Ultimate Cannon Fodder System {DISCONTINUED} Chapter 14: Big Lady Boss is No.1 (14)


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"Yusheng!" Huiyin rushes in with a bang! Yusheng sat at the head of the table with about seven scary looking men sat on both his left and right. Huiyin has two thick streams of tears rushing down her face, Yusheng was angry at first. How could she just rush into his meeting so rashly?

A majority of his goods had been coming up faulty and he wanted to know why. His customers would become terribly sick or even die after taking drug C. Drug M in the worst case scenarios would even make the brain explode. If he wanted to make money he needed his customers alive! Yusheng needed to get to the bottom of this, bench why he held so many meetings. He couldn't deal with Huiyin's mood swings now.

"Huiyin! What is this?!" His thick hand thumped the table. This guy was actually raising his voice at her? He was the one that had been ignoring her for the past few weeks, even at the last ultrasound he barely ignored her! Even though he did all this she still took care of his meals and the house! Huiyin felt indignant and wanted to argue with him but she remembered her purpose of going there...

"I-I need to tell you something..." She fiddled with something behind her back. How could she bring it out now in front of that bad guy? The element of surprise was always best, it would be better if Yusheng dealt with him the way he saw fit.

"Say it then! As you can see I am in an important meeting right now." Huiyin wasn't going to take his attitude any longer. Why should she put up with it? Fine, if he doesn't want to be nice, then why should she?

"No need. Sorry to trouble you." Her bloodshot eyes turn away from him and she slowly walked out. If he wanted to know he should be the one to come to her first!

Yusheng was still irritated with her and still believe she was just having another mood swing, these things happen with pregnant women...


The evening rolled around and the sky was getting pretty dark. Huiyin didn't make any dinner for Yusheng so he knew she was angry with him. He thought that he was too harsh with her earlier and vented his frustration on her when it wasn't her fault. She was a pregnant woman, after all, he needed to have more patience with her. Knowing he was wrong he went to coax her.

"Huiyin..." She had left the room door unlocked so he was able to walk in. She laid down on the bed with her back facing away from him. Huiyin was perfectly aware that he was in the room, he would have to beg her to talk first.

"I was wrong, I shouldn't have gotten angry with you. Don't be upset anymore, it's not good for the baby..." Yusheng apologised, he didn't do this usually so he was a bit awkward. How can Huiyin not guess what he was trying to do? But she took it the wrong way anyway.

"Humph, you still came here to come and lecture me!" She shifted further away from him. So she's not allowed to be angry anymore? Is he trying to say she is a bad mother?!

"Be fair, you know that's not what I meant..." He sighed, who knew Huiyin could be so stubborn when she was angry she was usually cute and docile around him.

She just moved further away. "You've ignored me for the past four weeks, I've just entered into the second trimester and you only neglected me when things are getting tougher! And-and then when I came to you today to help YOU, you chased me out in front of all your men!" Tears ran down her face to put more emphasis on her 'hurt'. The Oscar that she'd earned in her past life wasn't for nothing!

"I'm sorry, I was wrong... It's just that I felt guilty..." Knowing that he couldn't give her a wedding bothered him so he tried to avoid her to suppress the guilt he felt towards her. Huiyin winced, all that fake crying was giving her a headache.

"Be good, don't cry anymore. Stress isn't good for someone in your condition." A wave of guilt crashed into him again. He pulled her into his lap to comfort her.

"Tomorrow let's go shopping for the baby, okay?" Seeing that he knew that he was wrong Huiyin decided that she would let him off this once.

"En..."Relief rushed over Yusheng as he heard her agree. He had almost smashed his head trying to find a way to coax her. Asking for forgiveness was something that he didn't have much practice in...

"You said you wanted to tell me something earlier..." Yusheng recalled her red eyes from earlier. Hopefully, it wasn't something too serious. He had enough on his plate. Huiyin handed him a black disposable phone. She'd found it in Qin Yang's pocket. She wasn't stupid enough to take an item that didn't have solid evidence, she also made it easier for Yusheng to trace it back to Qin Yang. This way she wouldn't have to do anything and Yusheng would take care of everything properly.
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