Twisted Love Chapter 89: A New Day 4


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Noticing the breathing pattern change, Vincent finally voiced out "Are you good now?"

A quiet voice sounded hoarsely, "Thank you"

Sofia's voice had been hoarse with all her silent crying.

Tightening his hold around Sofia, Vincent softly asked "What is the Thank you for?..... I have done nothing to deserve it."

Shaking her head in denial, Sofia's arms slowly wrapped around Vincent's waist, as she spoke "No amount of gratitude from me will be enough to repay for all of the kindness you have shown me." Maneuvering her body in a way to still be in his arms, Sofia looked into Vincent's eyes "The things you have done for me during the time that I have known you personally is uncountable. I'm not even including the things you have done behind my back."

Smiling a gentle smile, Vincent looked into her eyes, "I know things are not what you have imagined for yourself right now. With what happened at Ben's and then followed by this ... I feel like I have taken advantage of you at your weakest moment."

Looking passed her head and out the window, Vincent's eyes looked at Sofia but at the same time the light in them was missing. Having cleared his mind, he slowly moved his gaze back, "I don't know how things will change between us. But I wanted to tell you one thing..... If you don't mind that is..."

"If I don't mind what? Go ahead..... Tell me."

"You know I have not treated you completely like an employee... right?"

"You have not?" Asked Sofia confused.

"From the moment you stepped foot into my house to start working, I have treated you like family." Removing his hold on her body, Vincent gently held her hands into his "I Know this might sound weird to you at first, but what do you think about being ... with ... me?"

"Be with you? How? Aren't I with you right now?" Sofia replied bewildered.

Awkwardly smiling, Vincent tried to make her understand his point "I don't mean it in that way... I was asking if you could think of me as a man in your life and not just an employer?"

As the last few words left Vincent's mouth, Sofia's frame tensed up. Her hands in his, dampened. Vincent could feel the tension in her body. Not wanting for her to retreat out of the situation, Vincent softly massaged the back of her hand with his thumb. Trying to relieve the tension.

"Hey.... Hey...." Calling out for her attention, Vincent waited "I don't want to stress you out. Okay?..... I just wanted to put it out there.... A possible option." Tightening his hold alittle bit "You don't have to answer me right now. It is just something to think about. If you can't think of me romantically...Then we can just be friends."

Letting go of his hold completely, Vincent moved slightly back. Creating some distance between Sofia and himself. "I'm not trying to force you into anything you don't want. Okay?... Just think about it with an open mind."

Sofia was starting to believe everything she was experiencing was a dream. A nightmare of sorts. She was in Vincent's room, naked, on his bed, with said person confessing. Nothing too out there, but just a suggestion of trying it out with him.

Was this not a dream? Many girls out there would be jumping with joy if the Vincent King had asked them out. They would even murder for this opportunity.

But Sofia was only feeling awkward. If she accepts the proposal, then wouldn't it make her desperate? Just got out of a relationship, and already in some other man's bed. Her employer's bed none the less.

While Sofia was busy taking everything in, Vincent had slowly made his way out of the sheets and out in the room completely naked. His body in full view. A beautiful sight at that. A body which showed his dedication in the gym. Muscles in all the right places, nothing too big that could take away from the beauty. Every line defined.

There was nothing to be ashamed of. He was a sight for sour eyes. And Sofia unconsciously taking it all in. Never taking her eyes off, exploring the views. At one point, her eyes came in contact with a sight that left her blushing. The body part that had become one with her was standing. Tall, wide, and proud.

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