Twisted Love Chapter 79: Falling down the Abyss 1


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The duo made their way inside as the night got deeper. One unsuspecting woman and the other a beast awaiting his time. The hunt finally coming to the finishing line after much longing and secrets revealed.

Vincent carried the crying Sofia inside the house tightly holding onto her frail and trembling body. Each tremor of her body as she cried was a direct stab to his heart as well as a moment of ecstasy. Each tremor as she cried lead to her hold on his neck tightening and her body pressing onto Vincent's chest further. He could feel every single breath she took and the feel of her body pressed onto his, driving him crazy. To the very brink of his limits.

Reaching the livingroom, he slowly walked towards one end of the room and placed her down in front of a lit fireplace on a soft and plush couch. It was not the ideal season for a fireplace to be turned on, but it had been the one place Vincent could relax. Sitting there and looking into the raging flames while Sofia was out of his sight, was the only thing keeping him rooted down and preventing mayhem.

Looking into the changing ambers was the only distraction Vincent had from acting out his instinctual impulses. The changes in the fire as it continued to burn down the pieces wood to nothing but ashes in all it's glory, where like his thoughts. One minute calm the next raging hot ready to burn anything in it's path.

Sofia was sitting on a couch right in front of the fireplace as if the heat from the flames could heal everything for her. From the minute she had seen the scene inside Ben's apartment, Sofia had felt a coldness seep into her bones that wouldn't go away. As if her emotions were dying. The world around her was losing color.

The only place she had felt like herself again, was in Vincent's arms for some reason. The feel of his touch was what had brought the colors back, it was like he could take all the pain away with just one touch. The minute she was left alone without his touch, was the moment all the pain came back, double in amount. As Vincent had placed her down on the soft couch, it was like she was all alone in the world left to fight with the growing ice.

Vincent had moved away from Sofia for two very simple yet complicated reasons. One to get her something to drink as she might have been dehydrated from all the crying and the other, the most important one, to calm down his raging emotions. He was this close to losing it, and that would not spell right with either one of them. He did not want to further scare the scared woman away. This was a very important moment that could either make it or break it for them. The moment everything he had worked so hard for the past couple of months would come to fruition.

Vincent slowly moved to the bar area nearest to him, and started preparing the drinks, one for himself, the other for Sofia. His drink was a classic scotch on the rocks and the other, a normal cup of orange juice. Nothing more nothing less.

Sofia's eyes trailed around the livingroom following Vincent's every move as he poured the drinks into the two cups. The way his muscles flexed as he completed the simple act of pouring a drink had her hot and bothered. He made these mandan every day actions so sexy.

She was not letting him out of her sight, not a single movement went unseen. She could not afford to, he was the only thing that was calming her down and preventing her from falling down the deep and dark hole known as the abyss.

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