Twisted Love Chapter 81: Falling Down the Abyss 3


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She was not short of any seductress at that moment. With her target in her immediate eye sight, nothing could stop her. Not even she herself. Nothing and no one.

Vincent's eyes were trained on the innocent girl the whole time as she was slowly taking her final few steps into his well thought and layed out trap. One full of unspeakable pleasures. Whose that is still up for debate.

A satisfied smile broke out on his handsome face. She was coming to him out of her own discretion. He had not said anything to her that could be taken as provocation. Sofia had done it all by herself, therefore there was nothing for her to link this incident to him in any possible way. A foolproof plan. She was the one taking the lead, and he was only responding.

Aaaah.... Vincent moaned internally out of satisfaction.

The fruit is finally ripe for the picking. He did not have to wait any moment longer. He was close to losing control many times, but the wait was worth it. His prize was in sight.

Taking a long sip out of his drink, Vincent relaxed into his seat. Perfectly hiding his happiness from the innocently seductive doe. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

None at all.


Sofia had reached her destination. There he was sitting on a couch in front of her just like his name implied. King. Vincent King.

Sofia had stopped just a few breaths short of him. He was so dashing, relaxed into his chair with no worries and only serenity. She was loving the confidence oozing out of him. Something she was in need of feeling.

She was standing right between his opened legs. Close enough that a single movement from any of them could lead to their bodies touching.

~How would it feel to touch those strong legs? Would they be as hot as my body or would it be cold to the touch?

Slowly sliding down in her position, Sofia's hand smoothly slided onto Vincent's hot thighs, going from the knees and inward towards his waist but with the addition of movement towards the junction between his legs.

She was going to touch the monster. She had seen it in all its glory once before, when he had been playing with it the very first day she had started working in the King's mansion.

Just before her hand came into contact with the forbidden, a hand clamped down on her's. Looking at the source of her restraints, Sofia came in contact with eyes that could burn Cities whole.

"What are you trying to do?" said a deep husky voice.

"I'm not feeling so well. It's too hot."

"And how does that have anything to do with you touching me?" Vincent asked almost sarcastically.

"You feel cold to the touch." Trying to break free from his hold, "I want more of it."

Acting as if he finally got the implication, Vincent looked her in eyes and uttered, "I wouldn't do that if I were you..... There are a few responsibilities.... associated with your current actions. Would you still proceed?"

"Hm.... What if I still want to?" came Sofia's reply to the statement passed by the victim of her assault.

"If you did.... Then I wouldn't be able to stop myself, and then everything will have to change." Vincent's answer to her provocation, was one that had made her even hotter. The forbidden fruit is always more appealing then regular ones.

Letting go of the thigh, Sofia quickly flipped her hand and took a hold of Vincent's arm. Smiling a very satisfied smile, Sofia feeling proud of her confidence, added "But I don't want to stop."

Letting out a sigh, Vincent slowly let go her hands. Running a hand through his hair, his eyes closed almost as if to get a hold of himself.

The minute her hand was set free, Sofia continued on her previous journey of discovery.

The moment her hand came in contact with the covered monster, it came alive.

The touch on the monster had been the very last straw for Vincent that had come undone. The restraints had shattered. His aura did a complete 180, she was now all his for the taking.

The monster had been freed.

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