Trapped with Tycoon Chapter 222: Cunning Plan


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Allan knew from her body languages that Annie is no in good term with the pack. He used her and give a little nudge to see her reaction.

"At least, you have to say sorry to this girl after bumped to her," Allan made a comment.

"It was an accident. No one at fault here. There is no need to make it big," Collin checked on Cecile's body.

"Ohh, Miss Cecile Ma, how are you? We met briefly last time but the circumstances were unpleasant," Allan gives out his hand.

"Allan… I am sorry for not recognizing you. What brought you here?" Cecile shakes his hand.

"I meet up with this lady here as ours was not processing smoothly. Could we stay as a friend?" Allan offered to shake her hand which she welcomed it. However, his face seems so cunning whilst he smile.

"We have to go back… we could arrange another time to catch up," Allan said to them as he catches the sign given by his personal assistant.

He escorted Annie out from the hotel to her car in the lobby before left the hotel in his car. Tan got the plan arranged already and need an extra fund from him. Allan agreed to give him more funding as long as he would deliver Cecile. If he didn't make it happen, he made sure that he will make sure that his life and Madame Ma at stake.

Tan was working with Liam too long until he understood that Liam is a man with a specific habit. He needs to make sure to eliminate to get his job. He needs to find out about Bella schedule and arrange an accident to cover her death.

Tan worked diligently to do his task and plan it meticulously. The only problem, he didn't think about Jun who back Liam side now. He kept facing a huge wall when it comes to Jun. he needs to be away and left Bella and his friend to be able to eliminate this overbearing man.

He called Allan to help him to arrange Jun to be away from Imperial. They agreed to meet up in the downtown bar where Tan working.

A Min was in his day off today when he saw Tan sneak into the VIP room and Allan walked into the same room not long after. A Min was here to meet with Charlotte. They are best friend since childhood and A Min tried to win her heart. A Min knew that her heart with Tan. He tried to open her eyes that Tan is not worthy of her heart. Tan got this job because A Min allowed it and covered it fro, Liam. This VIP club is one of the clubs owned by Choi Corporation. 

A Min instructed one of the waiters to follow and activated the hidden camera inside their VIP room. He continues drinking on the bar when Charlotte come next to him.

"you look fabulous and sexy tonight… any occasion?" A Min looked at open the seat next to him.

"You are so mean… Do I have to be on a special occasion to dress up? I manage to sleep with my love," Charlotte drinks her bubble.

"When I got my turn…? Could I propose to you become my wife and you could leave this work?" A Min proposes to her seriously.

"what life do you mean? Do you feel so great after becoming the big boss right hand?" Charlotte raised her voice to him.

"I want you only for me… I will wait patiently until the day you will actually beg to be in my side," A Min hold her chin and stood up after got a signal from the waiter.

In the VIP room, Tan realized that there is a hidden camera in the room as the corner of the painting blinking. He naturally discusses some general discussion as if they were two business partner. Allan understands for the nature of his discussion decide to call it off and left the bar.

Tan followed him and partway with Allan who is sat in the car. They talked about their plan over the phone for Jun to be away from Bella and his friend.

Allan arranges to be back to Hong Kong where he pulls out a large amount of money to invest in the shell company in LA. Everything set up as a legit company to attract Shin Corporation to invest and latch back to their main company. As of Jun image as the most powerful businessman in the world, Allan needs to plan everything diligently.

Tan arranges an orphan house in the remote area who need support from the riches. Tan pushes it to Bella to attract her. She got hooked to the plan and started to support them financially without knowingly that the orphanage was fake. However, Tan kept sending the report and pictures of local kids who is happy with the new toys and playground.

Liam got a new habit that Tan learnt lately. In the morning, A Min will greet him with all the report and black coffee. He will drive to Shin residence and spend almost half of the day in there before going out for lunch or hospital visit with Bella. He will leisure went to the Choi headquarter and stay back in Shin Mansion or his hotel penthouse for the rest of the day. Everyone thinks Liam do random stuff by the appointment. However, He had the same pattern in different way. The other thing, Liam always check his drink and food with a silver needle which got analyses for poison.  Tan have to eliminate the possibilities to put poison or drug into Liam drink or food. Cecile will be guarding by Collin every time unless Bella with her. Collin will let the two girls be free but Tan recognized few bodyguards from Choi's surround them. it will be a huge task to hurt Liam and Bella while kidnapping Cecile for Allan. 
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