power?" I ask."Sun. A sun core is in your body. It seems that your body now is getting stronger with your powers. The sun core seems to respond to your feeling." Orb replied.

David nod."So who do we need to beat again?" I ask.

"Kaijus. Evil big monsters who want to bring destruction to your world. The superheroes that you mention cannot defeat them because they might die if they fight Kaijus." Orb replied.

"So when will they come?" David ask."One is already here. You know the news about the sighting of a big monster right? It is real.".Orb replies.

Now, David is thinking. Obviously, in order to fight a big monster, we need our own big monster and here is one. David is not afraid to fight it since it is the right thing to do. Who knows how much destruction that the Kaiju will cause? He takes a breath and looks at Ultraman Orb.

"Then, let's kick their ass partner. We are gonna show them who is stronger." David said to Zero while throwing his fist to Orb. Orb smirked hearing him call him a partner."Yeah. Let's show them." He then fistbumps with David and the area shine brighter.

Morning POV

David wakes up and sits on his bed." Orb, you there?" He asks."Yup.I'm here." "Guess it's not a dream then." He said. He then takes a shower and goes for a run. He runs for 10 kilometers and notices that he run faster than before. He also seems perfectly fine and no sweat on his body.

"That's my doing. Since we merge together, your blood now has Ultraman blood. Your body is getting stronger each time passes." Orb said to him.

He nods and continues his run. He then goes to a gym and sees his coach, Ted Grant is punching a punching bag and he stops when he sees him.

"You're early kid. Now, get on with your exercises". David nod and do sits ups, push ups, lift the dumble and do some martial arts stances. Then, he spars with Ted who now ties with him with 25 wins 25 losses. He then goes back home. He eats a simple breakfast and then takes a shower. He goes out again and goes to an abandoned factory to practice his powers. He practices his darkness by making fireballs and weapons. He also practices his darkness attack moves. Then practices his tremor by punching abandoned cars. He practices until noon and he goes out of the abandoned factory and now searches for a place to eat.

" No wonder you are strong. You keep pushing your body until your body limits broken causing your body to be stronger than an ordinary human. Your speed, senses, agility, vitality, stamina, dexterity and strength also is impressive now since I merge with you. " Orb said to him.

"Yup, though on school days I only do half of my exercises since I did not want to be late for school," David said while he searches a place to eat. He decides to eat at KFC and order 2 lunch set. He eats them while watching a television show the Superman once again save civilians.

"Heh. So that is Superman huh? He is popular." Orb said in his mind."He saved many lives at the Metropolis and around the world." David replies.

Then, the news showed the Flash defeat, Captain Cold."The speedster seems like a goofy guy." Orb said."I agree."

The news now shows the capture of the Killer Croc by Batman."Hmmm. That Batman guy has some good skills to defeat that Crocodile guy. He obviously is a human, not a vampire like other people assumes." Orb said. David just nod.


3 months have passed since Orb merges with him. Now we see Davis watching the television who is showing a live stream if Superman beat Grundy."I am bored now. When will that Kaiju appear? I cannot wait to kick his ass." Orb whines."Me too. The latest news about that monster is in Manhattan but then he disappears." David reply. He watches Superman beat Grundy. The police now are cuffing Grundy while Superman is being interviewed by Lois Lane, the famous reporter. David gets up and drinks a glass of orange drink. He then sits down and sees the news is still going with Superman being interviewed.

Then, something happens. The television screen is shaking meaning that the cameraman who is recording now is shaking. Then, the camera shows everyone run feeling scared. Some of them scream. Superman then flies to see who cause the shaking. Lois Lane and his cameraman follow him. Then, they stop and David's eyes widened. He sees a really big wolf with a spike at his tail. The big wolf has black skin with his red-eyed color glared at Superman.

Superman obviously tries to stop the wolf by punching the wolf but the wolf avoids and smashes Superman to the ground with his spike. The wolf step Superman on the ground with putting weight on it making Superman scream in pain. A sound of screams sounded and many people run when they see the Man Of Steel is being overpowered by the big wolf. The wolf then fires a fire breath to the building around it making the buildings fall to the ground. Now people feel even more scared.

