Trapped with Tycoon Chapter 223: The acciden


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Two months passed…

Jun opened his eyes feel so happy to see his beloved wife sleep soundly in his arm. He kissed her hair to smell her body odour. She moved and hugged him tighter but her stomach made it impossible. The twin bump started to show up in their 20 weeks. Jun rubbed her tummy to greet his twin child.

"good morning daddy…." Bella opened her eyes and looked at his husband sexy face.

"good morning my sweetheart…" Jun sat down on the side of the bed.

"Let's get ready as we had a long journey ahead this morning," Bella reminded him and she walked to the bathroom.

Jun followed his wife to the bathroom after preparing their outfit in the walk-in closet. He took a quick cold shower after seeing his sexy wife body inside the bathroom. Bella tried to flaunt her naked body in front of Jun and laughed to see his desperate reaction. Collin gave him an ultimatum for less sex activity during her pregnancy as she carried twin inside her womb.

She wears a legging with summer colour dress. She used flat shoes to compliment her dress. She tight her hair into a messy bun and put a natural makeup. Jun wore his navy business suit without the tie. He lead his wife to the dining room to get breakfast. Susan already in the dining room to report about the supply for the orphanage house. They will visit the orphanage house for the first time with full truck of supply. Cecile and Collin walked down into the dining room. Cecile will joined them to visit the orphanage as they need to figure out their paperwork. Jun will assess the access to their remote village and build the infrastructure for the community. They sat down and have a breakfast together.

Ben rushed into the dining room and handed in the IPad to Jun.

"Boss, you need to fly to our new York branch as we got flagged by SEC for our newest investment to shell company in new Mexico which lead to Cayman Island fake company. They used the fund to fund criminal activity. Jones and Brian already put their head into this matter but you need to meet with the director of SEC. I have your plane on standby already boss," Ben reported and see his boss dark reaction.

"How can you all live so well and unaware of this situation? Babe, let's go," Jun smashed his serviette into the table and hold his wife's arm.

"You go and settle the problem. I will stay here and visit the orphanage house with Cecile as the original plan. If I come with you, there will be no use at all," Bella put her hand on top of his palm.

"Collin, could you go with them?" Jun looks at his best friend.

"I can't… I had a full schedule of operation today… how about postponing it to tomorrow?" Collin gives them another option.

"How can we go there tomorrow when they prepared the food and everything today. It's fine Jun. I could go with Cecile and the drive," Bella reassured Jun.

"I will come with them…" Liam walked into the dining room.

"thank you, Liam. Now, I am going to be rest assure about her safety with you on her side," Jun walked out after gave her pecked of a kiss on her cheek.

"Liam, what brings you here this early morning?" Bella look at him.

"You don't want me anymore… after everything, I have done to you… you just cast me aside and don't want me to be here… oh, my life is going to waste" Liam is sitting down and sulking.

"stop with your nagging… let's go otherwise we will be late…" Bella stands up and walked to get her handbag.

Collin escorts Cecile to the car. They will sit in the back and Liam will sit in the front with the driver. The truck followed them with clothes, toys, food, milk, book and furniture for the kids. They drove outside of Imperial to the mountain area. The view of the valley down them is so beautiful. However, the road starts to become dangerous as it covered with gravel and on the side of the cliff. The truck needs to drive slowly or it will befall to the cliff. Liam face could tell some discomfort and worries.

Suddenly, they hear a big loud noise and got an impact hit. Bella managed to push Cecile out from the car. Apparently, the front tire of the truck was exploded which made the loud sound. As soon as the driver couldn't handle his truck and hit the car in front of it. He jumped out of the truck to save himself. The truck impacted the car and pushed it down to the cliff.

Liam managed to kick the driver out of the car before he jumped to the back of the car. However, it was too late and the car falls down to the cliff next to the river with the truck. The truck and the car explode and Cecile in her painful body look at the car on the bottom of the cliff.

Liam managed to get Bella and took her to jump to the river. The river stream is flowing heavily. As soon as they hit the water, it got washed until the next bank. They got unconsciously on the shore.

Cecile screams to see the car explode on the bottom of the cliff. Tan satisfied to eliminate his ex-boss and his enemy. Bella was only the collision impact for the acts of revenge. He walked out from his hiding spot and kidnap Cecile. He managed to make her unconscious with some drug. Tan took her inside the car and deliver her to Allan.

Allan already in the hangar for private jets. He took her to their family private island in the pacific. He arranges the villa to be decorated with wedding decoration. Cecile was not on her good condition after pushed out from moving car.
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