Twisted Love Chapter 49: Heart to Heart 11


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"Is everything written in here true?" Sofia could not believe the things written on the paper. "Did your contract maker make a mistake while writing this?"

Hearing Sofia's question, Vincent grew nervous. 'Did she see the changes in the contract?' Before his doubt turned into reality, he spoke, "What mistakes are you talking about?" while looking at her face in order not to miss any expression.

Sliding the papers to Vincent, Sofia pointed towards a point on the contract. Looking down at the place Sofia's finger was pointing, Vincent saw it was the wage section.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Vincent looked towards Sofia in relief. "What is wrong with it?"

Not understanding his indirect confirmation of the contract, Sofia replied, "It is written that my wage is $100,128. $100,128!" Not receiving any reaction from Vincent she grew confused, "Isn't it too much?"

$100,128 was a lot of money for her. Ya she had collected that amount in 2 years but that was only possible because she had gotten a full scholarship for her university as well as by working two part time jobs on the side. During the summer when she was off, she had found a fulltime job at a fashion magazine that was an additional source of income along side with the 2 part time jobs. So in total she studied full time, and had 3 jobs on the side.

During the whole question sessions Vincent had a poker face. "There is nothing wrong with the pay. It might seem a lot to you, but to me, it does not amount to the care you give my son."

Receiving a direct answer from Vincent had put Sofia's mind at ease. "Now that this is out of the way. Do you have any more questions about the contract before you sign it?"

His only answer was a shake of sofia's head in denial. She had no more questions. It all looked good to her. She had a good pay, full health coverage and free boarding on the third floor of the King's Mansion. There was nothing more she could have asked for.

Passing the contract back towards Sofia, Vincent sat back flashed into his leather chair with his elbows on the side rests. His fingers linked together making an upside down triangle at the point where the thumbs met. Relaxing into his chair, Vincent looked at Sofia in wait. He was waiting for her to put her signature on the Contract paper.

A binding document that is free of loopholes for Sofia, but full of loopholes after loopholes for Vincent to take advantage of.

Sofia slowly took a pen from the tabletop and signed the document. She had officially started working at the King's mansion.

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