The big wolf kept stepping on Superman and Superman struggles to break free. Then 2 jet launch missiles tithe wolf making the wolf roar in pain. The wolf glared at the jets. The Jets keep firing at the wolf and launch missiles to the wolf.

The wolf did not budge a bit. The wolf uses his claws to destroy those 2 jets. David now feels angry about seeing this. He then wears his red jacket and prepares himself to beat that Kaiju."Let's do this Orb." David shouted."Yeah. Let's do this" Orb shouted.

At David's hand appeared Orb Ring Neo. A device that will transform him into Ultraman Orb. He thrust his hand forward and press a button on the device Then his body is enveloped in light and he has now become Ultraman Orb. Then, he changes to a ball of light and flies to Metropolis.

Metropolis POV

Superman now is badly hurt. First, he got step by that big wolf. Then the wolf throws him to a building while firing a fire breath to him. The wolf then lung at him and try to bit him luckily he manages to evade but that damn spike tail hit him and he fell to the ground. And now the wolf is opening his mouth to eat him. He fires his heat vision to the wolf but the wolf step on him harder than ever. He now is in a really dangerous situation now. One leg manages to stop him completely but now 2 legs now made him grunted in pain. He cannot even move.

The soldiers keep firing and launch missiles at the wolf but the wolf did not move. The wolf then fired his fire breath killing many soldiers. Superman keeps struggles to lift up the wolf legs but the wolf keeps putting more weights on it.

Then, a ball light approaches the bug wolf and a kick is sent to the wolf head sending the wolf crash to the building. Superman now feels relieve and want to thank whoever manage to kick that damn wolf away from stamping him to death. He then sees a red silver colored giant in front of him. The giant is the same size as the big wolf. (Height-50 m.)

The giant stares at him for a bit and then look back at the wolf. The wolf growls and lung at Ultraman Orb. Orb grab it by the neck and fly away with him to the sea. He then throws it at the sea. The wolf growls even louder and fires a fire breath too Orb but he just stood still. The wolf then tries to claws him but Orb blocks it with his hand. Whenever the claws met Orb's arms, there were sparkles. Orb kick away the wolf. He then pummels the wolf with punches and kicks. The wolf cannot do anything and received the pummel. The wolf then jumps in an attempt to bite Orb but Orb dodge.

He punches the wolf and the wolf fly away. The wolf then uses his spike tail and hit Orb. Orb is hit by the spike tail. The wolf keeps hitting Orb with his spike tail. Orb keep defending. The wolf swings his spike tail and this time Zero caught the tail and pull the wolf to him. Orb punch the wolf with energy on his fist. The wolf roar in pain. Ultraman Orb then grabs his tail once again and swing the wolf around many time and he throws it to the air.

Ultraman Orb then makes "+" with his hand and blue beam blast hitting the wolf. The wolf roar in pain before its body explode. Ultraman Orb then cancels his attack. People seeing the giant best that big wolf cheers loudly. Superman also feels relief seeing the giant defeat that big wolf. The giant then looks at those people who cheer at him. The giant then flies away and disappear in the sky.

One question remained in their head? Is the giant is their ally or enemy?

David POV

I now just arrive at my house and immediately turn on my television. As I expected, many channels show about me defeat that big wolf. I keep watching the news and see many people wonder whether I am enemy or ally? Come on guys, I just beat that big wolf and you guys still wonder I am your enemy or not? I sigh. Well, that's how heroes first started. Then, I just had to make sure that I gain their trusts. It's up to them to treat me as an ally or not?

"Just ignore them, partner. They will trust us int he future. For now, we must focus on the train your body and powers because of the upcoming enemies will surely be stronger than this wolf." Orb said to him. David nodded. He will prove to earth that he is the protector of earth and will beat Kaijus and Villians.


A black man wearing an eye patch is watching the video of Ultraman Orb beat the big wolf.

A man wearing a batsuit also do the same in a cave.

A man who wears a helmet and a bald man on a wheelchair also do the same.

A blond one-eyed patch man also does the same.

Many people watch the video of a giant best the big wolf. Some claim he is an ally while some doubt him. One thing for sure, the world now is changing then before.
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