Twisted Love Chapter 82: Falling Down the Abyss 4


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The touch on the slumbering monster had been the very last straw for Vincent that had come undone.

The restraints had shattered.

His aura did a complete 180, she was now all his for the taking. Nothing could stop him now.

The monster had been unleashed.

As Sofia continued trailing her fingers along Vincent's legs, her body grew hotter. It was almost as if she would burst out into flames any minute, if not for the cool sensation of his body.

Even with all her touching, Vincent had not made a move on her at all. It was starting to irritate her. "Why won't you touch me?" Sofia asked in a tone bordering anger and sadness, "Do you not want me?"

"It's not that I don't want you, believe me, but it's because I am giving you a chance to back out of this if you want." Vincent answered Sofia in soft voice, a tone similar to when he was talking to his son.

"I don't want to stop." Sofia replied in exasperation because of being treated like a child.

Liking what he saw, Vincent gave the very last push. "Then prove it." A provocative statement that was all it took for Sofia. She was finally aware why Vincent was not doing anything. He thought she was going to change her mind midway.

~ How do I prove that I am serious about this?

As if a light bulb had turned on, Sofia's face brightened with a new idea. She slowly stood up, never braking eye contact. Taking two steps away from the still seated Vincent, her hands moved towards her neck. Hands traveling alone her breasts and slowly making their way to the back of her neck.

As her hands arrived at their destination, Sofia turned around, giving Vincent a view of her back. Her white dress was completely backless, the only thing holding the thing together was a very thin strap. Vincent had front row view of her hands making their way to said strap and undoing the tiny clasp holding everything together. The very support of her dress had been undone.

Even with the support missing, the dress did not move from its previous position. Turning back to face Vincent, the mystery had been solved. Sofia was holding on to the front of her dress, with an arm over her breast preventing the reveal.

Vincent's body grew hot as he witnessed the sexy undressing scene. Having looked into his eyes, and seen all his attention on her, Sofia slowly let go of her dress. The dress quickly revealed her perky braless breasts leading to a flat stomach and finally fell to the ground, pooling around her high heeled toned legs.

Sofia was almost completely naked, if not for the single piece of see through lace underwear covering her cherry. One that would be removed in no time given the person in control.

Vincent was happy with himself. All the wait had finally proved its worth. Sofia was coming to him on her own accord, without him having to force her into anything directly.

Free choice had its advantages and disadvantages. If this scene had been Vincent coming on to her, Sofia would have never given in. Maybe tonight would have been no problem, but the issue would be how to go forward. She would have seen the sex tonight as Vincent taking advantage of her moment of weakness, and their bond would have deteriorated. But since she was the initiator herself with Vincent telling her to stop many times, Sofia could not put the responsibility of her actions onto anyone but herself.

She will have to be responsible for her actions tonight, whether she wanted to or not. She had been given fair amount of warnings before hand and had chosen to move forward regardless. The illusion of free will was a wonders thing. A double edged sword one could say. Given in the right hands could produce Heaven but in the wrong, Hell.

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