Trapped with Tycoon Chapter 221: Allan Xie


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**WARNING** this chapter contains sexual and mature content

Charlotte came out naked from the bathroom and saw Allan sat on the armchair across the bed. She could see a girl sleep in bed. Allan took her back from the bar with the help of the security of the club after bribing him with generous tips.

" strip her and aroused her. I want to see your ability. Be careful as she Is pure," Allan sipped his Whisky. charlotte feel disgusting with Allan but she needs him for Tan. She comes closer to the bed and took off her clothes. She started to play with Zhen Er vagina which made her moan on her sleep.

She dreams that Collin Come to her bed and kissed her. She put her arm into Charlotte's neck and follow her lead for their French kiss. Allan fell arouses to see charlotte action and ZhenEr showed that ready and wet. He penetrated her when she screams in pain and opened her eyes. She realized the person on top of her wasn't Colin. She tried to hit him but Allan pounds her faster until he comes inside her. He didn't finish and stop when he started again after got a blow job from charlotte and when he felt that he would come. He again pounds Zhen Er over and over again until she passed out from the pain and exhausted.

Allan left her on the bed and carried on with Charlotte into the meeting with Tan. Charlotte walked behind Allan with his assistant. Tan surprised to see her. They exchanged greeting and Allan gives an enveloped to Tan. They exchanged a few words and learn from Allan that his job is to kidnap Cecile.

Tan give back the envelope because he also wants to kidnap Bella to get back at Liam. If Allan promised to help include Bella in the plan with Cecile. He would do it. Tan had planned but he needs fund for his plan. He reported to Allan that they need to get rid of Liam first as he is the main security for Cecile and Bella. Allan assistant reported that Tan analyzing is correct. He captured all Allan bodyguard from the airport and prevented him into the ballroom.

Allan agreed to fund all Tan plan as long as he delivered Cecile to him. Bella could be sold into the brothel house or Tan could have her as long as he got Cecile into his grasped hand. They would communicate with burner phone inside the brown envelope and there is a prepaid union pay card inside the envelope. Allan left the small meeting room and back to his room to do some work as he just spread his business to Southeast Asia. He checked that Zhen er still slept on the bed. He ordered some food for her when she woke up around 4 pm. She cried her heart content then she saw Allan come with an expensive business suit. She knew that he catches a big fish.

" eat something. I don't want you to get sick," Allan laid down a tray of food on her lap.

"What Is your name? I am sorry but I hope I am not a third wheel as I saw another girl last night," she wiped her tears.

"my name Allan Xie... how about you?" He sat down on the armchair next to the bed.

"The Xie corporation? I am Tong Zhen Er," She knew that he is a big fish.

" You are so beautiful Zhen er. I couldn't hold myself last night. My apologies for my selfishness. I hope we still could befriend after this," Allan sweet speak her.

Unfortunately, Allan mother agreed to move on and find him another bride from the Song family. She arranged their dinner to meet up behind Allan back and instructed her son to meet up with her. Apparently, the girl is Annie Song. The mutual haters of Bella but her family quite successful in the northern area. It will be a match of Xie family reputation. His assistant comes into the room and gives the phone to Allan. He agreed to his mother request for this blind date dinner. He never can refuse his mother request as his filial duty.

"Zhen Er, I had an urgent family meeting now. This is my business card. You could stay or leave my hotel room but you need to contact me," Allan come and give her peck of a sweet kiss on her lips. He smooched her neckline and sucked her naked nipple before left mark on her left breast. He walked out the room left her crimson red aroused with his action.

In the Shina hotel dining room, Annie Song sat down dolled up for her first meeting with Xie family son. She heard from her father that she need to success on this matchmaker. As per her father instruction, Allan Xie is the same level as Jun Shin in the business as he is the new millionaire. The rumour circulates that he will remove Jun from the top of the list on the richest person in the world. This time, she is happy to oblige her parent this time after she knew that she will meet with Allan Xie.

Allan walked elegantly to the meeting in the restaurant. The maître hotel escorted him to their private table booked in the VIP room. Allan was not interested with this Annie Song as she mastered on the flirting. However, Allan kept entertaining her to pretend that he interested. They agreed on the second meeting on the day after tomorrow. Allan holds her hips and escorted her outside the room when they bumped into Cecile and Collin with their friend. Annie was so furious but she holds herself after she saw Jun and Harry on the back.

Allan saw his fiancee leaned into another man hand, it made his blood boil from anger. Cecile and Bella weren't happy to see Annie Song. it was she who bullied them last time in Liam restaurant. Mia knew Annie reputation as spoil girl from the northern part. all her bodies are fake from the plastic surgeries she had in Shin private aesthetic unit. she is their VIP client as she spends more than half-million on plastic surgeries and she kept maintained it. Mia smirk behind Harry as she hides her face.
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