Trapped with the Doctor Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Arvin, Shame on You


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Who sent her to the hotel?

... She didn't know.

Someone knocked at the door. Angela came to open the door and saw a hotel attendant. "Good morning. It's time for you to check out. Will you extend your stay or check out now?"

"Check out!"

Then she closed the door abruptly. However, she was dumbfounded when she noticed that she was wearing a night robe. Who changed this for her?

What happened last night?

She didn't know! She couldn't recall anything! She felt helpess as she scratched her head!

Angela checked herself carefully when she took a bath. But it seemed like nothing unusual has happened...

She took out her phone from her bag and found out that her phone was turned off.

At the Yao Hospital

Angela thought it for a long time and decided to ask for leave for a while. She wanted to do an examination to know whether she was clean or not.
She felt hesitated to do the examination. For a long time, she wandered outside the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

At last, she finally sent a message to Joy Liu from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. She wished if she could perform an examination on her when she was free.

Joy and Nancy were high school classmates, while Angela was Nancy's good friend. Through Nancy, Angela met Joy Liu and they both got along well.
Joy Liu replied to her message quickly, "Go and wait at the No. 2 B ultra room. We still have a meeting with Mr. Gu to solve some problems."

Seeing this, Angela put her phone in her pocket and stealthily walked toward the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. She took a while to find the No. 2 B ultra room.

There were only a few people in there at this time. Several people were assigned in the No. 1 B ultra room.
She stopped when she was about to open the door and walked in. She heard Arvin's voice. "What are you doing here?"

... Oh my god! She was so unlucky! Arvin saw her here! Out of all the people in this city, how could she cross paths with Arvin rather than other people?

She really could not understand why Arvin found her at the same time when she wanted to do an examination!

Angela didn't know how to answer his question so she ignored him and directly walked into the B ultra room.
But, Arvin followed in and stared at her in a cold way. He could sense the guilt from her expression, "I am asking you what are you doing here?"

Angela's cheeks blushed. She mumbled, "I want to do an examination."

"What kind of examination do you want to do?" Arvin stared at her with suspicion.

Angela was too shy to answer this question. Her body stiffened and she glared at Arvin. "It's none of your business! Get out!"
Joy Liu walked in when they were in the middle of their standoff. She didn't notice that Arvin was there. She went straight to Angela and said, "Angela, why do you want to do that examination at this time? Mr. Gu was very angry just now! And I really can't understand why you've come here to do that examination. How could you even forget whether you have sex with other..."
Angela stopped her by covering her mouth. How could she say those things in front of Arvin! Oh my god! Arvin was here! It was so awkward and embarrassing!

Indeed, Angela wanted to know whether she had sex with others by taking an examination.

Joy Liu was so shocked when she found out that Arvin was here. "Gu... Mr. Gu."

Arvin stared at Angela for a few seconds and spoke to Joy Liu, "Get out!"
"Why does she need to get out? You are the one who should get out. Joy Liu needs to do an examination for me!" There were a few people in the hospital at this time and Joy Liu was free to do an examination for Angela without having her to do a registration.

With his hands inside his pockets, Arvin warned her, "You didn't register but you want to do the examination. Do you want me to tell the director of obstetrics and gynecology that Joy Liu operates the machine without permission?"
"..." Angela was speechless. She never thought Arvin could be so hateful. How could he threat her and Joy Liu!

"Mr. Gu, you are wrong. I'm just wandering around here. I won't do any examinations. Joy, I'm leaving!"

She wanted to leave here and be away from Arvin, but he grasped her arm and she could not move any more!

Joy Liu was so shocked that she covered her mouth with her hands when she saw what happened in front of her.

Arvin glanced at Joy and commanded, "Get out now!"
Joy Liu was so afraid of Arvin that she nodded immediately and went outside quickly.

Only Angela and Arvin were inside the room. Angela was pulled up by Arvin and was thrown to the examining table.

Angela got mad and she shouted, "What the hell are you doing! Arvin, I don't want to do that now!"

How could she let a man do the private examination for her? It was impossible!
"What exactly that you don't want to to?" Arvin blocked her way. He was really curious about the examination that she wanted to do!

She was so stupid and silly. Of course, he wanted to know whether she was pure or not.

"I won't do any examination!" Angela wanted to push him away, but she failed.
Arvin spoke to her in an indifferent way. "If you won't do any examination, Joy Liu will be punished because of you. You should think it over." He made his way for her and gave her the right to choose.

Today, he must give her a piece of his mind. He was going to see if she would cause troubles for him after drinking! And whether she would take an advantage of him!
Yes! Last night, he was held by Angela when he was about to get out of the elevator. She held him firmly and didn't want to move anymore.

Arvin was so angry that he pushed her off to the floor. However, there were several men getting in the elevator. Arvin had no choice but to get inside again.

Then, he sent Angela to the hotel.

But, he didn't expect that she would vomit once they got inside the room...
Arvin could not bear it any more. He called a female room service attendant to change Angela's clothes. Afterwards, he left.

Arvin swore that he must give Angela, who always caused troubles for him whenever she got drunk, a piece of his mind!

And, it is that time! He would not compromise!

Angela thought about it for long time and finally made up her mind. "Okay. I will do that examination! Let Joy Liu come in!"

"Just lie down. I will do that examination for you. I am more skilled than her!"
"..." He would do that examination for her? That was a private examination... Angela blushed, "Arvin, you are so shameless!"
Arvin gave her a cold look, "I don't want to waste time. Just lay down."
"I won't do it!" Angela rushed towards the door!
"If you don't do this, Joy Liu will be fired!"
'All right, you can fire her, I can let Joy Liu go to Chengyang Hospital for work.' Angela thought to herself. But wait, there was no branch of Chengyang Hospital in the Shine Empire...
"I will let my brother arrange her in another hospital!"
Arvin sat beside the machine and spoke to her in an indifferent way, "Joy Liu could not find any job as long as I am here. Unless your brother can defend her eternally!"
"... Arvin, shame on you!" Angela never thought Arvin could be so hateful. She could not help cursing him.
Arvin ignored her and wore a pair of disposable gloves. He said to her, "I will give you three seconds to consider. One… Two..."
Several minutes later, Angela wiped her tears and tidied up her clothes. Then, she rushed out of the room. When she came out, her cheeks were blushing.
Inside the room, Arvin threw his gloves and destroyed the records in the machine. He left the room in a good mood.
It's hard for a woman to keep herself pure in this complex society, but Angela was able to hold on to it. He felt so happy about this.
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